Today has been one of those days.

But rather than bore you all with ANOTHER dang rant (cause I know you are ALL sick of them--my few readers that is).  I think I will list the pros and cons of what I am feeling right now.  About life and all that jazz.

Lets start with the cons though, so we can end on a high note. :D
--Yesterday while chasing Piston around the living room (hey, he had my slipper sock that he straight up jacked from the bedroom while I was sitting right there!) the coffee table and I collided.  Or rather I ran into it.. the corner to be specific.  Hard.  I learned the number one way to get the dog to give back what he had stolen is to fall on the couch and scream in pain.  Immediately he is more concerned about you than the sock he jacked.  What a sweetie.. right?  Anyway... I now have a scratched and fragile knee that I was reminded of fairly often today.. boo.

--This morning I not only awoke with said scratched knee, I also awoke with a kink in my neck.  Turning my head to the left, sucks.  End of story.

--It rained almost all day here.  Or at least enough to make it uncomfortable to run errands in.  Don't you hate that?

--I'm STILL waiting on my new DL to come in the mail.  I feel like I've been waiting forever and I am getting anxious to have one that doesn't have the "not 21 until..." crap in red all across it.

--The other day I was reminded that just because I see people around here fairly often, does not mean they are trustworthy or won't go behind my back and tell everyone everything that I say.  In all fairness, I need to learn to keep my mouth shut and my opinion to myself (and maybe Rob?) about certain things.  But really?  Why do we have to go down this path multiple times a month??  We are all adults here.  Now lets act like them.

--It's almost halfway through the month of April and David's Bridal still doesn't have my dress in for Lindsay's wedding!!  I'm hoping I get that call here ruuuuuul soon.  Cause it's going to have to get altered.  On that note, should have tickets back to Kansas for a week at the end of May  hopefully on Thursday.  Will be nice to have that all finalized.

--Piston is going through some terrible, awful, no good, very bad phase right now and I don't know how to handle him.  He is constantly playing keep away with stuff that is not his but was maybe on the floor.  Or he finds that one small piece of trash on the floor.  Or he eats the fresh mulch that smells like legit poop out front every time we go in or out.  Or like now.. he stands around and cries because obviously the attention is not on him.  I'm frazzled!  Love him to death, but come on.. who can handle a dog in his "terrible twos" (even though in human years he is only 1... it sure feels like something terrible!)

Positives!!  I know it feels like they have been missing from this blog for awhile, but there are some.  :D

--Yesterday in honor of my Mother's birthday I got all my summer clothes out (she loves warm weather!) and re-arranged my closet.  Which of course meant a lot of getting rid of too.  Or rather listing it on the Ft. Meade For Sale page.. I've already made a decent amount of money off the random stuff I posted on there.  It makes me happy to contribute (although rather small still) to our financial stuff!

--The girl that frankly has been annoying the poop out of me in my class, she moved away from me.  You think the headphones are what got through to her?  I feel awful, but for me it's a positive.

--All the dishes that were on the counter (and by all I mean ALL our dishes) finally got loaded into the washer.  Hey!  Sometimes it's the small things! :D

--I'm way ahead of schedule for my final project that is due May 9th.  Luckily we have like a month and a half of in-class time and I've definitely been rocking away at it and it should be done with enough time for me to relax before it's even due.  I'm so proud of myself because this time I set up a schedule for tasks to get done on it and I've been following it.  Anyone that knows me knows I am a lot like my Dad.. as in, we enjoy waiting until the last minute to do things (he's known for painting the day before a party, finishing the basement the day before a party, finishing taxes the night before they are due.. etc.)  It's not always a bad thing but a definite inherited trait!

--A certain crazy neighbor of mine has not parked her car behind anyone in several days now.  Maybe she did hear me yelling through the wall.. oops, I'm sorry if you did, but hey it worked!?

--I've been doing a lot of thinking lately and I've come to a conclusion.  In the past I've been known for "drama"... I was friends with the catty group of girls in high school and I've done my fair share of talking.  I just want to put out there that I do apologize to anyone I have ever hurt with my words or actions over the years.  While I can not apologize to everyone individually, I do realize that some damage has been done and while most were not intentional it still hurts.  I know.  The ones that pain me the most are the ones where I got blamed for things I didn't do  (I can think of 2 girls in particular, that I was best friends with and then got the blame).  It's hard. But it's certainly a positive thing that I recognize I'm not perfect and I've hurt people before.. Or at least I think.

Well between this and the conversation I am having with Derek.. my brain really really hurts.  I think I'm going to go shower and try and relax.  It's been a truly long day...

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