Love // Hate

So I saw Jen and Hana share posts like this last week and since it is hot outside and all I seem to do all day errry'day is clean and watch as my child wrecks everything I just put away... let's have some fun, shall we?

Ten things I love...

One// Kansas City// The place I will always call home.

Two// Crossing items off my to-do list// NOTHING more rewarding.

Three// Having friends and family over for dinner// Ever since we started entertaining, it is one of my favorite ways to spend the weekend.

Four// Watching Grace sleep// When her chest rises and falls, just like so... my heart melts.  I imagine this is the best part about being a mother?

Five// Clean sheets// Especially after a shower.  #1 way to my heart!

Six// Fresh out of the oven brownies// Oh my heavens.  With a big glass of milk!

Seven// Driving a clean car// I like clean... it's just how it is.

Eight// Country music// All the time - but in the fall, with the windows rolled down, wearing a sweatshirt especially.

Nine// Chiefs football, football Sundays and a good beer// Because those three together equal one good day.

Ten// Change// I crave it and I thrive off of it.

Ten things I hate...

One// Bugs in the south// Like spiders and roaches.  No and no.

Two// When people leave trash in my car// My husband does this, a lot.  It is one of my biggest pet peeves.

Three// Last minute changes to plans// Unless it is a positive change.

Four// Fish on my plate// I don't do fish.  Unless it is tuna or fried.

Five// Backstabbers// I ain't got time for it! Either you are my friend or you aren't, there is no walking a fine line.  So get on up out of my life if you can't be straight with me.

Six// Getting up early in the morning// I LOVE sleeping in, so obviously I hate getting up early.

Seven// Cleaning bathrooms// Gross.

Eight// How fast the grass weeds grow// We can't mow them fast enough.. and then it looks like a jungle and an abandoned house out there.  Oye vey.

Nine// Running// Just no.  I have a large chest and it doesn't work with running all that well.

Ten// Salt water// I can't stand how it makes my skin feel (dirty) and what it taste likes if it gets in my mouth (nasty), so I will stick with lake water.

Your turn...

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  1. ha, this is fun! The spiders lately have been ridiculous, YIKES!!!

  2. Bugs freak me out too.

    And cleaning bathrooms. I just did that today.

  3. I agree with pretty much all of your dislikes - except fish - I really like cedar plank salmon... but only when my husband makes it. It doesn't taste good when anyone else does it lol. And I HATE the bugs in Georgia. Biggest pet peeve of visiting my sister lol.

  4. 2. I put items on my to-do list that are mostly done so I can easily cross things off.
    6. Clean sheets + clean jammies + freshly shaved legs.

  5. These are always fun! I love salt water!! Love being in the ocean, not sure about lake water...! But I'm with you on most of your hates...!

  6. Clean sheets are the best!! ANd I hate cleaning bathrooms too. Every week when I clean it, I dream about hiring a housekeeper! :)

  7. We have a lot of similar likes and dislikes, but I LOVE fish, salt water, and of all things- cleaning the bathroom...I know, I'm weird.