Was a very productive day.

Well technically it started last night.  I submitted my information to get a phone call today from an admissions counselor at Devry.  At about noon I heard from Robert who talked to me for roughly two hours I believe.  He was very informative, and helped make my decision very easy.  I've decided to pursue a Bachelors of Multimedia Design and Development.  Or in simpler terms a BA in Graphic Design.  It will be all online and worst case scenario I finish it in 2 years and 8 months.  But since I will be transferring classes in, I'm hoping it will be closer to 2 years. :)

After I got all that taken care of, I showered to head to dinner with my family.  When I got out I checked my e-mail and there was a response from one of the places I put my resume into!  I have my first interview Friday.  I'm nervous but so stinking ready to be back in the work force providing an extra income to this household (especially if the government can't get their shit together before August!)

Of course with all good things comes a negative.  My bank card has been shut off because apparently some data base it was in has been compromised.  So here I am alone in Kansas.  With no actual bank to go to and I have no money to fill up my very empty gas tank.  Ain't that how it always goes?  Luckily my bank is awesome and was able to help me out.  Still.. military wives always say that when your husband leaves things will start to fall apart.  First it was the toilet overflowing like two days after he left (stupid toilet!).  It had been acting funny for awhile but of course it waits for him to leave to be to silly to just leave.  Then this with the card... what's next?

Anyway, Rob should be logging on Facebook any minute to chat with me.  So I am headed off here to my warm bed and I will update later about how things go! :)

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