Sunday, September 30, 2012

Honey, I'm home [GARAGE edition]

So we have now officially been in this house for two months.  It looks like we live in it.  Minus the fact that the bedroom still holds a few boxes in it.. details, details, come on people. Anyway this weekend was a grand one because I have my first "room" to reveal to you all lovely people!

The garage.

First lets take a look at the "garage" we left in Kansas.. aka the outdoor closet... lovely, ain't it?

To the women having a great garage is not a big deal (minus the fact I get a whole parking lot indoors to myself!!!), but to the men it may be more of a big deal.  Read.. to Rob it is a big deal.  Anywho... I wish I would have taken a before picture so you guys could see what we were working with.  We had 6 tubs (4 decorations, 2 winter clothing) to mark appropriately, add to and lift to the attic.  A giant pile of Army gear to chuck (literally in some cases) into the attic.  Two pieces of unusable furniture.. one was dismantled to be recycled and the other fixed to be usable.  Three shelving systems of tools, drink cups, garage towels and just about everything else to sort through.  Tons and tons of boxes and packing paper to recycle.  And one super nasty pile of dirt to be swept up.  But the end result? It is fabulous.

Rob has himself a real live man cave.

I have a fabulous parking spot I can pull right in. (And a little corner for my own stuff too!  My husband is so kind..)
My itty bitty corner of stuff. :)
And now we both feel very very accomplished.

So there you have it you all.. the first look into our home.

Be on the lookout for the bathrooms, the laundry room, the guest bedroom, the office, the kitchen, the dining room, the living room and the master bedroom sometime in the future.

Oh and later this week there is an extra special post coming your way.


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hey.. it's okay...

This list has been piling up for awhile now.. so this week I am going to link up to Airing My Dirty Laundry and share my hey, it's okay moments.

If hubs doesn't know how to always close the toilet lid or shut the bedroom/bathroom door.

If I think giveaways are annoying on blogs when you don't post anything else even remotely related to life and non-free stuff.  Maybe I'm the only one.. I've been known to remove blogs from my reading list because of obsessive giveaway, guest or sponsor posts.

If I think this graphic is awesome, informative and eye opening.
Costly Kids
On that note.. mad props to those of you that have children.  This speaks volumes to me and many other people I am sure too.

If my dogs need a blanket to nap on or against, always.

If I miss Kansas because all my friends are wearing hoodies and jeans, yet in silly Georgia it is still 80 degrees!

If I put my homework off all week and weekend.. and then spend all day Sunday shut in the office trying to get it all done.  You'd think I would learn.

If I still get frustrated that people harp on Jessica Simpson.. girl looks great, so hush it y'all.  She is still human even in the public eye and she popped out a pretty good sized baby.  She isn't going to just magically pop back folks.  Let's be real and quit putting unrealistic expectations on her.

If I pretend my puppy is a baby sometimes.

If sometimes we change our minds.. unless it is physically permanent, then it's never too late to really think things through.

Until next time..


Thursday, September 20, 2012

What I am loving..

In light of some recent things I've watched go down on my Facebook news feed.. I want to take a moment and be thankful for all that I have and all that I love.  For those of you on my FB going through life changes.. keep your chin up.. life may not be ideal now, but at some point it will get better.

So here goes... What I am loving, right here, right now.

E-mails from blogger friends.  You truly are my friends, even if I can't come over and drink wine and complain chat.  And if we are ever blessed with the opportunity to not be separated by a bajillion miles.. I will do a serious happy dance.

Sleeping puppies.  Oh boyyy am I thankful for this.  Overwhelmed with puppy hood is DEFINITELY an understatement.  So when they sleep I party sleep.  Or if I am really lucky I am able to get them back to sleep after 7:30 in the morning and we are all three able to sleep till like 10.
Piston using his brother as his pillow.

Big (clean) houses.

Packages from parents.  Especially when they include dog toys that keep them entertained for hours! Long lost mail.  Presents and loveeeeeeeee.  It was like Christmas day on a Wednesday in September!  Which of course reminded me oh how lucky I am to have two parents who love me TOGETHER.

