Hey. It's Okay...

...that my ceiling fans are covered in dust.  I'm not sure how to reach the fans attached to the taller-than-average ceiling.  Could be interesting... also, how does dust attach itself to a moving object?  Those suckers have literally been going for months now.

...to have already bought the second pumpkin scented candle this season.  The first one is | -- | this close to being gone.  I love it. OKay?

...to swoon over my husband in his 3-piece suit.  He's a stud.

...that the first day after the end of every weekend is spent primarily on the couch and not cleaning or knocking off the to do list.

...that the company cancelled the ball for the SECOND time this year.. this time two weeks out and with tickets already sold.  I'm not really sure why they rescheduled it if they were just going to cancel it again.

...to have bought a $35 dress for said ball with no intentions of now returning it.  I'll keep that sucker since it was such a steal.

...to hate salt water.  But love beaches.

...to not particularly enjoy roadtrips that take 4.5 hours to get somewhere.. but only last for 24 hours.  Even if the result is totally worth it.

...to love hotel rooms that are on the ocean and only cost $65.

...to love weddings that include family members or close friends.  It truly makes a day extra special when it is someone you are close with that is getting hitched.  [[Congratulations to my cousin Jess!  While I will miss you being so close to me here in Augusta, I know you and Ryan are ready for the rest of your life... so cheers to that. [with apple juice of course]]]

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  1. New follower! Stumbled on your blog on the MilSo Blog Directory and it is wonderful! I am also a military wife (USMC) and from Kansas too! :)


  2. Ok I have the same question about dust on ceiling fans! How can dust accumulate like that?! It's crazy!

  3. I love love the beach! Which it's kinda a challenge to get there often living in the middle of the states and land locked. I also was looking at my ceiling fans and saw some dust.

  4. I hate cleaning our fans! It's annoying! Yea for weddings and beaches. I agree, I don't like the salt water, but I do like spending time on the beach. :) It's ok to take it easy, you will be super busy once your little one gets here. :)

  5. Beaches are awesome! I also have dust on ceiling fans. Yuck.

  6. The fact that you got your husband into a 3 piece suit is hot. What a keeper!