Slice of Life - March 2019

It is FINALLY Spring time in Kansas.  Y'all, we hoped and prayed for this and spent many days staring at white snow covered landscapes.  This winter was especially brutal because the temperatures stayed at or below freezing almost the entire season.  We made it to the other side though.  And here is what that last month consisted of.  In a nutshell.

Valentine's Day.  Our day was pretty low-key with a trip downtown for some girl shopping and heart shaped hair for preschool.  But I personally think my kids are super cute in their Valentine's Day outfits.  As most girl moms think.

We dined with friends. And had a blast each and every time.  When it is too cold for the park, you turn restaurants into a low-key playground, right?

I shared this on Facebook and I truly think it resonates with so many of my mom friends in this day and age.  Something I absolutely believe though it is okay to just be a great mom and a great wife.  That is a huge and lofty goal as it is.

We went to the car show.  My husband is a car person, just like his dad.  So it was a must to go see as many vehicles as possible under one roof.

We went swimming. Grace's best friend had her birthday party at the indoor aquatic center here in Lawrence.  The girls had a ton of fun (and slept like champs) swimming and celebrating their sweet friend.

I went to my first Sporting KC game of the year. This year we made the leap we've talked about doing since we moved here and bought season tickets.  Sporting KC is the one sports team Rob and I share (he's a Cowboys fan, I'm a Chiefs fan - he's a Rangers fan, I'm a Royals fan), so it's always the BEST time going together.  Something we hope our girls love just as much.

We traveled for a funeral.  My mom's aunt passed away a few weeks ago and we spent one long day road tripping out for the funeral, to see family and then turn around and drive home.  I was glad we were able to make it and the girls got to wear Christmas dresses again, so a cute picture was a must.

We spent St. Patrick's Day with our girls.  If you read my last post, you know it is also our anniversary.  So it is always a busy day.  But as with all holidays, there is an outfit for that.

We celebrated Diesel's third birthday. Three years ago, we unexpectedly lost our boxer, our first baby.    The same day we lost him, Diesel was born.  Like fate.  This dog has been a joy, a pain, another child in the chaos, a lover, a handful, and so much more.  He fits right in.  Hopefully before too long the puppy side starts to fade, but I have heard with labs, I've got years to come of that.

We checked out the new brewery in town.  On Instagram, I gave it a C+.  The atmosphere, the service and the drinks were top notch.  The food was overpriced for its quality.  The online reviews lead me to believe maybe we were just there on an off night.  So we will give it one more chance before writing it off.  But when a restaurant is across the street from a Lawerence favorite, it is hard to be anything but stellar honestly.

We traveled again to celebrate a birthday.  Somehow it has been 5 years since I had a 2 month old and my best friend was welcoming her newborn.  We hit the road Saturday afternoon and spent the day celebrating with all their friends and family.  We always enjoy our trips out there, and this was much the same.

We stopped and prayed for Nebraska and all those down stream. If you aren't from the midwest, maybe this hasn't crossed your radar.  But a HUGE chunk of the entire state of Nebraska was flooded recently.  It has been absolutely devastating.  The flood waters are now a lot closer to home and it is absolutely overwhelming.  I'm still sending so many prayers up north and to all those yet to experience this disaster.

Otherwise we are in full party planning mode for an almost 1 year old and almost 3 year old.  This weekend is going to be a FUN one.  Plus the weather is finally nice enough for us to play outside and get out of the house.

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  1. Yay for springtime in kansas!!!! It's the best time of year for sure.