No matter what.

Whether the readers are there or not, I will update this.

As I am a military spouse, going through a deployment.  The only person I live with is actually not a person but rather a furry dog with four legs.  There isn't always someone to talk to whenever I feel like it.  My mom does a really good job, and I am getting to talk to Rob fairly often.  But at the end of the day I spend many hours alone.

Until. I find a job and go back to school, hopefully, at least.  Haven't heard anything back from any of the jobs I applied for, unfortunately.  So if I still haven't by the end of this week I will be going to the temp agency Rob used.  At the end of the day my old boss would like me to come make some flyers and stuff for him I think.  Can't remember if mom said I should call him, or if he would call me.  Regardless at some point I will do that.  As for the school front, I thought I had everything figured out to go to school to become an interior designer.  Lately I've been letting my mind think too much, and I've decided to go to school for graphic design.  Something I can do from more places than I can interior design.  Rob and I's careers would go hand in hand.  Now to figure out WHERE or WHAT to do the next year as far as school goes.  One huge downside to the military.. hey though, I chose this lifestyle and I am sure not complaining about the military since they essentially give me all the support I need.

This last weekend we went to the lake for my sister's birthday.  By we I mean Piston and I met my mom, dad, sister and sister's friend down at the lake on Friday.  It was good fun.  We got Piston in the water swimming.  He also went for a boat ride.  Many firsts for him.  I would have loved for Rob to see it though.  Would have made things better.  Obviously.  But we had a good time anyway.  Now we are home and both completely freaking exhausted.  I think swimming wore Piston out.  And dealing with the dog by myself wore me out.

Nothing too exciting planned this week.  Hopefully going to get work and school figured out this week.  That'd be nice.  But I have to find the motivation first.  Someday.. bahaha.

Alright, well.  I have a messy house still from coming home and not wanting to unpack yesterday.  Rob should be waking up within the next couple of hours for his Tuesday.  So there are things to be done.  And Criminal Mind is on TV which lets be realistic is probably where I am going to end up.  LOL.

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