Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Our Thanksgiving Trip

We've been back since late Saturday night.. but I am just now feeling like I am "recovered" from the whirlwind four day adventure.  It was awesome.  I am so thankful that we got to spend Thanksgiving with family.  Being in the military, it isn't always possible... and I am completely aware of that and grateful.

Wednesday night when Rob got off work at noon we rolled out... decided we would take the back roads until just crossing into Florida.  Which was a fun little adventure.  Some podunk little towns, old fashioned gas stations and tons of car passing later we made it to Florida and the interstate.  My cell phone battery was happy... my husband was happy for the three lanes of traffic!  However we did meet up with some crazy butt drivers that we were not too impressed with.  I mean, who are you trying to kill?  By 8 we were in Tampa!  Which is actually pretty early.. but when you are headed to a campground on an air force base, the nighttime routine is a smidge different.  As in they go to bed by 8!  It was dead.  Weird... we walked around for a bit which included walking the beach by moonlight.  I'm jealous of Rob's grandparents who get to be near that bit of gorgeous EVERYDAY.  By 10 we were exhausted and headed to our own little trailer they rented for the time we were there.
Traveling in style.. we lost the suction cups to the radar detector, so masking tape it was!
Thursday started off bright and early as Rob was off to golf with his grandpa and uncle and I was headed over to help as much as possible with the feast preparations.  Some mimosas, Puerto Rican music and talking later everyone was arriving for the festivities.  Considering the majority of the meal was cooked in a camper kitchen, we had a fabulous oversized meal of turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, deviled eggs and coleslaw.  I was impressed.. so was everyone else.. Rob's grandparents, uncle, neighbor friends and grandmother's nephew and girlfriend.  It was a party.  Drinking, dancing, talking.  Then the sun went down and it got chilly (hey Florida, you aren't supposed to get cold!  Or so this Kansas native thought...) and we moved the party indoors.  It was such a great relaxing day that I wouldn't trade for the world.
Rob's grandparents camper!
The view from in front of their camper.... the beach is right there at the end of the road.
The beach on Thanksgiving.
Thanksgiving day sunset.  That's St. Petersburg in the distance.
Friday we started off early again as we were headed out to sight see.  Drove past some amazing houses including Jill Kelley's (as in the one in the current scandal!), drove through downtown, drove across the bay some.  Stopped for some awesome pictures.  Headed out to St. Petersburg where we ate lunch on the beach.  Which was great minus the crazy ocean birds trying to steal food like crazy!  Terrifying.  I was scared senseless seeing as how in Kansas you just have to worry about flies!  Still an experience.. especially when you can see the water.. stingrays swimming off the shore and the sun is shining.  After lunch we went to the pier.  Some shopping, more pictures and walking later we were headed back for a break at the campground.  Who knew sight seeing could be so exhausting?!  I napped.. some TV was watched then we got ready to head out to Tampa for the evening.  Wow, downtown Tampa sure delivered.  We were pointed to this cool little bar district (reminiscent of Westport if you are a KC friend of mine!) and there were TONS of people.  All kinds of people too... we went to a few bars. Finally ended up shutting one of the bars down. The bartender was so nice.. and she's an ex-military wife!  So since I was the DD I had someone to talk to that understood!  Was so fun.. finally headed home about 3.  Rob and his uncle had a great time drinking and I had a great time hanging out with them.  It was a late night though.. and ended just a little bit messy, so we were all ready for bed by the time we got back around 4.  Which hello, that's what time little retired military people get up!  What?!  Unheard of!
Where we stopped for pictures during the day.

The view from where we ate lunch at.
Picture time = OVER. :D

Before heading out to downtown Tampa.

Saturday we got up and cleaned and checked out of the camper.  Then went and got some lunch before heading out.  We had a very important stop to make in Macon as my husband was NEEDING to go to Bass Pro.  Or so you'd think there was a need the way he talked. ;) About 9 we left Macon, GA and we were home by 11.. completely exhausted.
Leaving MacDill Air Force Base.

But I love the fact that we got to spend Thanksgiving with family in Florida.  Although it was drastically different than the Thanksgiving I am used to in Western Kansas, it was fabulous.

Plus we had 4 almost 5 days off from the dogs. ;) Not that I am counting or anything!

Hope everyone had a fabulous holiday weekend as well!!!


Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

We've escaped for a few days to Tampa to see Rob's grandparents and uncle for this special holiday.  I know we are extremely fortunate to have family within decent driving distance to spend time with, especially with the military.  We plan on eating a lot, watching football and taking in Florida.  Somewhere I've never been.

Some things I am thankful for...
... my husband being as motivated as he is to go far in life.
... my amazing soft oversized bed.
... the roof over my head.
... the opportunity to go to school and get an education.
... to know what love is.
... my right to vote.
... America, the land of the free.
... to know what warm feels like.. and have the luxury of heat.
... full days in the middle of the week spent with my husband.
... gorgeous weather, to include 70 plus degrees in the middle of November.
... veterans.. past, present and future.
... my own motivation to clean and maintain our awesome house.
... the wonderful people that make up the blog world.
... cards.. Christmas, birthday, anniversary.. cards rule y'all.
... being a leftie with awesome handwriting!
... being able to laugh and wrestle with my husband, my best friend.
... our ability to spoil others with love, presents and random acts of kindness.
... good weekends with my sweet sweet boys.
... my amazing friends from Kansas... I'm seriously lucky.
... my family. Both near and far.
... my boys.. my fur babies.. my little cuddlers.
and last but not least...
... my amazing husband.  Without him.. I'd be lost.

thanksgiving pictures | thanksgiving photos, thanksgiving images

Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours... I hope you have a fabulous day with those that mean the most to you!


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wednesday Walkabout!

Super busy running around like a chicken turkey with my head cut off as of late (okay, so the visual when I really think about this is not all that awesome.  Sorry y'all.)... We have much excitement coming this Thanksgiving!  So to match it, of course there is a lovely to-do list at least half a mile long.  Fantastic. :D  It means tons of fun is in store though.. and for that.. three cheers.

If you signed up for the Holiday Card Exchange... you should have gotten the address list in your e-mail.  If not please e-mail me ASAP!  Thanks!

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Cheers to hump day and Thanksgiving Eve!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Honey, I'm home [OFFICE edition]

Whoa, okay.  I failed at getting this post ready for Thursday.. sorry y'all.  So here it is a few days late! :) Yipeeeee!!!

Today the office.

For obvious reasons this is a room I spend a bunch of time in!  I love having a three bedroom house because this is just that.. a room.  A full room devoted to office work.  You may remember this picture if you are an Instagram follower:
That would be my desk.  The one I was all excited to have moving with us.  This is the desk from my bedroom at my parents house.. and needless to say it didn't quite make the move with us as nice as we would have liked (word to the wise.. if you are putting a desk on the bottom on its side beneath of box of books, the desk legs will not make it.  Ya got that silly movers?!)

SO when we got here we used a dresser for awhile.. but I knew that couldn't be a permanent fix as the dresser was significantly taller than my natural shoulder height.. so I found our current desk for sale on post.  I. Love. It.
Sorry it's hard to see..
I kind of have it set up right now where the desk is in the corner, followed by a bookshelf, and a crazy organization thing (that really has no home anywhere else... but I'm keeping for future children organization purposes!).  Believe it or not that is all the furniture in this room as of now.  This is what the other side looks like:

Eventually I hope to find an awesome steal of an elliptical somewhere.. It will go in here.. I even have a fan already set up!  Haha.. As for the decoration in this room... it's kind of a mash up.  There is my wall of mentionables (some family pictures, my "Toto, I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore" sign [hollah Kansas girl over here!], Dean's list certificates, empty picture frames and a sombrero from a very fun Cinco De Mayo!) and Rob has his wall (certification certificates, Cowboys memorabilia, old license plates and a signed Kellie Pickler photo).  Other than that the only other decoration is the calendar above the computer.. not sure what else to do wallwise.. so I am probably just going to leave it.

Then we have the closet.. :) :) :)

Yes, feel free to swoon.  I have a whole closet devoted to office supplies, craft supplies, mailing supplies, extra hangers and other misc.  Hands down one of my favorite parts of having the extra rooms in this house.. extra closet space!

As for future plans for this room.. maybe a rug.  That's it. :) I am a okay with how it is now.  Except it could use a free standing heater as of late... brrrrrrrrr.

Be on the lookout for the bathrooms, guest bedroom and master bedroom sometime in the future.


12 Days of Christmas.

Okay y'all.  I am EEEEEEEEXCITED!! I've been crazy busy already this Christmas season signing up here and there for all sorts of fun exchanges for the holiday season.  There is one in particular I am especially excited for!

It's called 12 Days of Christmas.

