Emily | One year

My last baby is one.  It's like she knew this milestone was coming and the last few weeks have been full of all kinds of new activities and adventures.  I snuggled her longer yesterday and marveled at this sweet girl that fully completes our family.

Emily at ONE...

.You are wearing size 18 month clothing.  For fun, I tried on some of the new 24 month outfits hanging in your closet and we aren't there yet, not even close.  But we do have a few 24 month sleepers in the rotation.

.You love food.  You try everything we give you.  But really like crackers and veggie pouches right now.

.You have finally picked up crawling on all fours but still get around fastest by Army crawling.

.You JUST started pulling yourself up on pretty much anything and everything.

.You are daddy's girl through and through.  The squeal of excitement you let out when he walks in the door is something so special.

.You are starting to show an ornery side sometimes.  So far, it is still super cute.

.You are still sort of finicky on sleep.  Some nights, especially if teeth are working their way in, you sleep like complete and udder crap.  Up every hour to two hours.  Other nights we get one long stretch in.  Most nights you are in bed by 8.  Wake up just before midnight to nurse and then sleep through until 6.  Give or take some.

.You are an excellent napper though.  You take one long one in the afternoon that can go from two to three hours usually.  Sometimes you nap in the morning it depends on what time you got up.

.You discovered yelling and that it gets people's attention.

.You have 6 teeth at last check.  We don't check much these days because it's funny to bite down.

.You are still nursing in the morning, before nap time, before bedtime and during the night.

.You are so incredibly busy, which makes diaper changes an absolute joke.  But somehow we survive with minimal messes.

My baby - you may be one, but you will forever be mommy and daddy's baby.  This last year has flown by but now I can't imagine life without you.  While mommy may be super sleep deprived and always tired, I am so incredibly in love with you and the sweet girl you are.  I hope you forever know how loved you are by all of us.

Happy birthday Emily girl!

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