Eight Months.

This month definitely marked the real start of independence.  So much learning and exploring, always putting mama in awe.  But with the disappearing baby feeling, you are getting bigger and that just isn't fair, at all.

Your quirks this month...

.You still wear size 3 diapers.

.You wore 6 month clothing most of the month... but I've gradually started introducing 6 to 9 month clothing.

.You are LONG.  You easily wear 9 month sleepers, which you basically outgrew this month.

.You started rolling, everywhere.  All of the time.

.You view our attempts at corralling you as a challenge worthy of your attention.

.You started feeding yourself.  Little cereal is your favorite, and you talk your way through dinner like it is the best thing you've ever tasted.

.You aren't a fan of being rocked to sleep anymore.  You fight it hardcore.  So typically I nurse you to sleep as that seems to be the only way to get you to go down (easily, at least).

.You have zero stranger danger.  Which is okay right now because I'm always with you.. but someday I hope you develop just a basic level of stranger danger.  Haha.

.You are easily distracted.  So if you get fussy in the car, while out running errands, at an event... I just give you something different from the diaper bag, and it appeases you for awhile.

.You light up when you see daddy.  He is your favorite, of course.  Pretty sure I guessed that while you were still growing on the inside.

.Your sleep schedule at night still isn't the best... you go down between 9 and 11, wake up around 2, sleep until 6, and then go down again until 9.  Nursing each time you awake.

.You still love nursing.  But only nurse 2 to 3 times during the day.  Primarily at nap time, and bedtime.

.You love cruising around in your stroller.  Especially when it gets you out of the car seat.

.You still smile and laugh all.the.time.

You make me so proud.  You are just the sweetest little thing, and each day spent with you is a complete and utter joy.  Thank you sweet girl for being my greatest gift ever.

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  1. Happy 8 Months! She is such a cutie.

  2. Happy 8 months, sweet girl! She'll be walking before you know it.

  3. Happy 8 months, she is beautiful!

  4. Happy 8 months! She is such a cutie!!!!!

  5. Happy 8 months!!!! She is such a cutie!!!!!

  6. Happy 8 months, sweet girl! She'll be getting all over the house in no time!