Thursday, January 30, 2014

And then she joined the world.

When I posted last Wednesday hoping for the doctor to give us news like... "we are inducing, tomorrow!".. I never expected to actually go to the doctor on Thursday and be told that I was to report to the hospital that night to be induced.

Unfortunately I had been having some high numbers at night with my gestational diabetes.  Those high numbers COULD have signaled that my diabetes was switching to needing insulin.  So rather than risk it, it was time to get the baby out.  Plus we asked an estimate on her weight (the last we heard she was 1 pound, 1 ounce)... the doctors response? 8 pounds 11 ounces.. give or take a few.  YIKES!  Not exactly awesome words for a first time momma to hear.

Nevertheless, you can imagine our shock when all of a sudden we had mere hours left of just Rob and Amanda.  Mere hours that included me cleaning the house, Rob wrapping up things at work and my parents rushing around KC to hit the road for Georgia.

By 9 we were at the hospital and by midnight I had gotten my first dose of meds.  We were told to sleep.  Rob did.  I tried.  I've never been admitted to a hospital, like ever, so between the IV, the sounds and oh yeah.. it not being my bed.. I did my best.  Not to mention the anticipation of what was to come... way worse than the weeks leading up to it all.

I got a couple more doses of meds and was progressing... but I honestly don't remember 90% of that morning.  I was given some pain meds at some point that put me about ten feet above the clouds.  Which of course prompted a visit from Rob's higher-ups.. hopefully I didn't embarrass him or I TOO much.

The next thing I remember is my parents getting there around lunchtime.  From there the pain started to set in.  I waited as long as possible before the epidural but didn't want to wait too long and by 4, I was ready.  All I can say is thank God for the epidural.  Like seriously.

It took most of the pain away, but not the pressure which is what I battled through most of the evening.  I felt like my body was telling me to push and of course the doctors were telling me not to.  Eventually it became pretty evident that we were not meeting our girl on Friday.  Shortly after midnight though.. it was time.

Finally they let me push.  Which I did for an hour.  Half of it was spent doing the three sets of pushes per contraction.  The other half was me pushing through my contractions on my own.  Finally I asked the doctor where things stood.. and he said that part of her head was out.

Much to my surprise the next contraction and 3 pushes later Grace Elaine was here.

I got to hold her for a brief moment... a moment I will seriously never forget.  Rob stood silently by my shoulder and I could tell he was feeling every emotion possible.  Emotions I was feeling as well.  Who knew you could fall in love so quickly?

The nurse took her to clean her up and get all her measurements.  8 pounds 5 ounces.  With a full head of hair, a splitting image of my husband.  20.5 inches with blue eyes.

After a bit the nurse thought she wasn't breathing as well as she could be so they took her to the NICU to do some vitals.  Rob went with for her first bath as I finished getting stitched up (holy ouch.. my meds wore off and I felt EVERYTHING!).  Next thing I know my husband is walking back into the room holding our baby, ready for her first feeding.

Seriously.. I never knew love until this moment.  Nothing can compare to seeing my husband hold our sweet girl.

Nothing can compare to this experience.  I can't say I enjoyed every moment.  But the reward, is so so sweet.  I was meant to be a mother to this sweet girl and so far, I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Thanks for all the sweet wishes friends.

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Sunday, January 26, 2014

She's here.

Grace Elaine Gregory was born January 25 in the wee hours of the morning after 25 hours of induced labor.
Our sweet girl weighs a whopping 8 pounds 5 ounces and is sporting a full head of hair. After spending a few hours in the nicu for some breathing problems I am happy to report Mom, Dad and baby are all doing well.
Thanks for all your prayers and well wishes.

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I just need to post.

I need to put down on "paper" my thoughts right now.  Like for'real.

Two weeks ago my husband was all like... "you are under house arrest... you can't go anywhere without me".  Last week I was all like... I neeeeeeeeeeeeeed out of this house.  So I went.  I ran errands, I went to lunches, I left the house.  This week... Rob was all like, not going to happen again.  He claims he has been taking my car everyday cause my seat warmers kick ass.  Let's be real here, he's driving my car because he knows I can't climb my very pregnant butt into his very tall truck.  How rude.

