A glance back..

I'm not honestly sure how many readers I have.  The ones that I do know about, are also my Facebook friends. So most of you guys have been keeping up with my life as of lately.  For those of you that don't know--

  • Rob and I are married.  We have been since March of 2010.  It just became online official last weekend. We had a ceremony at the courthouse in Maryland just between the two of us.  The original intention was that we would have a big ceremony later.  Then we found out the Army had other plans for us and so the news has spread. :) I'm very happy with our decision to get married so young.  I wouldn't change anything about it as Rob is the most supportive husband ever.  We keep each other sane, in a funky "I get you" sort of way.
  • Our trip to Springfield was a whirlwind of fun.  It always is when you are surrounded by so many kids.  We saw fireworks, listened to live music, visiting with Rob's siblings, shopped in Branson, had some horrible dining out experiences, blew some fireworks up and spent a lot of time with Rob's family.  Which is how it should be.  I am so incredibly lucky to have them as my family.
  • While we were gone, the dog was boarded.  Unfortunately we had an awful experience with the place we left him at for a week.  According to them he was a "picky eater" which in reality it appears he didn't eat at all while he was there.  We think the big problem was that they wanted him to eat on their schedule, not his own.  Which is definitely not what he is used to.  I guess we have learned for the future, but he lost a lot of weight and now we get to slowly nurse him back to a healthy beefed up weight that he should be at.
  • The week after we got home went by so fast.  We went to the casino, saw more of Rob's family, went to a baseball game, ran a ton of errands, had my Mom take pictures for us and spent as much time together as possible.  But of course all good things most come to an end and Rob's month of being away from the Army was over almost as quickly as it began.  Monday morning Mom accompanied us to the airport for the goodbye.  It was awful.  That's all there is to it.  But the time will go fast especially once I land a job and get back into classes.  Until then I wish he was with me everyday.  Luckily the day after he got there we got to skype, and we get to about twice a day.  It makes things a little bit easier and of course there is always e-mail and facebook so when I can't talk to him and want to, I can just send him a message.  Technology will end up making this so much better.
So for those of you wondering, yes I am doing okay.  It's not easy.  Especially when you have lived with someone for the last year to just have them gone from your life.  But I at least still have my family and friends near me.  Rob is the one 8 timezones away from all normalcy.  He's my hero, and I thank him everyday for what he is doing.  Just remember that people when you think of how I'm doing... I'm not the one that is defending our country everyday for 6 years.. he is.

Well I have a headache, but I've been meaning to update this thing.  Will try and get back into updating every day to two days.  I know many wives depend on their blogs when their man is deployed.  So I probably will fall back into that routine as well.  I hope everyone is finding themselves in a cool place with all this heat.

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