Honey, I'm home [BATHROOM edition]

Getting close to the end of our new house tour.  Yay!  Which also means I am "getting close" to being done decorating and what not.  Today I am bringing you two little rooms.. and saving two bedrooms for later.  Because.. well maybe... they aren't quite done yet.  My bad.

Today we are looking at the bathroomS.

Yes we have two, and yes I freaking love it.  Like for real.

First lets take a look at the guest bathroom.  Which is actually I think almost a bit bigger than the bathroom we had in our townhouse in Maryland.  Yeah, that's sad.

The blue rug is Klutch's sleeping area.. every once in awhile you will find him randomly curled up on it snoozing away.
P.S. This picture makes that rug look off colored.. and I'm not sure why that is.. it isn't.. for the record.
I took all of our decorations from the bathroom in the apartment in Kansas and put them in this bathroom.  I love it.  So a run down on where I got some of the items... the clock is a dollar general find.  The towels were found at Marshalls two years ago.  The rug with a design on it is from Hobby Lobby.  The bathmat is from Target. This was the first room done in our whole house.  Bathrooms are easy like that. ;)

Then we have the second bathroom.. THE MASTER BATHROOM ENSUITE.  Yes, you heard that one right.  It's like heaven in a bathroom.  Probably going to be mandatory for every house from here on out.

Because I am a brat like that.

Kind of an overall picture of the bathroom.. there are double vanities, a big tub, shower and separated toilet area with the closet at the end.

Big ole tub.. that I haven't used.. lame.

Shower and closet.

Toilet area.

Closet! My side... there is more stuff in there now.  These pictures are a bit old.

Rob's side.. which also has more stuff!
Pretty standard, awesome bathroom. :)  I went with gray and cream with pops of yellow/green for this bathroom.  I picked up the fish on the counter from Cracker Barrel last summer.. as well as the picture frame over the toilet.  The towels and all rugs came from the PX.  The gray tray on the counter is a basic wood one from Hobby Lobby that I spray painted gray.  The clock is from Dollar General.  I may add some more rugs in front of the sink area.  Otherwise, it's staying how it is.

As for the closet.. like I said those pictures are a bit old.  But you get the general idea. :)  Because we have/had (Rob kind of fixed them) broken dressers the plastic drawers have served as a sort of makeshift dresser.  I also store all my jewelry in the smaller plastic drawer set on top of the big one.  The shoe organizer I got from a consignment store around here for like $15 and it happens to fit perfectly beneath the built in shelves.

That's that. :)  Kind of a sneak peak sort of at our master bedroom!


Be on the lookout for the guest bedroom and master bedroom sometime in the future.

P.S. Happy weekend to youuuu all!!!


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  1. Love it!!!! I love the colors you picked for the guest bathroom. I love the double sinks and am jealous of the tub!
    Awesome job!!!!

  2. I love your bathrooms! :) Especially all your good decorative finds.

  3. That bathroom is AMAZING! I would love to have one like that.

  4. Love them! That tub is awesome! Great job!

  5. Pretty....you're making me want to prettify my bathroom. :)

  6. LOVE your bathroom! Double sinks are so helpful

  7. Holy closet girl! That looks so nice! And I told Steve that after living in this house (our bedroom is like a hotel room with the bathroom BLAM! right in the room, not attached with any sort of separation) that I was definitely demanding a real master bathroom with two sinks in our next place. Seems more like a necessity at this point than anything, amiright?

    Also, whyyyyyy are your posts not showing up in my feed? I need to poke around and make sure I've added it correctly... ugh.. (Life is hard when you're stupid, in case you were wondering.)