The simple joys in life.

I'm feeling blessed.  (Even though tonight was a rocky night where I was very frustrated with EVERYTHING.  Nothing could seem to make me happy.  Everyone has those nights.  Unfortunately tonight was one of them.)

I'm enjoying life and the small things... like...

-the way Piston curls up on my leg like he truly is a lap sized dog, when in fact he is 50 pounds of pure muscle.  Letting me know that he loves and needs his Momma.

-text messages from dear friends and that one and only sister that just make me smile.

-the excitement that Piston gets when he knows Rob is headed home from work.  When he hears me unlock the door (I do so when Rob send the text message that he is "OMW" (on-my-way)) his little booty starts shaking and he runs upstairs to look out the window and wait anxiously.  Finally after a long usually 15 minute wait he hears the car door and the next thing you know he is bursting to the door as Rob walks in.  They act like they haven't seen each other in days.  When in reality it's only been 8 hours.

-the way dogs get that burst of energy after a bath that leaves them running around the house breathlessly.

-how even though the power goes out and everyone is left bored, for the most part, you can go outside and usually find a neighbor to have a conversation with about something you probably had a conversation with them about the last time you talked to them.

-the feeling of relief after you take a big test, get a grade back or complete a project.  It's so satisfying and makes you feel on top of the world.

-cruising with the windows down and the music blaring pretending you aren't headed back to your home in Maryland... far away from the Midwestern county, which is where you really want to be on those days.

-plans to go check out a new country bar, attend a game of some kind, a beer brewery or a city you've never been to before.

-weathermen that predict days with highs of 60.

-having a full mailbox and that one letter stuffed in between from your Momma saying how much she loves and misses you.

-laying down at the end of the night between two boys that produce a ton of heat, take up lots of bed space and sometimes kick and or snore during the midst of the night.. knowing that tomorrow may not be perfect, but you have a great life.  Living it in the land of the free, safe from negative influences.

:D  Yup, I'm having one of those kind of moments.
I am blessed.  You probably are too.

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