Clothing.. on sale.  Besides jeans I couldn't even tell you the last time I bought anything over $15.  Take this dress from last week.. $6 at DOLLAR TREE.  I ain't ashamed y'all.

Winning a giveaway for the first time.  Granted there were 100 winners.  I STILL won $40 to this awesome online jewelry store.  You best believe I'm doing some guilt free online shopping!

Organization.  Slowly but surely I am making my way from room to room.. the kitchen and breakfast nook were completed before my parents got here.. and the dining room is empty.  Now I can add the spare bedroom and office to those rooms as being ORGANIZED.  Let me tell you about the closets.. to die for.  One is an organized purse store and the other is a craft/office supply dream. 
It is possible I have a problem.

Fallllllllll. I'm obsessed.  While I can do with some cooler temps.. there is fall in the stores and fall in my house.  I haven't quite decorated yet.. but you best be believing that the pumpkin scent has been added to the Scentsy.

To do list checkmarks.  I can't even describe the feeling of being accomplished.  Nothing compares.

But most of all..
My man.  Who cleaned the house while I was at the grocery store this afternoon.  Who cooks meals for me every night, because I am spoiled.  Who provides for me.  Who dreams big and chases his dreams.  Who loves me for me and not someone I could be or might have been.  That is the BEST.


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Show & Tell; High School Memories.

I saw the weekly Show and Tell Monday topics for this week over at From Mrs. to Mama and HAD to participate.  I miss high school.. and as much as I hated it then.. I miss it now.  Miss seeing my best friends everyday.  Miss not having responsibilities.  Miss Friday nights at the football field.  Miss getting fancied up for homecoming and prom.  Miss Mrs. Hardesty's seminar.  Miss making memories with all kinds of people.. some have come and gone, some have stuck around, but they all helped make high school what it was and has come to mean for me.

1. Tell us what kind of student you were in high school {popular, nerd, sport obsessed, choir, etc}
I didn't really have a niche.  More than anything my friends and I were dramatic.  Our lives centered around each other.. the latest drama and gossip.  I got good grades.. hung out with the forensic and debate kids (mostly because my seminar (homeroom) teacher was the coach).. rolled into school minutes before classes started.. drove a beater and just existed.. floating my way through high school.

2. Share with us some high school pictures. We know you have them somewhere.
Freshman year homecoming.  (I am far right!)
Unfortunately this is the only freshman year picture I felt like sharing..
Senior picture.
Senior year prom.  My very best of friends.

Hubs and I last day of senior year.. you can see his admiration for me, even then.
(We were not a couple in this picture..just good friends!)
TWA (inside joke with these girls..)
Last day of senior year again!

All my friends graduation day.

Graduation day! :)
3. Tell us about your school. Private? Public? How many in graduating class? Mascots? School colors?
School type: Public.
Class size: About 180. (give or take a few who didn't graduate)
(which was small.. the closest school to the East graduated with about 1,000 seniors)
Mascot: Jaguars. (Like the NFL team.. only with a green/teal tongue)
Colors: Blue and silver.
Homecoming senior year.
4. Tell us about some of your favorite memories of high school. Or what stands out the most? Any teachers? Specific classes?
Oh man.. so many memories.  My favorite are from senior year though for sure.  The other years are just a blur of old friends, boyfriends and classes.  The friends that stuck around I was closest with senior year.  Being a senior itself was just fantastic.  I had the best schedule ever.. spent maybe half a day in school each day.  The events mean so much more.  The dances matter.  You can think and plan the rest of your life without having to conquer high school first.  Somehow you are just older and more mature.

