Bribes get me this.

If you follow our adventures on Instagram... you know that this last weekend we took fall family pictures.

It was a process y'all.

First.. my husband HATES pictures.  So you have to bribe him.  In order for him to cooperate with this 30 minute photo session.. he got turtle beech headphones for his xbox (NOT cheap.. ).  SOMEONE got the short end of the stick here...

Second... even when you bribe said husband... he will still whine like you are making him go shopping, or get a manicure, or do something when football is on.  It was torture.

And THEN it was freaking 90 degrees for our FALL pictures.  So those cute outfits I had been working out in my head for like three weeks.. no good my friends.  Awesome possum Georgia.

But our photographer freaking rocks.  And she got several good ones that I just LOVE.

So with that... our fall pictures...

 Basket is a family heirloom.. that was perfectly captured in these photos.
Not sure what the heck is going on with my hair.. and the shirt/sweater combo wasn't laying flat..

What do y'all think?! I am super excited because I am pretty sure I am going to ask Ashleigh to take Grace's first birthday pictures... ..... wait. Did I just type that?! Not possible I am already thinking about that!!!

All picture were taken by A.Looper Photography.

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  1. Great pictures! We are definitely due for some family pictures too! :)

    Kourtney @

  2. These photos are amazing!!!! :)

  3. Love them! They are so adorable!!

  4. Love them, so cute!

  5. They turned out great! We are taking pictures this weekend! It should be interesting getting everyone looking and smiling at the camera!

  6. These are awesome!! Such a sweet little family ;)