I survived...

Another session at DeVry is done.. and more importantly so is my web animation class. :)
Whew, huge sigh of relief!

And now, I'm on Spring Break.  In April? I know.  Kind of strange, but I'm okay with it.

I am so excited about this next week off.. this last session at DeVry was a huge pain in the neck.  One class was easy and the other was not.  I just couldn't grasp it.. unfortunately.  Which made the last 4 days absolutely awful.  But I'm done.  I can catch up on that huge stack of reading for the next week.. I can relax about due dates and most importantly.. I can go to the lake this weekend.

Ah, yeah.
Have a great weekend y'all!


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  1. I miss going to my family's lakeside cabin! Oh the things we give up for the ones that we love :) I hope your trip is fabulous.

  2. Have a great spring break! I miss spring break, and going to the lake house with family. I hated having a class I just didn't get. It's so frustrating. But, you did it!

  3. Congrats on finishing- now enjoy the lake and your weekend! :)

  4. i hope you have a fabulous & relaxing spring break! the lake looks so serene! I love your new blog design! I also just re-added your new button on my blog so cute :)