This exchange is so fun!  I get to send a package of 12 presents to one person!  For 12 days you get to open a small present.  How fun is that?!

Head on over to Chaotic Goddess Swaps and sign up if you are interested!  You have until the 19th.

Otherwise.. I'm off planning 12 awesome little presents for a special someone!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

And then I took a decorating/self-promoting break.

I know it's been like forever and a day since I introduced you to a new room in our lovely house... but I'm kind of being lazy about cleaning... and taking pictures... and creating blog posts... and all that jazz.  However today I am motivated!  I guess lunch with a fellow blogger will do that to you, huh?

So come back Thursday for another house post.  Until then an update is in order.

I just looked.. and I haven't posted a life update in over a month. My bad.

In the last month we...

Bought a boat.
A gorgeous 18 foot bass boat.  It is exciting to say that at 22 we own 2 cars and a boat, completely.. and yes, I am bragging about that.

Planned for the future regarding Rob's military career.
At this point we are weighing a couple of different opportunities to see which best fits with Rob's career goals.  So I can't say a whole lot, but it is soooo good to have those options.

Cleaned up way too many sticks.
From my house no less.  My darling puppy is polar opposite from his older brother.  He LOVES spending time outside.. and sneaking sticks in.  And chewing them up.  And leaving stick shreds all over the just vacuumed (cause that's prime stick eating time!) carpet.

Got Klutchie officially cleared of worms.
The vet gave him the all clear!  Not only that but at 28 pounds.. he's growing and healthy.  What more could you ask when you "adopt" a dog out of the Walmart parking lot?

Haven't turned the heat on.
The lowest its been inside so far is 64.  But the sun is a shining still.. the blinds can be opened.. and it warms up by the time evening comes around.  Take that Kansas!

Started decorating the master bedroom.
Yes.. we've lived here for going on 4 months and I am just now starting to decorate our bedroom.  I was hoping to replace our dressers before I decorated, but I hate waiting.. so it has begun!

Created a new sleeping habit.
Or Piston did at least.. he now HAS to touch his daddy... at all times.  Or no bueno my friends.

Met a blogger friend.
Today! I met up with Eliza from Case Study for a lunch date.  I. Am. So. Excited.  Not only is Eliza my age!!! She also lives in Augusta!!! She's married!!! And my husband can hang out with her husband!!! Win, win, win, win. :) This is promising you all.

Discovered my wisdom teeth situation is not ideal.
Long story short.. I need all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed.. they are inverted and my parents paid way too much on braces for me to leave these suckers in to mess everything all up.  The surgeon rates my situation as 8 out of 10 in seriousness cause I have a tooth intersecting with a nerve and another with a sinus.  Awesome.  To top it all off... Tricare will only pay half of the total... boo!

Made plans for Thanksgiving.
We are going to be Florida bound! :) I've never been.. so I'm pumped.  4 days away from doggywogs, makes this just way to exciting to bear!  Plus we get to be with family for the holidays.. so another score!

Got excited for Christmas.
Our first Christmas together since we've been married!  (First one I went home (R couldn't get leave!) and second one he was deployed.) We have a menu figured out.  Know when we are decorating.  Have budgets set aside.  I have Christmas lists started for presents and cards.  Bring it!

We've got a new hobby around these parts y'all.  Fishing.  Rob's out on the local lake every weekend scaring up monsters from the bottom of the lake.  (If of course you think bass fish are monsters, then this sentence is completely true.)

Started another session of school.
Four sessions left after this one. Not that I am counting down or anything!

Reminder: Only two more days to sign up for the Holiday Card Exchange!  I have 13 wonderful people signed up.. have you?

Happy middle November followers!


Sunday, November 11, 2012

My Thanks this Veteran's Day.

Happy Veteran's Day to those who have and are serving the greatest country in the entire world!

As a military spouse, obviously this holiday hits close to home for me.  I'm an American.  I cry during the National Anthem.  I swell up with pride when my husbands superiors mention his accomplishments.  And I love to see a red, white and blue flag flying high in the wind regardless of the day.

So today, it's about you, the real American heroes.  Thank you today, and everyday, for doing what you do so I can sit here and do what I do.


Thursday, November 8, 2012

Reminder to my lovely bloggers!

Have you signed up for the Holiday Card Exchange yet?! There is just a week left to do so! :)

So far I haven't had that many people respond.. and I am hoping to get somewhere between five and ten more names before I close sign ups November 15th.