Obviously from my experience there are a few things that stand out to this day:
1. Blue 4 college algebra.  (We had a block schedule.. four classes every other day)  This was the class Rob and I met in.  Although we spent the majority of senior year not talking (read more about that HERE.) that class will always stick in my mind.  It was a small class.. with one of the best teachers, Mr. Rodkey.  He breathes math basically.  Since it was the end of the day the vibe was almost always awesome.. and It was just awesome.  I don't think there is any other word that can describe that.
Mr. Rodkey and I, senior prom.
2. The best secretary a counselor's office could ask for.  Mrs. Turner was my go to for anything dramatic.  She just got it.  Her and Rob were extremely close (she basically guided his bad boy self successfully through high school).. and she's always known just what to say.  There were countless times I would go to her office and complain (usually) and she'd listen.. laugh when it was right, give me a hug when it was needed.. she rocks.
Mrs. Turner and I, last day of senior year.
5. Tell us a piece of advice you would pass on to your children or any child entering high school.
Don't sweat it.  More than likely the people you befriend freshman year, or the ones you enter into high school with, will not be the ones that mean the most to you after high school.  As you grow and change through high school, everything around you does too.  You may leave with tons of great friends and acquaintances or just one or two, and that's okay.  Friends are important.. school is also important.  Don't let it get you down.  I'm forever thankful for the three best girlfriends a girl could ask for.  I've known them all since high school and they know just as much if not more about me then most people probably should.  I didn't know my freshman year that these three girls would be the ones that last the longest and come out the other side still going strong.  We've added a baby, some husbands, some dogs, a boyfriend.. and yet here we are.. 
2009.. less than a year after graduating.
2012.. 4 years after graduating.
Megan, Kara and Allison... thanks.  You've helped me become who I am today... and for that I will forever be thankful.  You guys are the best ever.  I love each of you.. tons and tons.

And now I'm going to go off and think of how skinny I was, how much fun I had and how much life has changed since then...


Sunday, September 9, 2012

I can't focus right now.

Whoa buddy, tonight is one of those nights.  It's 12:53 on a Saturday night/Sunday morning here in Gawg-ahhh and I am POWERING through my to do list.  So what does that mean?  You guys get a random, all over the place, not thought out post.  I've been trying to work on this other post.. but tonight it just is not happening.  So what has been happening?

Tonight I tackled some homework, sorted and put away all of the laundry, moved my purse stash to it's permanent location, picked up the closet, picked up the kitchen, picked up my husband's Capri Sun trash from his binge drinking tonight, got the trash ready to go out, put a bunch of stuff away and man oh man does it feel great. :)  So what if it's a Saturday night and this is what I do for fun..

My husband has been asleep since roughly 10.  Yes you guys we are 22 year olds.. with no children.  I have no excuse for this one.

Speaking of husband, he makes me smile ruuul big when he gets up with the dogs at the butt crack of morning so I can have an extra hour of sleep.  Oh, oh.. and when he gets excited to shop for my best friends babies.  But especially the other night when we had a heart to heart in the truck after a night of margaritas and he hugged me and reminded me of how much he loves me..

I'm blessed.

The boys are getting along great.  They wrestle, sleep, eat, repeat.  Klutch likes to wake up between 6 and 7:30.  Which I'm not the biggest fan of.. at all.  Then about 9 he is off in la-la-land so we get to crash back out for a couple more hours of sleep.  Piston is really warming up to his brother.  Which is good because wherever P is.. Klutch is right there near him.  They eat together out of the same dishes, run out to the back of the yard together, go for the same toy, you get it.. :)

We finally got a desk to replace the demolished one.  SO my office is coming together and I COULD NOT be happier.  I love me a good computer desk/working area.  Especially since school started Monday (bleh.. not fun, my friends).

Georgia is lovely and HOT. Supposed to be a "fall-like" cold front come through that drops us from 95 degree weather to low 80s.. where I come from, fall-like is 60-70 degree weather.. so I don't know what that crazy weatherman was talking about..

This NASCAR race in Virginia tonight is still going.. after rain delays and all that jazz.. it's now 1:02 in the morning.  What in the world man..

I'm not a fan of people that stand other people up.  I did some clothing purging when I was unpacking the closets.. listed some stuff on the base for sale page..and I've had way too many people cancel last minute or not come at all.  Where is the common decency people?

