Friday nighhhhht.

I swear to you all I had great intentions to get on here and do some posts more than once a week lately.  But we are working up to Rob leaving for WOCS round 2, so our routine is a bit jacked up right now.  Sorry, I'm not sorry.

But I'm sitting here on a Friday night, with my bebe snoozing next to me... the dog at the foot of the bed... my husband playing video games in the living room... and the KANSAS CITY ROYALS winning game 3 of the World Series.  So here are some random thoughts for you.

I'm not really a baseball fan.  I played softball for years growing up.  But I like baseball for one or two innings, before I am over it.  Watching it on TV?  Never. There are few sports I can stand to watch on TV and baseball is NOT one of them.  But you take a Kansas City team, and you throw them in the World Series, and I haven't missed a game in the postseason.  I so so wish I was back home to celebrate this team doing THIS for the first time since 1985.

I ordered new sheets for our bedroom.. another step closer to making our bedroom actually feel complete.  This is going to be the first project I tackle once my husband is TDY.  Why?  He isn't there to nitpick my decorating.  He never complains about the finished product, but hates the process something fierce.  But I am so so ready.

Grace's Halloween costume is one collar away from being done.  Which means nothing, unless you know what she is being.  Patience friends... reveal before too long!  I am beyond excited!  We were supposed to go to a trunk-or-treat event on Thursday.  But decided to just dress Grace up in her Halloween costume and go get pumpkins this weekend to help Rob celebrate Halloween with her.  Unfortunately he will miss her first actual Halloween... so some pre-celebrating is in order.

This gem though...

Tuesday Grace and I hit up the on post thrift store.  I love that place.  If you live on Gordon, you are missing out.  I always find gems.  This time we walked out with 2 sweaters for Grace, 2 sweaters for me, a shirt for me, a purse for me and an Americana pillow.. I spent $18.  We almost walked out with a winter coat for Grace... it was priced at only $3 and practically new.. but size 18-24 months.  At the rate Grace is growing, I'm not sure when or what season she will get into that size!  But the purse I got.. my friends, I am in love with it.  But I've ran into a mom problem.  I carry a diaper bag.  I don't particularly want to carry 2 bags.. so what does a girl do?!

This post from Samantha is basically how I feel, a lot of times.  Read it.

I hope everyone has great FALL like plans with your friends and family this weekend.  Georgia is shaping up to have a beautiful weekend weather wise.  Can't promise when another post will get on here... life y'all.  It happens.

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  1. I'm glad you are able to do some pre-celebrating with your husband before has to leave.

  2. I can't wait to see her costume!

  3. I can't wait to see her costume! And wow - I wish I could find a thrift shop like that! I used to frequent the thrift store in Guam. My favorite buy was puzzles (this was clearly pre-kid days when I had time to do things like puzzles!). I would buy a puzzle for $0.50, put it together, take it apart, and donate it back to the thrift shop. It was like renting a puzzle!

  4. I carry a clutch with my wallet, phone, chapstick..and then just throw it in my big bag (which is actually just a longchamp purse), that way I have room for all the kids' crap, but if I am going out alone or just running into the store, I have the small purse with my wallet in it!

  5. I love thrift stores too!

    I have not watched any of the world series. Sports just don't amuse me at all.

  6. Too cute! I'm not good at thrift stores. I hate hunting. I want to go in, see a complete outfit and buy that outfit if I like it.:( maybe some day I will get better at it. :) I hope you guys had fun with the pumpkins :)

  7. Our Thrift Shop on post is a bit too proud of their stuff, so it isn't near as good of a deal, but when they have sales it's awesome! I bet she's going to be adorable in her costume!!