I'm going insane.... you can only clean so much (surprisingly).  You can only watch so much Real Housewives of ________________.  You can only lay on your left hip, then your right hip, back to your left so much before you must sit up.

And seriously... you can only answer "how are you feeling?" so many times before literally going insane.  I'm feeling the same.


Physically not much has changed.  Friday we had contractions every 20 minutes for about 2 hours.  We were ready for the hospital... but sike.. and since then, not a whole lot of anything.  One of my old co-workers had her baby on Sunday... her due date?  Our due date.  Come onnnnn!!!!

I know, I know, she will come when she is ready.  Let her grow as much as possible for she will be as healthy as possible.  I've heard it all, and I am.. I'm letting her do her thing.

But I'm also hoping our appointment tomorrow morning delivers some much anticipated good news.  I wouldn't be opposed to be induced.. oh I don't know.. Friday.  I'm so ready to meet this baby.  So. Ready.

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Friday, January 17, 2014


I had no problems this morning when my husband woke me up bright and early on day one of his four day for Martin Luther King Jr Day.  I knew his nervous energy would not keep him in bed super long... if at all once he was awake.

Today was day zero of his second countdown (the first being baby due date)... warrant officer board results would come out at some point today.  Some point being the key words.

We planned a few errands to keep his mind off of it.  He'd already checked almost 100 times in the few hours he'd been awake.  So I hurried up to get us out of the house.

I was standing in the kitchen fixing up some breakfast before we walked out the door.  When I heard this faint whisper behind me..

"It's out."

Followed by a pause.

His name was on the list.

My husband will be a warrant officer at some point this year.

Now we exhale and spend the rest of the day caught between excitement for the future and bragging about how awesome my husband is.

Thanks for the prayers y'all..

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

38 weeks !!!

I realize this has kind of morphed into a blog all about baby... but let's be real here... we are playing the baby waiting game and there isn't a whole lot else going on to talk about... so deal with it.

Sorry bout my sweater covering that bump.
What Fruit are you?
A leek.

Due date:  
January 28th... less than two weeks!

How far along:  
38 weeks one day.

Next appointment:  
Next Thursday.

It's a girl!
Total weight gain/loss:  
Up 18 total.

Some.. if I'm on my feet all day.  My ring was pretty stuck on my finger the other day.  But I'm determined to make it last until baby gets here!

Maternity clothes:  
All the way.

Belly button:  

Horrendous.  Between peeing 354698643 times a night and having to practically be awake to turn over, I'm not getting very good sleep these days.  I guess my body is preparing for once little bit is here. ;)

Food cravings:  
Had a weird craving for pigs in a blanket the other day.  Haven't had those since I was like 10 maybe... so I have no idea where THAT one came from.  (For the record, I didn't follow through on my craving.)
Rough sleep. Back pain.  My feet have been super sore.  Some cramping. Really just any aching that can possibly be happening on my body.. is.

All the time.  Like I've said before, she's out of room, so I feel every little roll.

Labor signs: 
Just some cramping.  I may have had my first contraction the other day.  But since I've never done this before I am not entirely sure what to be looking for.  We are 30 to 40% effaced and 1 cm dilated as of Monday.

What I miss:  
The way my body used to handle long days.. as in it could.  Now it can't.  Haha.

What I'm loving:  
That she could be here any day!!  Baby watch is more fun than baby growing. :)
What I'm looking forward to:  
Friday!  Warrant board results come out... say a prayer the husband man is picked up please and thank you.

Best moment this week: 
Besides the appointment on Monday... I'd say having lunch today with old co-workers and having them repeatedly tell me that I look great and that the weight I am carrying is ALL baby.  Seriously made my day. :)

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Monday, January 13, 2014

The Waiting Game.


I've got nothing to do but wait.
I guess that is all there is to do at the end of your pregnancy.
Wait for my sweet baby to make her grand arrival.

It may or may not come as a surprise to some of you followers... but I am not a patient person.  In fact I am VERY impatient.  Plus I get anxiety when things don't happen as switfly as I think they should.  Which means this whole waiting on a baby game... is not fun.

