NINE years

Every year on St. Patrick's Day we wear our green, and celebrate.  For us, we celebrate another anniversary together.  This year we celebrated nine years married.

The last nine years have been full of ups and downs, life changes, life transitions, goals achieved and goals made.  We welcomed 3 healthy babies, we moved a lot, we experienced losses and so many celebrations.  It has been a good nine years.

Here's a glimpse back at the last 9 anniversaries.

The only picture we have from our wedding day.  In the car outside of the courthouse.

2011 - a few days before our anniversary.

2012 - Rob was deployed to Kuwait.  
We celebrated in February when he was home on leave.

2013 - Our last celebration not as parents.

2014 - The year we welcomed Grace.  
This is a few months after our anniversary at our first (and only) military ball.

2015 - A few days after our anniversary.

2016 - A few weeks before we welcomed Brooklyn into our family.

2017 - Our first anniversary post Army.

2018 - A few weeks before welcoming Emily.

2019 - Toasting to 9 years, together.

May the next year be a good one, together.

I love you, Rob!

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