28 things I know right now.

Surprise flowers from my best friend in California. 

Today I am 28.

To celebrate... here are 28 things I know about life right now.

1. God has a plan.  It may not make sense or make us feel comfortable, but he knows what he is doing.

2. Being a mom is the most rewarding but hardest job I've ever held.

3. Nap times and showers are never long enough.

4. Kansas weather is bipolar and that Mother Nature always keeps you guessing.

5. It is okay to say no sometimes.

6. Let go of what you can't control. 

7. Having good neighbors makes all the difference.

8. The laundry pile can only be tackled until bedtime.

9. Electric vehicles are the way of the future.

10. Babies sleep better pressed up against mommy and daddy.

11. Macaroni and cheese never stops tasting good.

12. Your mother always knows best.

13. Thank you notes are a must.

14. Finding good friends is hard to do.  But once you've found them nothing can break that bond.  Not time or distance or life obstacles.  Nothing.

15. Always count down to something.  A vacation, summer, your husband getting home at 5...

16. There is always someone you will perceive as a better mother, friend, wife, woman... stop comparing yourself.  You are who you are and someone relies on you being that person.

17. Cursive writing should still be mandatory.

18. Organizing the junk drawer will make you feel like you are owning life.

19. Crossing off handwritten to-do lists with a sharpie is the only way to make a to-do list.

20. Puppies are worse than newborns.

21. The newborn phase lasts approximately 2 seconds while the terrible twos last for an eternity.

22. If you can't stop thinking about something, buy it.

23. Your kids will not remember the bad days, they remember you being there and trying each and everyday to be the best mother possible.

24. Adulting is hard.

25. Marriage isn't easy but it is worth the reward of sharing a life with someone.

26. It is okay to get lost in a good Netflix series sometimes.

27. Good family is not something to take for granted.


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  1. You had me at mac and cheese haha! It truly never gets old. :) Happy Birthday, friend!

  2. Happy birthday!! I adore this post and I agree with so much of what you wrote here! It took me until I was 30 to learn how to say no and I am so glad I did!! And yes, marriage and sharing a life with someone is so worth all of the work. It's funny, when I was younger I didn't understand how a marraige could be "work." But it is, and it's worth it!!

  3. Hope you had a happy birthday!