All I need is your name and address.. which will NOT be linked back to your blog, at all.  SO if you are anonymous or worried about giving out your address.. nobody will know who you are.  Heck, you can give me a fake name if you want!

Send your name and address to! And I will send you a list of all the addresses collected!  Then you send out a card to each blogger signed up.. and our mailboxes will be flooded!

If you've already signed up, would you consider sharing the button on the right on your blog, in a post or just posted on your blog?  That would be fantastic!


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Careeer plan.

Did you get the memo this weekend that this blogspot blog is now a straight owned blog?  Well it is!  And there is a pretty new design to match!  I think that is pretty much all I have up my sleeve as of now.

So let's talk career.  Although I am 22, a bunch of my friends have graduated college and I myself have less than a year left before I am done.. it still feels weird to think of any of my friends having a career.. let alone my own.

Regardless.. it makes me feel like an adult to think of it.  Thus when I saw this link up with From Mrs. To Mama.. I knew that I would follow suit and answer the questions myself.

1. Tell us what you studied in college. Is your job now related to what you studied?
Let's see.  I studied elementary education.  I studied interior design.  Now I am studying (and completing!!) graphic design.  With that being said, I hope to eventually own a freelance design firm that takes on projects like invitations, logos, programs, websites and the likes.  So we are talking small time.  But I am a fan of administrative work as well.  In fact I hope to find a job here in Georgia doing just that... except medical assisting (think scheduling appointments, dealing with patients and the likes).

2. Tell us what your everyday job looks like.
Right now? I get up when the dogs can't sleep anymore (roughly 10).  I watch TV until Rob comes home for lunch.  Then I run errands, clean, do homework, whatever until he gets home around 4:30.  Then basically I do whatever my husband has planned the rest of the night.  ;) Run more errands, watch TV, etc.

Last week I did get in for my spousal preference appointment, so I am hoping I can sign the forms this week and get the ball rolling on finding a good job in the government system.  Fingers crossed!

3. Do you have a picture of you at work? Show us.
This picture is from my last job as a receptionist!!

4. In 10 years, what do you see yourself doing? Same thing? More? Tell us.
I see myself being a mom.  Our goal is that when we have children, I don't work.  I wouldn't mind doing some freelance stuff on the side here and there.  But ultimately I want to do what my mom did.. raise my children.

5. Tell us what you have learned, and what {if any} recommendations you may have for those looking to go into the field you are in. 
I've learned that going to school online sucks.  Haha.  I'm learning about as much as I make myself learn.  Luckily my field is really one where you teach yourself your skills more than a class can teach you.  With that being said... I would learn way more if I were in a classroom.  If you are looking to go into graphic design.. I suggest you be original.  Learn and invest in Adobe products.  Have motivation.


Saturday, November 3, 2012

Dear readers.

Tonight I purchased my domain for this here blog... so for the next 3 days please bear with me while it transitions over to the new address of !

That three day estimate is from blogger itself.  I'm hoping to not lose any readers in the process, but there is always a chance.

I've also updated the look... again.  Which means a new button that sends you to the new URL.  So if you currently have my button, would you be so kind as to update?  Thank you!

In the mean time, thank you.  As always, for being the best readers ever.


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Honey, I'm home [KITCHEN edition]

Hello November.

Can you believe that?

This is already shaping up to be a good month.  Got a full 8 hours of sleep because I went to bed at 11:30.  RECORD Y'ALL.  Rob got promotable status this morning at board.  Which is beyond exciting.. my husband has drive and I couldn't be more proud.  I'm ahead of schedule for my class this session so far.  And my classes last session.. A's again!  Dean's list here I come.. again.  :)  And we had our first Halloween in a neighborhood with children!  Two hours of trick'or'treating and 3 bags of candy later.. we are ready to look towards Thanksgiving!

Without further ado.

I bring you our kitchen.

From the living room.
From the dining room.
We have tile look alike linoleum and counters that resemble granite but aren't.  A side by side fridge that we've never had!  Stainless steal appliances and a flat top stove.  A pantry and a breakfast nook.  Tons of storage.  And that awesome see through window to the living room.

Left side.
Right side.
Breakfast Nook.
From the breakfast nook back.

What did I say?  We got lucky! :)

Next step is to use the kitchen more myself rather than just clean it for the husband's use!

Be on the lookout for the bathrooms, the guest bedroom, the office and the master bedroom sometime in the future.

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Happy November all!