I must confess.

I still believe.

Admit it.
You are singing daggum Brittany Spears too.

Happy Monday friends!

Let's do a confess 'sesh right now.

I confess that this weekend I finished watching Gossip Girl on Netflix and I feel very empty.  It is absolutely NOT normal to be this wrapped up in a show.  But I am, and I don't know if there is rehab for this or what.  So I plan on starting One Tree Hill next.  I've seen the first season or two... but it's time to finish it.  Hopefully I don't start wishing I was a New York socialite madly in love with Chuck Bass after watching this show.  Yes, it is that bad.

I confess that after babysitting for some friends, I am in no rush to have any more children yet.  They have 3.. so plus ours it was 4 between Rob and I.  We only watched them for 2 hours so our friends could celebrate an anniversary.. and I broke a sweat.  But it was fun!  I am so glad we were able to help them get their first break in eight months.

Found about 30 random gems on my phone courtesy of Ash, who just turned 3.

I confess that hibachi is my favorite splurge right now.  Great friends, a relaxed husband, happy baby, good food.  That is a recipe for success.

I confess I didn't cook at all yesterday! My husband cooked lunch and he ordered dinner.  Nope, I'm not sick.  So I even got to enjoy it!  Of course that means.. back to the grind today though.  A win none the less.

Rob even fed the baby Friday after hibachi.. she was a MESS.  Haha.

I confess the jungle has returned.  Rob has a 48 hour time frame to tame it, or the redhead in me will come out.

I confess I got all the supplies for Grace's Halloween costume and a deadline of Thursday to get it completed.  Not 100%, but fairly certain I bit off more than I can chew.

So say a prayer that I meet my deadline, and I hope this week is a good one for you, you and you!

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  1. Now I have Hit me Baby One More Time stuck in my head....Baaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!! hahaha

  2. Hibachi is delicious. And now that song is stuck in m head!

  3. Yum love hibachi! One of my favorites.

  4. Hibachi, drool. Fayetteville had a to-go hibachi place that was about 2 miles from our house. We went on a tear of eating it every week.

  5. I will now be singing Brittany Spears all night...Thanks! ;-) I'm going to try to get my kids costumes put together by the weekend too. We'll see if that happens...

  6. I loooved GG and also felt very empty when I finished it. I also found myself dressing a lot fancier ha

  7. I love not cooking!

    You should watch Gilmore Girls on Netflix.