The other night I spent practically the whole night redoing my header.  Oooh, ahh. :)

I forgot how hard it is to have a puppy.. That little dude is into EVERYTHING.  And when he isn't getting into something he is sleeping.. or you are worrying about him going potty on the floor.  Man, I don't think I missed this stage with Piston whatsoever.

I hate when you are sitting on one side of the house and you hear something fall or a bang and you don't know what in the world it is.

Speaking of something falling.. Klutch is a genius.. his big thing is cords.  He saw one dangling off the bathroom counter and took off with it.. What was on the other end? A scentsy warmer.. little dude is lucky that did not crash into a thousand pieces on his head.. it did that about two feet behind his scampering butt when he realized something was coming down near him.

Well there are like 46 laps left in the race.. I feel like I should move all the dudes in my house to the bedroom to go to bed.. but lets be honest.. I'm loving this peace and quiet. ;)

Hope you all are having a more eventful Saturday night. :)

Please excuse any typos.. I'm starting to get tired and the need to go back and edit is lacking.


Sunday, September 2, 2012

Living Life on the Wild Side.

Pretty much in a nut shell what we have been doing for the last week or so could probably be considered living on the wild side.. Or better yet, the last 48 hours.

Last Sunday we threw the house together in time for my parents to roll into town.  Literally got everything done less than an hour before they pulled up.  The hard work and sweat to get all of the boxes unpacked was worth it though to see Piston get excited to see his grandparents again.  He acted like he hadn't seen them in well a month... haha.
Literally sitting in the recliner with my Mom.
That launched us into a busy week of entertaining.  We went downtown, to museums, to the river, to South Carolina and just about everything in between.  Rob worked the majority of the days, so I was head tour guide.  Which was interesting to say the least since I am not quite a genius with getting around quite yet. :)

On Thursday we checked Piston into doggie boarding and drove to Atlanta.  Two days and two nights of exploring that city.  Which has quickly become one of my absolute favorite big cities I've visited.  We went to the World of Coca Cola, the Georgia Aquarium, CNN World Headquarters and the DragonConn parade.  Y'all are jealous huh?  It was a busy weekend in ATL with college football games at the dome and the DragonConn (comic books, video games and what not) Convention going on.

Saturday afternoon we drove back and decided on a quick pitstop at Walmart.. which changed our life...

Some guy was sitting in the parking lot with puppies for free.  I couldn't resist.  We've been looking at and exploring the idea of getting another dog for my little love bug Piston to grow up with.  So what do you know.. we walked away with a little dude to add to our family.  Friends.. meet Klutch.  He's a boxer mix.  Little bundle of furry energy.
Unfortunately due to the fact that he was a Walmart parking lot puppy we don't believe he has had the best first 6 weeks of life.  We have already treated him for fleas and our poor little dude has round worms that we are also treating him for (worms in his tummy.. typical in puppies.  Better than having heart worms.. but still serious stuff if left untreated).  At church this morning I couldn't help but smile when the priest mentioned that you should love orphans.. less than 12 hours after our little orphan walked into our life.. and man oh man does he have my heart strings tugging hard.
As for Piston.. I think he will like him a whole lot more when he is not little and fragile like he currently is.  Until then he is learning to share (a hard concept when every toy is your favorite...) and helps me entertain him.  Thank goodness!

Klutch is currently using our big oversized tub as his kennel.  So 6:30 this morning.. he decided he was awake.  For anyone who has read this blog for awhile.. you know how that goes over with me.  Not well.  Piston was right there with me at 6:30.. up entertaining him.  He's going to be a great big brother.  Klutch loves him.. follows him everywhere and does just what his brother does!
Late this morning my parents left to head back to KC (drive safe and see y'all in a few months!  Thanks for coming down to see us!!! Love you!!!) Now I am left with cleaning, laundry and school.. which starts tomorrow.  Yuck.

Hope you and yours have had a safe Labor Day weekend!