One of them fall weekends.

I'd like to first take a moment and welcome fall to Georgia.  I know you are only temporarily staying (read high 80s return Wednesday).. but I am okay with that.  Grace has a bunch of 9 month outfits that are meant for summer.  That girl.. she's growing height wise, but not width and her wardrobe is behind.  You are so so considerate fall.  ;)

We had one of those ideal fall weekends.

Friday was a whole lot of nothing.

It gets better.. don't worry.

Saturday started bright and (too) early.  Grace and I did the Color Run here in Augusta.  It was tons of fun doing it with Rachel and her family.  Little missy enjoyed cruising in her stroller and was a good sport during the whole event.  To think last year I did this.. and was pregnant with this little girl!

Last year, 2013.

After a shower for me, nap for both and bath for the baby --- we were back up and headed to Oktoberfest on post with Rob, Abby and Nick.  It. Was. Chilly.  One of those fall nights where the sun goes down and the mixture of wind and temps make your fingers cold.  A certain someone in our group (I will not call him out.. wasn't my husband though..) wore a t-shirt and shorts.. so he was literally shivering... after the guys waited in line for close to an hour and a half for some schnitzels, we listened to some authentic German music and called it early because of the cold.

All of the pictures from Oktoberfest itself are goofy.. so no shares.

Today we slept late and woke up to football (of course!) pregame shows.  After a crazy Cowboys game (my husband's team..& they won for the record), we loaded up and headed to the local fire department for a birthday party!  Grace got her first addressed-to-her-birthday-invitation, so we were off to celebrate Asher's 3rd birthday!

Not sure Grace was as excited as I was to go as anything that can't go in her mouth still doesn't really interest her.  But we (read - I) had fun!  They showed us the firetrucks and let the kiddos sit in the truck and play with the sirens.  Such a great idea for a little boy's birthday!

c/o A.Looper Photography (who is doing fall pictures for us next weekend !!!!!!!)

We are wrapping up our evening flipping back and forth between football and baseball.  While my beloved Chiefs didn't pull it off today.. the Royals sure did.  I am not a baseball fan really... but I am a Kansas City fan.  So I am beyond excited to see this team doing what it is doing for the first time since 1985... AND I so so wish I was in KC to celebrate what this last week in sports has been like for the city!

To sum it up... it was the perfect, just busy enough, sweater, jeans and boots wearing weekend.

How was yours?!

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  1. She looks so cute in her color run gear! :)

  2. GO Royals!
    Can I just say that I love the stage her hair is in?!?! That partly sticking up, super fine hair is beyond adorable!

  3. That picture where she's wearing the pink bow is so cute!

  4. At least it was warmer for this year's Color Run. We did Run or Dye last year, and it was freezing. We both wore Under Armour.

  5. what a cute family picture!

  6. Sounds like a lot of fun! Love that last photo.

  7. Sounds like an awesome weekend! Our weekend was also awesome and much needed :) I love the pic of her in the firetruck. she looks like she's like "really mom? really?" too funny!

  8. Oh my gosh your baby girl is super cute! My husband & I have been doing that whole 'oh a year ago today we were...' thing lately in regards to our baby girl, time just passes by so quickly with a little one. The colour run looks like a lot of fun, I'm going to put that on my bucket list I think! Looks as though your little family had a great weekend! I work on the weekends & my husband gets one-on-one quality time with our daughter and they hit up the park while I make coffees for the masses!

    Lauren / And Together We

  9. That hair and that headband! Too cute! Evelyn is the same way on growth/clothing sizes. I think the stomach bug slowed her down a little. But she's starting to need some long sleeve stuff, and I really don't want to buy her anymore 9 month clothes since I think she'll be out of them soon!

  10. Sounds like the perfect weekend! I am dying to go to an Oktoberfest around here - haven't found one yet! Grace has the best wardrobe ever! :)