Rob's over it.  My emotions are like a roller coaster ride.  Usually he gets the butt end of the stick.  I mean he thought the last 8 months were kind of rough (since we found out in May) so this anxiety ridden impatient wait is basically the worst.

I've cleaned.
I've folded.
I've checked off the to do list.
I've shopped.
I've walked.
I've slept, well kind of.

And now... I just wait.

For those curious... I've had some pretty good cramping, but few actual contractions.  As for the rest of the process... there is little to no progress.  I guess I shouldn't be surprised since I still technically have over two weeks.  But 1 cm is nowhere near what I was hoping to hear this morning!

Pray I can find the patience needed to make it until this baby makes her debut.  Pray.Hard.

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Tuesday, January 7, 2014


The weeks are seriously running together... Thus why these bump posts are going to be combined.  Because I legit don't ever take pictures when I have a nice outfit on.  Too much work.  I legit don't do much of anything except lay around.  Also too much work.  Is this how the end of pregnancy is for everyone?!

What Fruit are you?
A cantaloupe // Romaine lettuce.

Due date:  
January 28th.
35 weeks.. Christmas.
How far along:  
34 weeks!!! A little over a month left. // 36 weeks... officially in the home stretch!

Next appointment:  
Tomorrow. // Had one today.. next one is next week!! Ah, on to weekly appointments!

It's a girl!!
37 weeks.
Total weight gain/loss:
15 total.. so far.

Maternity clothes:  
All the way.. I still have a few shirts that fit, but it's getting fewer and further between. // Sweatpants and t-shirts.  Haha.  That IS my uniform.  When I do leave the house I have a few shirts that still fit.. a few though.

Belly button:  
In. // My belly button piercing though? Took it out a few weeks ago as it was starting to hurt.

Very hit or miss.  Have to wake up to roll over.  Got not one but two little feet in my right rib.  Which is super fun.  Not to mention the occasional bout of insomnia keeping me awake when I want to be asleep. // Still very hit or miss.  Up basically every two hours to pee.  Which is fabulous, y'all have no idea.  Plus my hips go numb and I have to roll to the other side.  It's a joy.

Food cravings:  
Chocolate.  Glad to know she is just like her momma. // Texas Roadhouse ceasar salad.

Some sharp rib pain due to the lovely feeties in my rib. Waddling.  Shortness of breath a lot quicker than before. // All the above.. plus virtually not being able to bend over.
37 weeks.
All the time.  She's apparently out of space because it hurts when she moves sometimes!  // Still fairly often.  She responds to our voices a lot.  Rob will put his face next to my belly and talk to her and she will kick him.  He loves it.

Labor signs: 
None! // My first sign of Braxton Hicks came last week.  Some low dull cramping.  Luckily it all subsided with some water and laying down.

What I miss:  
Alcohol.  Being able to move like normal.  Not having to prick my finger. // My mobility!  LOL.

What I'm loving: 
That we get to see her every two weeks... and things are looking good! // That we are into the last month.  Today I had my first cervix check.  It's getting so so real.  We are on to under a month [hopefully].  The final checklist is created.. and now it's a waiting game while crossing stuff off!

What I'm looking forward to:  
The appointment on Wednesday and Christmas!! // The middle of the month.. warrant board lists are released.  Then we can plan through May a bit more.  SO much is left in limbo while we wait.
37 weeks. I apologize for the smudged mirror..
Best moment this week: 
Rob was off for the whole week... and thus hanging out with him and P was definitely the highlight of my weekend.  // More husband off time.  Plus, Christmas.  It was a peaceful quiet holiday spent together with our dog.  I enjoyed it and look forward to what our next holiday will entail.  Truly magical.

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Sunday, January 5, 2014

My nerves.

"God will never lead you to it,
if he can't get you through it."

It's officially getting real y'all... I'm going to be a mother soon.  More than just a fur-mom.  I'm going to be responsible for a living breathing real life human...

Pause for effect.  Let's let that sink in.

I'd be lying if I sat here and said I'm not scared or nervous.  Let's be frank.  I'm terrified. Terrified of labor and giving birth.  Terrified of learning the ropes of this huge responsibility. Terrified to raise a child, not to mention a girl.  Terrified of how drastically (and potentially quickly) my life is going to change.

