Brooklyn | THREE

My middle child is three today.

It has been three years since the sweet babe with the squished nose was safely placed in my arms just 48 hours after I fell pregnant belly first with Grace in my arms outside our home.  Of all the nurses I have had, the one that helped me labor Brooke into this world is the only one I truly remember.  Her spunk seems to have transferred to our spirited girl.  The girl that came into this world on her due date, on a military installation on the Kentucky/ Tennessee line.  How has it been three years?

To my Brooklyn,

You, my dear, are something else.  Ornery, yet sweet.  Sassy and smart.  Strong willed and determined.  You keep us on our toes and always surprise us.  The biggest cuddle bug in our family, but also the one who lets you know when space is needed.  I'd say you are a perfect mixture of your mama and your daddy.

This year was a fun one for you.  You became a big sister, while also being a little sister still.  You found your voice and use it often.  You string sentences and words together like you've been talking your whole life.  You can count to ten and sing your ABCs.  You are always singing and obsessed with Frozen.  All parts of it, but especially Anna.  You also love Moana, still.  Pink is your favorite color. Macaroni and cheese, chicken nuggets and cheese pizza are your favorites.  You just moved into size 4T and are almost into size 8C shoes.  You have the most gorgeous hair that absolutely cannot be tamed.  This year you started sleeping in a toddler bed and started entertaining the idea of potty training.  You love to color and play Barbies with your sister.  Your nose is the absolute cutest thing, especially when you wrinkle it up to laugh or smile really big.  You love going to the park and have no fear of climbing or trying new things.  You love to do mommy's hair and cuddle while reading a bedtime story.  You taught yourself how to do a somersault, and will just randomly start doing them.  You are a righty.  You still have a dang good throwing arm for a toddler and fairly accurate aim.  You love to flirt with daddy and know you are wrapped around his little finger.

I am so excited to see how the next year goes.  Potty training, starting your first recreational activity, going to preschool all alone and so much more.  I know you will take it all in strides, you are very independent.  Sometimes though it is hard to believe you are already old enough for these adventures.

I can't wait to celebrate your birthday all day long with you.  I know this is the year that you start to understand the importance of the day and you are so every excited.  That makes mama excited, my love.

Happy birthday Brooklyn Monse!

Mama loves you.

To read Brooklyn's birth story, click here.

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  1. Happy birthday, Brooklyn! March 28th is one of the best birthdays there is!;)