That's what you get for hoping.

I was hoping the next time I put a post out here.. I'd have a job.  Instead the process has kind of dragged on a bit too long.  Apparently I am one of three.  I was in on Monday for my 2nd interview, where I essentially just watched the current assistant do her thing for two hours.  Before I left I was told I would know Tuesday.  Well Tuesday I get the call that she would like me to come in Thursday.  Not because I got the job, but because she wants me to work with the same assistant that has worked with the other 2 candidates.  Ugh, really?  She is having a hard time making a decision and wants this other assistant to give her some input I guess.  So tomorrow I go in AGAIN.  From 11 to 1.  The bright side is she would like whoever she hires to start work on Monday.  So maybe I will know by tomorrow or Friday?  One can only hope.

Anyway, that is why it is Wednesday and the last time I updated was Saturday.  Cause I was hoping I'd get to share some excitement for a change.

That's what you get for hoping.

But as you already know my weekend was pretty good.  Sunday was spent at church (I'm super glad I went.. the mass was dedicated to my grandpa's memory.), shopping with my mom, sister and cousin and spending practically the whole day with my family.  After that Monday came a barreling in.  Other than my 2nd interview there wasn't a whole lot interesting going on that day.  Tuesday I went to lunch with Allison. And today I visited some old stomping grounds.  The auto shop I worked at before I left KS.  He is going to have me design a few files for him to send to some companies.  Easy money.  When I got back Piston and I spent the whole day sleeping.. and I'm glad I did, cause it was another scorcher out there.  Except this time there was wind.

Yes, Rob if you are reading this, feel free to complain about how I don't know what hot is. :)

Got some things lined up for the rest of the week but I am really truly hoping I can get some sort of answer from this lady by the end of the week so I can plan accordingly and quit wasting my time thinking that I got this job... cause each interview leaves me feeling just a tad bit different.  So I don't even know what to think anymore?

Hope everyone is having a good cool week.
We are trying.

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