Thursday, June 28, 2012

I'm still alive!

Have no fear y'all I didn't fall off the face of the earth.. quite yet.

Wanted to give a quick update even though I SHOULD be showering, packing and getting ready to leave for the lake for 24 hours.  Yep, 24 hours.. that is literally all of the time I have right now to escape.. and this :( is my sad face.

What have I been doing since June 12th?
.. passing my classes.. free till September y'all.  Party party party.
.. saw some great country music performers in Power and Light.. the outing district in KC.
.. went to an elementary school friend's sister's wedding.
my seeeester and I.
.. celebrated Father's day with my amazing dad!
Hi Dad! Here is your Father's day shout out.
I love you.. thank you for being so supportive in everything I do.
You are the best ever.. promise.
Oh and thanks for reading my blog!
Tired from a long weekend.. 
.. went to a HUGE country concert festival.. that consisted of 4 days of great music, hot weather, a few beers, singing, dancing and having a great time.  Oh and a sunburn and some blisters..minor details.
Pretty much the only picture of us without glistening skin from sweating so much.  Awesome, right?
.. had dinner with an old friend.
.. worked my last day of work!
.. got the move pick up set up (which happens soon.. like Monday soon)

And that's not the end folks... after the lake it goes on:
.. my first ever 5k is this Saturday.  Will probably not run the whole thing, but some maybe. (The Color Run for more details!)
.. Magic Mike.. yeah buddy.  That's all that needs to be said about that.
.. movers picking everything up!
.. July 4th!
.. cousins wedding..
 and that's just this next week ladies and gents.. it gets CRAZIER after that. (If that's possible)

Are you all following me on Twitter yet?? I promise I am updating that more these days.  Like.. about how I went to the post office today and got in and out with NO WAIT IN LINE.. what?! Unheard of.  Maybe because it is a billion five hundred degrees outside.  Not kidding..
I promise you.. this is cool for the past few days..

I digress.

And I have all of the items purchased for the giveaway just not sure when that is going to happen y'all.. let me get through Monday and then I will have more time!  Hint.. it's Kansas flavored and has to do with something we are known for.. BBQ.

Piston and Amanda out...


P.S. I promise next week I will also catch up on blogs!!! I miss you all so very much!

Oh and sorry for saying y'all so much.. bahahaha.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summer To-Do List.

So this summer is going to be very busy for us.  Obviously.  But instead of only planning on moving.. I have what seems like a thousand other goals to accomplish as well from now until Labor Day weekend...

The most obvious being.. Move.  Completely, 100%.  This means cleaning out every thing left at my parents, getting all 3 of us safely relocated and unpacking every box once in Georgia.  Totally do-able.

This whole moving thing will definitely help with my goal of getting Piston a backyard.. I see a house in our future!

Once in Georgia I'm anxious to go to the ocean... again.  I'm hoping it is warmer than the Maryland ocean waters.

Since we will be so close to Florida..(or at least closer than Kansas is), I'd love to go to Disney World for the first time.

Before we leave Kansas though I want to visit the lake some more.. because once we get to GA, you will not find me anywhere near lake water.  No flesh eating diseases for me!  (Kind of Completely serious.)

I also want to keep up with all my pen pals.  I have acquired a few at this point.. and don't worry ladies, you will not be forgotten this summer!

With moving to Georgia comes being closer to some of my online friends.  So I'm making it my goal to meet AT LEAST one blogger friend this summer.

This summer also marks the end of this awful, horrible, no good very bad deployment.. so to celebrate I want a night out with my husband.. I'm talking dinner, dancing, not driving.. etc.

Our last night out.. March 2012 (R&R)
Rob and I are already flirting with the ideas for my next goal.. go on vacation.  It looks like there may be a trip in our future to the Entertainment Capital of the World... Las Vegas.

Since Carmax took our Civic off of our hands (aren't they the nicest?).. there is one huge goal for this summer.. get Rob a vehicle he loves.  Easier said than done I do believe. ;)

Once again this summer I am picking up.. leaving my friends and family to take our little family somewhere unknown (to me at least.. Rob has been there before).. hopefully by the end of the summer I can make at least one new friend.

And the highlight of any summer... take tons of pictures and laugh.. a lot all while making new memories.

Before I can do any of this though.. I have to get all A's this session at school... which ends next Thursday.  Not that I am counting down or anything!

What are your goals this summer?!

P.S. Be on the lookout for a giveaway for reaching 50 followers.. I'm not much of a giveaway girl.. but you all have become near and dear to me.. so you deserve it!


    Tuesday, June 5, 2012


    Definition: pleasant but tinged with sadness

    This weekend was bittersweet for me. Pleasant on almost all counts but I had my sad moments...

    My best friend got married to an amazing guy.  She's off to start the rest of her life (on the wonderful island of St Lucia of all places). We had a fabulous weekend full of tons of new memories, toasts and laughter all celebrating the marriage of these two sweet people.  There was dancing, Buca di Beppo (fabulous Italian food), pictures and TONS of talk about love.  Which there could not be any more of in their marriage... they are like the definition of being deeply in love.

    The Mrs. and Mr.

    But it reminded me of two things.

    1. We are growing up.  Yeah I was technically the first one to get married out of my group of friends.  I guess since I didn't have all the hoopla surrounding a ceremony and reception.. it just didn't sink in until this wedding.  I mean.. we are old enough to be married.  It just doesn't seem real.  Our lives are all starting to go there separate ways as we build our own families and start our careers, get our Master's degrees or attend law school, raise beautiful babies and move away from the known to the unknown.  Life's going to take over for each of us as we find our paths.  Frankly, that makes me sad.

    and 2. My husband, my love, was not by my side.  When the slow songs came on I found myself exiting the dance floor and more often than not finding my way out of the reception tent all together.  When the pastor talked about love during the ceremony, I smiled and nodded thinking about how it applied to my own marriage.  All the while wishing I could get just one hug after the ceremony from the one person who can still make my heart flutter when he looks at me and says 'I love you'.  I guess you could say it is just another thing that military wives have to stay strong through during a deployment... weddings.

    Regardless the weekend was nothing short of perfect.  The new Mrs was absolutely gorgeous in her dress and wedded bliss and the new husband was beaming the whole day.  And that my dears is the definition of a success.

    Congrats again you two!!!  Thank you so much for letting me be apart of your day.  Oh, and Piston and I promise to take the very best care of Winston next weekend. :)


    Friday, June 1, 2012

    The Next Step.

    Just wanted to pop in and give everyone a definition of what the "next step" is for our little family:

    After this deployment is over, the plane has arrived home, our apartment has been packed and we have said our goodbyes from our family, friends and Kansas, our new temporary home will be 
    Fort Gordon in Augusta, Georgia.

    We found out shortly after Rob's R and R.  We knew we would be headed somewhere after the deployment so it didn't come as any surprise.  We have shared the news with our nearest and dearest and I have given my boss my final day date.  So now I am happy to share the news with all you guys.

    For the next couple of months I will be here, but I may not update as often as before [which lets be honest, was not all that much].  I have a short amount of days left here in Kansas and they are quickly filling up with concerts, weddings, friend time, family time and more than anything preparing time.  It is going to be busy for awhile.... so I'd suggest you follow me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram [agregory08] for more up to date updates.

    I want to share the ups and downs of the next few days, weeks and months with you all.  A move isn't easy and as many of us military spouses know, each time is a learning process.

    But before we can do any of that.. we have to reunite.......
    Which you better believe is a MAJOR countdown.