My husband is deployed.

So OBVIOUSLY I am going to have my crazy, freak out, hate the world (practically), no good very bad days.. sometimes.  Or two or three days.

Thursday was awful.  That's all there is to it.  I woke up feeling like poo (for lack of a better word..) but still had to work.  I was managing up until I got home on my lunch break.. took the dog out.. cooked some lunch.. sat down to watch TV and possibly take a quick catnap to help me feel better.  AND THEN.  I discovered that my Directv was out.  Great.  So I tried to troubleshoot.. ended up on the phone with them most of my lunch break.  Only to find out that the hard-drive was "fried" on my DVR/receiver box.  And they would SHIP one to me.. really?!  Who does that?  Send a technician out and get it fixed ya bums.  Anyway this basically all led to a meltdown.  All during my lunch break mind youuu... If it ain't one thing it's always without a doubt another.  And when all you've got for entertainment is the dog, internet and tv.. then it's HUGE when one of the three is missing.  Ya know?

On a good note, I did meet up with one of my best friends for dinner and some shopping.. and it helped the evening end on a high note.  Thank goodness!  Oh, and I found the dress I am wearing to my birthday/Rob's birthday/Rob home for R&R party.  Saweeet.. check that sucker off the list.. :)

Friday (AKA yesterday..).. I went to the post office to mail some packages off.  I had just come from Walmart.. was packing all my stuff up AT the post office.  Like I always do.. when it dawned on me that I didn't have two of the addresses I needed with me.  Really?? Fantastic.. still spent $50 to send 3 packages out, get a book of stamps and buy a box.  Ouch.. and prices go up on Monday morning.. hello what about us frequent shoppers over here?  Discount please?!

Since we were without anything satellite related Friday evening I decided to Redbox some movies, eat some pasta and be lazy.. so off the dog and I go to pick up the two DVDs I reserved at the Walgreens five minutes away (highly suggest both Horrible Bosses ((I literally laughed out loud..)) and Ides of March) and a cherry limeade (hey.. EVERYONE was tweeting about Sonic for some reason.. and prompted my unusual craving).  I get back to the complex.. and some car I don't recognize is parked in my COVERED, RESERVED parking spot.  Oh heck no, Idaho!  Number one way to make my blood boil... make me put extra work in for something I shouldn't have to.  So I ran upstairs and jotted a friendly fake-friendly note that said "this parking spot is reserved, but NOT FOR YOU." and slid it beneath the windshield wiper of said unknown car.  Then I waited.. and waited.. and waited.  Finally when I was done with both of my movies and getting ready to take Piston out for his last potty of the evening I noticed that it was gone!  Yipeeeee!  But so not cool whichever neighbor it was that did not tell your guest to not park in the RESERVED spots.  You aren't my friend.

Today was a fun filled adventure with my family.  We were invited to the VA hospital about 3 or so hours away.. so it was a roadtrip/sleeptrip.  Anyway they were having a ceremony to honor all of the veterans that had passed away within the last six months.  For those of you that are new (ish) readers.. my Grandpa passed away in August (read about it hereeee.) and while it's still fresh for the most part, I've managed to move on as much as possible.  Except when I hear Taps (I feel it is that way for every mil spouse/girlfriend/friend/acquaintance/etc?)(which they played at the very end.. gets me everytime!!!) or think about the countless other things that are Grandpa-isms.  So 92% of the time I'm okay.. 8% of the time something catches me off guard that makes me want to give him just one more hug.  Anywayyy.. before my extremely emotional self starts crying (too late..), it was a GREAT way to honor him.  He was so very proud of his military service, and as in every situation it was amazing for it to be recognized.

By the time we got home.. we were all exhausted and slightly intoxicated from the margaritas at dinner.  And much to my surprise.. we were greeted with my AWESOME (use that term loosely) neighbor and his party.. what the heck man. I know it's Saturday.. but quiet hours start at 10 pm and some of us don't want to hear your base through the wall or the yelling/screaming/laughter coming from your apartment.  So at 11:30 I pulled the plug.  That's right, I was THAT person.. I made the phone call to the police.  Within 15 minutes it was quiet.  I don't think I'd be so mean  if it weren't for two things.. a.) my husband is deployed.  SO I am already high strung.. all it takes is a simple push and I am over the edge.. (which Directv got me to that point.. by having system maintenance when I wanted to set my new box up!!!) b.) this AWESOME neighbor has NEVER talked to me.. not even said hello.  So why would I cut him some slack when he wants to be obnoxious?? Oh right.. I wouldn't.  I'm not going to be nice if you aren't either.  But I do have a conscious.. so I hope it wasn't his birthday or something...

And the final straw on the top of the stack.. my little big bundle of fir/warmth is boarded for the night as I got home too late to pick him up.. I hate being here aloneeee... ahh.

Alright y'all ranting.. OVER.
Such good people for reading through.
Or did you?


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  1. Oh girl, I'm sorry you had one (or a few!) of "those days." They suck. They really do. Makes us appreciate those good ones that much more. :)

    Good for you for leaving the note on that car and calling the cops. Some people just don't know when to stop, so it's good that you did something. I'm sure other neighbors were just as annoyed as you! As someone who now has a child (but was irritated before), loud neighbors are just plain HARD to tolerate.

    I hope you have a great rest of the weekend!!!!

    1. That is VERY true.. it does make me appreciate the good days way more than I normally would.

      I would assume other neighbors were.. but who the heck knows! A thumping bass/base (I get confused) is the number one way to make me an unhappy neighbor. At our home in Maryland we had a neighbor that every Sunday morning would wake us up with that.. rawr!

  2. I almost had a meltdown with XBox yesterday for similar reasons. I decided to not deal with it because I was about to crack. lol It sucks!! You have had way more piled on you the past couple weeks than anyone should ever have. I'm so sorry. Lots of huge and I hope a new week starts off great for you.

    1. Well at least you didn't crack.. I let myself get there. :/ Oh well.. it happens to the majority of us!

  3. You poor girl, I'm so sorry! I'm glad you have a doggy friend to keep you company, but I can't imagine going through what you've been dealing with!

    If I were in that situation, I would start Rob a journal. Whenever you think of something specific, silly, lovey-dovey, whatever, you could write it down, ya know? I think it'd be a really fun homecoming gift, and he could take it back from breaks with him or something. I think it'd be awesome for your kiddos to read one day. Maybe he can do the same thing for you? It's just so Notebook-esque and melts my heart to think about it!

    1. Yeah it's hard to imagine until you have to do it.. and then you don't have a choice.. you suck it up and do it. :)

      I write Rob an e-mail every night before I go to bed. I have not missed a day yet. I'm not sure what I am going to do with it yet.. maybe print it out and put in a journal aspect. Every once in awhile I get an e-mail back from him. So we do have some sort of Notebook-esque thing going on. :)

  4. This is my first time visiting your blog - I love your style of writing. And don't worry - everyone has crummy days like that. And taps gets me everytime. I teared up reading that you teared up. Hope you have a great weekend :)

  5. This is my first time visiting your blog. I totally understand "those" days. My husband is deployed as well and I have those days and sometimes I have a lot of those days.
    Don't feel bad about calling the cops on them, I would've done the same thing. You are right, it doesn't take much to push an army wife of a deployed soldier over the edge. I hope you have a great weekend!!!

    1. It doesn't take much at all. That's for sure!