Was just what I needed.

I have the best friends ever.  Just when I was starting to feel down and kind of lonely the past couple of nights, my best friend Al sent me a text message.  She wanted to hang out today.  So we called up Kara and made arrangements to swim.  It's been YEARS since I've even been to a swimming pool.  But it was nice.  Very relaxing.  Minus the sunburn across the top half of my back.  Yuck.  After that Kara had to go to work so Allison and I went to dinner at Cheddars.  Which if you are in the KC area and haven't tried that yet, what the hell are you waiting for?? That was after we got my car washed and before we went to visit Kara at the bowling alley.  The same bowling alley that used to be THE hang out in high school.  It was like a trip down memory lane.  Made for such a good night... which was JUST what I needed.

Friday I had my job interview.  It went so well that she asked me to come back on Monday for a working interview!  I'm so excited.  If I land this job I will be working full days Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and a half day Wednesday with Friday, Saturday and Sunday off.  It's perfect.  And she understands the situation of Rob being deployed right now and what not.  Always helps to have a boss that is willing to work with you.  :)

So things are moving right a long.  I just finished my final admissions test for devry.  Still trying to get my FAFSA and all that junk figured out.  It's a huge pain in the ass with a name change.  So glad I will NEVER have to do this again.  Anyway, my advisor still wants to have me all set up by August 3rd, even though classes don't start until August 29th.  I'm hoping.  But I guess we will see?

Other than that I have a very busy day going on tomorrow, and then a busy Monday at least with this interview and a doctors appointment.  Could potentially be working by the end of next week.  Wouldn't that just be perfect?

I hope everyone is having a safe weekend.
I'm hoping to hear from my handsome husband soon.

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