Friday, May 27, 2016


I FINALLY got in to see a midwife in my clinic for my 6 week, turned 9 week, postpartum checkup.  (Can you believe it's been that long already?)  I almost called and cancelled as I had to take both my babies with me and it was pouring down rain in the middle of a thunderstorm and basically nobody in Clarksville knows how to drive.  But I went anyway...

I've felt GREAT with this recovery compared to what I went through with my first pregnancy.  I was up and walking around within 12 hours of delivering.  I think I definitely overdid some of what I did that first week.  Too much walking and not enough resting.  And I can't say that the first six weeks didn't have their moments where I just had to sit down because my head was spinning.

Mostly all of the symptoms I experienced the first six weeks have gone away.  I'm still feeling random bouts of back pain that seem to center around where I got my epidural, but nothing compared to the back pain I had while pregnant.

I'm back in my pre-pregnancy pants.  Well, most of them.  I'm five pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight.  For the most part I feel good.  I can't say my entire wardrobe is fitting the way I want it to, but it is a process.  I am hoping to drop some more weight through breastfeeding.  But I know with the second baby, it may not fall off of me as easily as it did with Grace.

Regardless... I'm not putting pressure on myself to lose a bunch of weight right now.  My life is 100% chaotic and there is no time for much of anything because when I get a moment to sit and rest, I take it.  When the kids are asleep, I have other things to do like clean up from the day and I don't know, have some much needed ME time.

Nobody tells you before you give birth just how long and difficult the recovery process is and can be.  It is almost more challenging than the nine months of pregnancy.  For the first week or more your insides feel like they are super confused on where they are supposed to be.  You bleed so much you may think you are dying.  Plus you'll be sore.  Especially if you need stitches.  I remember being so frustrated after giving birth to Grace because the simple task of bending over in the shower to shave my legs made me feel like something was tearing and I thought I was going to pass out.

My best advice for new moms: take the help.  In the hospital, lean on your nurses when you are feeling it.  At home, lean on your family for both physical and emotional support.  Don't be too proud to say yes.  The more time you spend off your feet during recovery, the faster and easier things go.

I'm relieved this round has been all around better.  And being able to reach my toes, carry what I want and bend down easily is something I promise to never ever take for granted.

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Friday, May 20, 2016

Five on Friday

It's late Friday evening.

Isn't it funny how Friday nights go from the night to go out, drink and stay up late, to just another night only separated by the lack of alarms for the husband and one more episode of whatever you are binge watching at the time?  Sometimes growing up only reflects in the small things.... like a Friday night at home with your family and waking up well rested Saturday morning.

This evening.. I am adding blogging to my crazy Friday night.

--Things with Diesel, our crazy 9 week old puppy, are getting easier.  He really is a fantastic dog.  Already doing REALLY well in his obedience training.  His potty training is slowly improving and although he still isn't leaving Grace's toys alone... and he is still using everything including my toddler to teeth on... he spends more time sleeping then causing havoc.  Bonus points for the five hours he let me sleep last night between potty breaks.

--I just finished binge watching Gossip Girl, again.  I am still just as obsessed this time as I was last time.  I've started into Nashville, and while it took me awhile to really get into it, I'm almost done with season one and hooked.  Yes, I will admit I have a binge watching problem.

--A week or so ago, Rob and I really made an effort to meet our neighbors.  The family that just moved in across the street is a fellow military family and her husband is currently deployed.  And the family next door was outside in their backyard and witnessed us losing Piston.  Not our finest moment but definitely made it so we share something with them.  I'm hoping to extend an olive branch this weekend and invite them over for BBQ soon.  We are going to be here for another 2 and a half years, so we might as well know the people surrounding us.

--We can't wait for next weekend, Memorial Day, as our military best friends are coming up from Georgia to see us!  They came and saw us last year after we moved here for Veteran's Day and they are coming up again this weekend.  This time my husband should actually be off though and I expect it to be just like we never left, plenty of shenanigans to be had.

--I spent the afternoon rearranging our living room and I now have an insane desire to move furniture around in other rooms, or redecorate, or something.  Maybe this will be the weekend I add a bag of mulch to our front flowerbed.  Or finally take a board and make one of those welcome signs for the front door area.  Big plans being made this Friday evening... which I am sure will be cast aside come tomorrow morning.

