Nine Months.

Welllllll we've hit nine months.  And I've looked forward to the date your first birthday falls on.  Is this real life?

Your quirks this month...

.You are still wearing size 3 diapers.

.You are mainly wearing 6 to 9 month clothing.  Some 6 month onesies are still in the rotation.  But there are also 12 month pants and sleepers in the drawers.  Basically, you are officially all over the place.

.You weighed in at your 9 month appointment at 17 pounds, 2 ounces.  You've slipped down to the 24th percentile.  Not much of a weight gain this month.

.You eat though.  You love eating!  As long as momma is funneling, Grace is eating.

.You are 28 and a half inches tall.  Which is the 86th percentile for height.

.You had your first visit to the ER.  That was fun.. not.

.You started "army crawling" like a champ.  Nothing stops you now.

.You attended your first Oktoberfest on post.  It was chilly, so you mostly stayed bundled up in the stroller, but you strolled along, all content like.

.You got your first invite directly addressed to you for a friends birthday.  At a firestation, no less.

.You started clicking your tongue this month and LOVE when people click back at you.  You will go back and forth for minutes at a time before getting bored with it.

.You sat in a highchair at a restaurant for the first time.  Mom knows you could have done this for months now, but it is so much easier to entertain you at a restaurant in your carseat then when you have access to the table.  None the less, you enjoyed it!

.You discovered the backyard.  Now whenever someone opens the door to let brother out you hightail it to the door to sit there and watch him go about his business.  The door is open?  You don't take the threshold as a stopping point...

.You went to your first pumpkin patch.  You loved the hayride but was pretty unimpressed with the rest of it.  Just like your dad you are.

.You LOVE your dad.  You start wiggling and smiling the minute he walks into the room.

.You also love momma... and cry when I walk away from you.  Dad will never admit it... but you need me too. ;)

.You still nurse fairly often.  Mainly in the morning and evening.  Mom rarely plans to nurse you in public and since you are eating more of solids, you can be distracted when you want to nurse with other foods.

.You still make nights a wee bit rough... but it is a routine.  Pretty much expected as to when you will wake up.

You are the happiest baby I know.  You only cry when you want something and you are beyond easy going.  We are so so lucky.  I LOVE this age.. as I am sure I will say for months to come.  Keep being you sweet baby doll.

Any interest in a holiday card exchange again this year?!

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