The last first birthday party and a three year olds Frozen party

Last year when Emily came into the world 2.5 weeks early I knew that the end of March this year was going to be an interesting one to figure out.  My girls have back to back birthdays and I just couldn't see how we could ask family and friends to come out multiple weekends or days in a row to celebrate our girls.  So instead of asking everyone to do way too much, we combined the parties into one three hour long party.  And it worked out perfectly.
Please excuse the dirty door, I never got the other side cleaned.  Sorry, not sorry.

I spent most of last week spring cleaning my main floor.  This winter just felt so brutal and it was such a relief to dust all the things, clean under the furniture and wipe down every last corner.  Somehow even though I spent the entire week getting ready, I was still not ready until about 15 minutes into the party and after some special help from my friends.  Someday I swear I will be on time to my own parties.  Maybe.

We kicked off the party with snacks and playing.  Then the kids got to decorate their own wand with ribbon and stickers.  We were kind of winging it but I think they all might have actually enjoyed it.  After that Emily opened her presents and we sang her happy birthday.  Girlfriend was not into her cake, at all.  Something about the texture of the icing she really wasn't a fan of.  Once we called it quits on Emily's lack of cake enthusiasm, Brooklyn got to open her presents and then we sang to her.  The three hours ended up being just the right length and we were all wiped by the end of it.

After the party we went out for the girls birthday dinner with my parents, sister, and then a couple of my girlfriends stuck around to go out with us.  By the time we got home and cleaned up the food mess I was pretty much dead on my feet.  So that must mean the party was a success, eh?
Kind of become tradition at this point.

All I know is that three is one of my favorite years for a birthday.  It is the first year that they get into it and really enjoy the entire process.  It makes my heart swell every single time my kids get excited for their friends to come over and see them.  Also - hosting my last first birthday party is a hard notion to get over.  This is really it y'all.  The baby phase is almost past us for good.  How the heck did the last year pass that quickly?!

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