But I am rolling with it this weekend.

Happy weekend my friends!

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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Everything else.

Brooke has been here 7 weeks now.  And in that time pretty much all I've talked about is my kids... and now the dog.  Basically nothing about what we've been up to in those 7 weeks.  So lets take it back to the week Brooke was born and dump some photos and stories out...

My parents came down the Wednesday after Brooke was born and stayed through Sunday.  Not only were we thankful Erin was here to help with Grace on Monday and Tuesday, but we also had help that first week and Grace LOVED it.  A lot of time was spent in the backyard running around with my sister and her dog, Riley.  We also went to dinner and the park where more time was spent playing.

Lots of time has been spent playing inside since family left.  And Grace has really morphed her little mama schtick into the real deal.  Which is both helpful and sometimes a bit worrisome.  We just love our sister a bit too much sometimes.

We attended a food truck rally in Clarksville one chilly morning.  The lines were long and the BBQ average at best, but it was fun to go and get food out of a truck and then eat in our truck instead of staying in on the weekend.

We went to the Rivers and Spires festival here in Clarksville.  Which was AH-MAZING.  We met up with Whit and her sweet boy (her blog) and spent the morning in the toddler area which had the cutest inflatables.  A bubble pit, Mr. Potatohead and slide playground inflatable.  She also got to ride the animal cart things that a local church owns and brought to the event.  Everything was free and I already can't wait until next year.

Rob's grandparents came in while Rob went to Texas for some Army training.  Thank GAWD for their extra hands.  I didn't cook once while they were here and the girls soaked up tons of extra loving and cuddles.

Then Daddy came home just in time for one last weekend with his grandparents and Mother's day... and yes he was sorely missed!!

We started on Grace's summer bucket list by going to the local strawberry farm.  Rob and his grandfather ended up doing all of the strawberry picking with a sleeping baby and a rambunctious toddler following behind.  We ended up with a bunch of strawberries that were almost immediately devoured.

Mother's Day was our last day with the grandparents as they were off for more retirement adventures.  Rob left early that morning to go get Diesel... and was home by lunchtime.  He brought home a flowery plant and a Pandora bracelet with a mom and daughter charm.  It was nice to spend the day with my girls and adjust to being a new family of five.  We were sad to see the grandparents go though as those extra hands and cuddles helped out immensely.

Since then my children let me sleep in an extra two and a half hours on Monday.. which was fan-freaking-tastic.  We've spent lots of time trying to get Diesel potty-trained and to stop mouthing on people and toddler toys.  And we have cooked out... a ton.  Thank the lord above for the beautiful weather as of late!

Whew, all caught up.  Sorry for the massive photo and event dump.

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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Officially gone batpoop crazy.

Well Rob and I officially lost our minds.  We've gone off the deep end..  our marbles are scattered.  Hard to tell when things will be back in order...

On Mother's Day we added to our family.  In the form of a puppy.  Meet Diesel Gregory.

He's a sweet 8 week old puppy.  Puppy being the key word.  So not only do we have a 7 week old newborn and a 2 year old toddler, we have a puppy.

I'm not really sure what we were thinking... I guess we didn't want any sleep.  Or to never not say the word "no".  Or to never not be cleaning up baby toys.  Or basically to ever have a quiet peaceful moment in our house... ever. again.

So if you learn anything from us.  A puppy is WAY harder than a newborn.  I've said it before, if you can survive puppy-hood, you can survive having kids... so we will see what happens if we survive puppy-hood and a newborn at the same time.

If you pray - pray for us.  He's sweet but a handful and mama is tired.  But we do love him.

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Sunday, May 8, 2016

On being a mother.

This morning I was up at 2 am crawling in to Grace's bed.  Operation get her back into her own bed has recommenced.  She's a bed-hog.  A big one.  Almost (but not quite!) as bad as my husband.  One bed-hog I can deal with, two... ain't gonna happen.  I digress... so at 2 am I'm crawling into her bed to give her some cuddles after the "mama" screams woke me up.  Twenty minutes later I'm doing acrobatics to climb back out.  I close my eyes in my own bed knowing it's just a matter of time before Brooklyn is ready for another nursing session.  Sure enough 3 am she's up... and starving, of course, so letting me have it.  Thirty minutes later I lay her back in her rock'n'play.  Two hours later and Grace is awake again.  Rob gets her this time and brings her in to cuddle with me as he is off for an early morning adventure.  Back to sleep we go... but wait!  Brooke wants to nurse AGAIN.  And before I know it it's time to start the day.  For real this time.

