At least we can put a date on it.

A date on what you ask?

Well, several things.

The trip back to Maryland for Lindsay and Brian's wedding, apartment shopping, etc--May 17th through May 24th.
The move back--June 13th.
The day Rob leaves--July 11th.

So in about a month a bunch of things are going to go crazy... to say the least.  After picking out my apartment on my trip, I come home and for the three weeks immediately after I have to pack the house, sell some items, clean the house, hopefully pick my parents up from the airport and then drive back to Kansas.  Once back in Kansas we have to unpack (somethings at least) and re assemble furniture, spend some time in Missouri with Rob's family, spend our time together and then send him off a month later.  And in a year, the whole process starts over.

Welcome to the military folks.

And.. that is pretty much all that is going on here on my end.  I'm exhausted, physically and emotionally right now.  Trying to wrap my head around everything.  Unfortunately all this means that Rob leaves a month earlier.  So one less month we will have together.  But I have to remind myself that it is only a year.  One year.  We've done this before, and technology these days is AMAZING.  Am I right?  I had a friend point out that I am handling all this really well.  I'd like to think so, but man it does hit me sometimes.  This is what you do though when you love someone that has devoted 6 years of his life to the United States military.  And things could be sooo much worse.

Like Afghanistan.

Cringe, lets not talk about that.

Hey--my Dad joined Facebook.  How about them apples?  Now my whole family is on there!  Such a great site that I love to hate most of the time.  Oh, and I got my new DL that does not say I am 21! FINALLY!  Well hope everything is good for you.. we've had thunderstorms off and on today so I kind of blew everything off (which was nothing.. haha.) to be lazy today.

Hell yeah, life is great.

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