My one bit of strength?  My support group.  I may be the only one able to deliver this little bit to the real world... but I get to learn the parenthood ropes with my husband.  So far he's had it relatively easy... but once she is here... it's on.  I couldn't ask for a better partner to tackle this next step in our life with.  With him, I am blessed to have parents that are excited for this adventure.  Excited to help in any way they can as we transition into this new world.  Finally, I am blessed with countless family members and friends who have checked in on me and share our enthusiasm for this little person about to make her appearance.

I know I am blessed to even have this opportunity.  I know I am strong enough to get through it... but the fear of the unknown has been on my mind so much lately.  Uncharted territory gives me the jitters... and all I can say is... the definition of uncharted territory doesn't even being to describe this next life change.


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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Holiday Card Exchange Wrap-Up!

Another holiday season in the books.  The decorations are down, the house returned to its former glory.  In a neat and tidy pile... you'll find my holiday card collection.

I'm a card person.  I don't try to hide it.  Usually (aka when I am not pregnant) I send cards to friends and family for their birthdays, anniversaries and just because.

So one of my absolute favorite parts of Christmas is getting extra mail in the mailbox.

Our display this year--

I sent...
29 cards to Kansas.
2 cards to Missouri.
1 card to Oklahoma.
cards to California.
5 cards to Florida.
3 cards to Oregon.
cards to Maryland.
6 cards to North Carolina.
cards to Virginia.
2 cards to Texas.
cards to Washington.
1 card to Arizona.
1 card to Georgia.
1 card to New Jersey.
1 card to Utah.
1 card to Canada.
1 card to Illinois.
1 card to Kentucky.
1 card to Australia.
For a total of 70 cards.
48 personal family and friends.
6 blog friends from my Holiday Card Exchange.
16 virtual friends from one of my military spouse support pages.

Huge thanks to all of the ladies that signed up for my holiday card exchange through this here blog.  I hope you enjoyed getting the extra mail just as much as I did.  A special shout out to you all...
Amanda @ Prepared to Take Off
Jess (my cousin, who happens to be a new military spouse, ex Navy)
Caitlin @ Heller We Doing // Brittin @ Olson's Travels
Ashlee @ I'll Love You Forever // Kim @ Through These Eyes
and Karen @ Ramblings of an Otter Wifey

Leave a link below if you shared your holiday card exchange.

Otherwise.. until next year...

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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Welcome 2014... the year of change.

Can you believe 2014 is here?? 2013 was quite the year.  We were busy... mostly growing a baby.  And now we are welcoming in the year of change for us.  The year where we get to meet our sweet little bundle.

I. Am. So. Ready.

I truly hope your holiday is a safe one... and you are surrounded by those that mean the most to you.

For the year 2014..

A bad habit I am going to break // Cussing.  As much as my sailor's mouth is a part of me... it needs to go and or get better.

A new skill I'd like to learn // To sew.  I have a beautiful new sewing machine... and I've yet to sit down and learn how to use it.

A person I hope to be more like // My mother.  Becoming a mother myself.. I know there are so many lessons I can learn from my mother on how to be there for my daughter and how to raise her to be a strong independent woman.

A good deed I'm going to do // I'm dying to do a 30 random acts of kindness type of deal.

A place I'd like to visit // Alabama.  Why?? Because that means Rob has finished his first part of schooling for warrant officer training.  It means he was picked up and the transition has begun.

A letter I'm going to write // I want to get back into sending birthday cards to all my nearest and dearest.  That is one of the things that has fallen off during the midst of my pregnancy.

I'm going to do better at // Keeping the laundry to a minimum.  Seriously causes crazy unnecessary anxiety.  Plus if we add in baby laundry... my washer will be busy.

And finally I'm going to try something new this year.  I'm going to have a word of the year.  This year the word I have selected is strength.  I hope to have the strength to get through the rest of this pregnancy.  I hope to have strength in adjusting to my new role as a mother.  I hope to have continued strength in my marriage.  I hope for all of my friends and family to experience strength in their lives as well.

What are your resolutions for the year 2014?  Or your word of the year?

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