Mornings like this I am thankful for.  While a straight night of sleep is without a doubt missed.. I am a mom.  I have two beautiful baby girls.  Two HEALTHY baby girls who keep me sane and drive me insane.

Two years ago I became a mom when we welcomed Grace into the world.  In those two years I've grown into it.  I am more confident in my mothering skills.  That doesn't mean I don't have a moment every now and then where I border on being a crazy person when my child acts even remotely different.  But when we welcomed Brooke a little over a month ago, I wasn't scared.  I knew moments would be hectic and I'd possibly want to pull my hair out every other day.  But at the end of the day... with a small dose of patience and two working arms, I knew I'd be able to get through each day with two kids.  Two happy, alive kids.

And what do you know?  I'm making it happen.

I know I'm blessed to be a mom.  Something I without a doubt don't take for granted.  I've learned from the absolute best in my mama and I'm so very thankful that if I need some advice, she's just a phone call away.  Thank you mom, for being my rock during this mothering adventure.  You made it look so easy all those years, and while it isn't always easy... it's getting better.  All my love to you this Mother's Day!

To the other mothers that follow this little blog --- Happy Mother's Day!  I hope you are spoiled and happy today surrounded by all of your loved ones.

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Thursday, May 5, 2016

2016 Military Spouse Appreciation Day [Link-Up]

Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day!

Today I am celebrating all the unique and fabulous women that make up this military spouse community.  I'm blessed that in my six years as a military spouse I have come across some ladies that have become my closest friends.  The ones that know exactly how I feel during separations from family or my spouse.  The ones that turn into family when yours is nowhere near.  The ones you celebrate holidays with and welcome babies with.  The ones that make it hard to say goodbye to duty stations as you PCS.  The ones that make you cling to the hope of crossing paths again one day.  

These military spouses are strong and resilient.  They made a choice when marrying their spouse that many women couldn't do.  They knew they'd spend time alone and raise children away from family.  They made the choice to jump head first and follow love.

I am proud to be in this group of women.  And today I am raising my glass to you (and I may actually drink something since I'm not pregnant.. finally!)!

Military Spouse Appreciation Day Link-Up

This year Jen and I are again hosting a Military Spouse Appreciation Day Link-Up!  It's easy to join - just answer the questions below and add your link to the link-up.  Then don't forget to visit some other blogs!

//Tell us about yourself and your blog.

//What branch of military are you affiliated with?

//What is one thing you enjoy about the military lifestyle?

//What advice would you give other spouses who are new?

//My name is Amanda and I am the blogger behind this here blog, Somewhere Over the Camo.  Right now my blog is chronicling my life as a new mom again as I just gave birth to our second daughter a little over a month ago.  I've been married to my husband for six years now - and during that time we've been stationed at Fort Meade, Fort Gordon and recently we moved to Fort Campbell.  Rob went Warrant a year and a half ago and the adventures with the Army are never ending.  When I'm not following my husband and the Army, I am a full-time mom to our two girls and part-time maid.  I keep busy blogging, doing laundry and binge watching Gossip Girl.  I hope you stick around as it is very nice to meet you.

//I enjoy meeting new people courtesy of the military.  No matter where we go, we are bound to meet people from different walks of life.  Had I stayed in Kansas my whole life, I wouldn't have met my Army best friend from Massachusetts.  Or the countless other ladies who I am blessed to have in my life that are from different states and even different countries.

//The best advice I can give other spouses is to get involved.  Same as last year but it rings so true.  Prime example?  I still haven't gotten involved here at Fort Campbell and frankly I hate it here.  I know very few people and rarely leave my house for fun... and look at me?  (I guess I need to take my own advice.)  Also PATIENCE.  The military will never work on your time frame.  Ever.  So if you just relax and roll with it, your life will be a lot less stressful.  Promise.

So join us below... and happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day to all you wonderful spouses!

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