It's May.

Where did the last week go?
Last month?
Last year?
I seem to be asking myself this more and more these days.

Maybe I'm just getting old...

So much has happened in the last week.. or so it seems.  I'm sure when I go to get it all out right now half of it will escape my mind.  As always.

~Royal wedding--it came and it went.  She looked GORGEOUS and him HANDSOME.  But who would expect anything less?  All I kept thinking as I watched the ceremony was... with these vows, her life is completely changed.  In so many ways that many of us will never understand (as we will more than likely never marry or be a royal.).. but yet she is committed with great poise and frankly, makes me wish for just that one day that I could say I was from Great Britain.  Not going to lie.

~Two weeks (from today.. Tuesday)-- I will be visiting again.  One of my best friends will be getting married!  Another will be graduating from college!  And I will be picking out my home for the next year of mine and Piston's life.  So strange to think that almost a year after I left I will be back in the area for another year.. and then only God knows where I will be after that.  But I know one thing, it will be with Rob! c:  There is much I have to do though before I get on that plane to head home (pray for me... it's a Southwest flight.)... guess I better make a list.  Ha ha.

~America received amazing news yesterday-- The man who has caused so much damage to the lives of so many Americans... is no longer able to cause that damage.  The Navy Seals took his ass out, and as Toby Keith famously sang..."we will put a boot in your ass... it's the American way"!  My only thing is, I wish George W. Bush would have gotten the victory of this killing he so greatly deserved.  But before we all get to ahead of ourselves, we have to remember... terrorism is FAR FROM OVER.  There is still a war going on, and as my Dad said, there are always going to be more terrorists willing to take over his position.  Nevertheless one small victory for the great USA!

~Epic fail room re-arrange-- For the first night EVER I am headed to bed with a room not being finished.  We got an xbox Kinect the other day and they recommend you have 8 ft of space between you and the camera dealio.  Well if you were right up against the couch you got that.  So Rob complained.  On my way home tonight, I was brainstorming ways to mix it up.  I get home and suggest it to Rob and the next thing you know the whole living room is torn apart before any measurements are even made.  Maybe you can guess where this is going?  We have a sectional couch that apparently only fits in one corner.  Which we of course didn't know until we had moved it to the position I had hoped it would fit in.  Needless to say, Rob got tired of moving furniture around and wanted to go to bed, so I will tackle it tomorrow probably.  First time ever though that I've left a room incomplete at night... weird strange tummy feeling.

~Our last weekend-- Well I was going to talk about it, but now I can't for the life of me remember what we did.  We played poker on Friday night.  I remember that.  Went to dinner on Saturday night I believe... and then spent all of Sunday being lazy.  Seems to be a trend.  Our Sundays are increasingly more and more lazy. I have mixed emotions about that for sure.  Ha ha.  I feel like Sunday should be the day you spend getting your house cleaned, your chores done and your stuff prepped for the following week.  That never seems to happen, although I have all the intentions in it always happening.. Once again, maybe I'm getting old?

~Girls will ALWAYS be girls-- Sometimes I think I try to hard to be friends with everyone.  And then when I fail, it gets me down.  I can think of two examples of people from high school off the top of my head.  And while I can't say that I miss those friendships, it bothers me that they ended on sour notes that really weren't my fault (in both cases oddly enough.)  I feel like with the military community sometimes you have the same things that go on.  A friendship can end over a sour note for something you didn't do.  Whether it be helping someone out, relaxing and not stressing at an event or showing up late... it's always something that can lead to hurt feelings or everyone thinking everyone else is out for.. well I don't even know... the cold shouldered has appeared more and more often lately and I just have to remind myself that I only have a month and a half left here and I can and will do this.  Time to sock it to them and act like nothing is wrong.  Kill them with kindness. c:

Alright yall, better head to bed.  I have what I suspect is a long day ahead of me tomorrow... putting the living room back together, picking up the house again I'm sure, and taking apart the spare bed as it's being sold on Wednesday!

Hope everyone had a swell weekend and a great week ahead of them!

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