4's company.

Happy Easter All!!!  (well almost, I know it's not quite Sunday yet.. but close enough.)

We've had a busy weekend here.  Thursday a friend asked me if we could watch her boxer.  I said yes, and the next thing I knew Rob had talked me into bringing their dog over to our house.  So it has been a full house all weekend.  She's a very sweet dog though, and Piston is loving the company just as I figured he would, so it has made things a little bit easier that they aren't constantly at each other's throats... I will admit, Piston is a tad bit hormonal since he still has his manhood and she is a female.  Luckily she is fixed so don't be expecting any Precious/Piston babies.  :D  The nights have been the worst part of all this as two dogs and Rob tend to take up a bunch of the bed and so the grumpiness caught up with me today which was quickly followed by a nap.  Thank goodness.  Other than that Rob had Friday off so we have just spent the weekend the four of us with a soccer game thrown in Thursday night (DC United got creamed... we didn't even stick around till the demolishing was over, as Rob was getting rather upset.  LOL.) poker thrown in Friday night (I got second in the first tournament!!!) and dinner and some drinks thrown in tonight  (if you haven't tried a Texas Roadhouse margarita, you're missing out.  Let's just say it was a fun ride home.)

Now here it is and tomorrow is Sunday, Easter Sunday no less, where has this year gone?  We will be spending the day with Rob's aunt and grandparents.. which will probably consist of some great food and some egg hunts for the little girls.  Will be nice to be around family though, that's for sure.  And in less than a month I will be home with my family.  :D

So, I better get going... Robinhood is on the TV and I'm doing a horrible job of trying to keep up with this movie.  Haha.. plus Piston is locked in his kennel cause he got in trouble and I'm annoyed so I will be letting him out promptly because his crying is making me go nuts.

He knows how to work me oh so well.

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