Wednesday, October 28, 2015


It is an hour until Thursday on this great hump day.  While the house is still trashed and the laundry not finished... it has finally stopped raining.  Just in time for the afternoon sun to shine in as a pleasant surprise that stopped all of us in our tracks for a moment or two earlier today.  A reminder of how life can catch you off guard in the simplest of ways sometimes.

So, how about some happy thoughts?

  • The Royals are up TWO games to NONE against the Mets in the World freaking Series.  It is our year baby.
  • Our master bedroom is unpacked and everything but the curtains are hung up.
  • I've started to feel the bubble feeling of this little one inside of me.
  • Grace ate real chicken today (as opposed to McDonalds chicken...) on her own free will.
  • The delight of daddy coming home from work has returned to our house.  Crazy dog limbs everywhere and our beautiful girl stopping to smile as the boots trudge up the stairs.
  • Fall TV shows are back... and I'm slightly obsessed with Blindspot, Blood and Oil and the Blacklist.
  • I had to take the 1 hour glucose test early (because of the gestational diabetes I "had" with Grace..) in this pregnancy, which resulted in Grace going into the free child watch program at the hospital for a while.  The happy part?  No tears were shed.  (Which could also be sad too... she's growing up...)
  • This year will be the first year we take Grace legit trick'or'treating!  It is also Rob's first year to be here for Halloween.  Last year he was at WOCS during Halloween and Thanksgiving.
  • Every morning I wake up and I am alive and free.
Happy almost-Thursday my friends!

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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Vacation rocked-Kansas edition.

OKAYYYY---I'm finishing vacation wrap up TODAY.  Ready?! Set, go.

On Wednesday we pulled out of Missouri headed for Kansas and my parents.  Wednesday happened to be my dad's birthday and so for the first time in years we were home to celebrate with him.  After getting into town we did the mad dash to drop stuff off and then meet my mom at her work for lunch.  Of course she had to show Grace off to all her co-workers.. with the parents trailing behind... which I guess happens when you have kids.  You are no longer priority?  Just kidding.  I know without us that sweet girl would not exist..

After lunch we got my car washed on the way to see my best friend and her boy.  He's two months younger than Grace and I wish so badly we lived closer so that I could spend countless hours chit chatting with her and they could spend countless hours playing.  But since that is not happening any time soon we settle for the time we can get.  It is always worth it.

Then it was off to celebrate my dad's birthday at the best Mexican restaurant in town, Jose Peppers.  I could eat the queso everyday and nobody else was complaining about the margaritas.

Thursday we went with Allison and Harrison to the Deanna Rose Petting Zoo.  This was on our Fall bucket list and I am SO glad we got to go when we did.  The weather was great and it was not too terribly crowded.  Considering you can get in for free Monday-Thursday it was absolutely worth it.  We fed ducks and Rob took the kids into the goat pen where I was shocked to see Grace have zero fear and march right up and feed them like they were dogs.  After walking everything we paid the extra few dollars to take the kids on a hay ride... when in Kansas during the fall, right?

We got lunch after and then it was home for naps.  Before heading out again to meet my sweet friends and parents for dinner at Oklahoma Joes.  Another must for us.  (Fun fact, in college we called the fries crack fries because you can't eat just one.)  After a quick catch up, babies started melting down so we called it a day.

Friday was an errand day.  Rob ended up buying a new truck while we were in Kansas City.  So he spent much of the day busy with that.  Grace and I ran some errands and went to the park that I went to growing up.  It is always such a crazy feeling to take your babies to some place you frequented when you were basically a baby yourself.  After spending the evening with my parents we crashed early.

Saturday we woke up and Aunt Erin was in town!  Which Grace LOVED.  We immediately headed out first thing to go to Cider Hill Family Orchard to pick apples and pumpkins.  They were packed.  We hoofed it out to the apple trees and Rob and dad immediately got down to business.  Who knew picking apples was such a serious affair?!  Eventually Grace got into it too and we managed to fill a 16 lb bag full of apples.  The pumpkin picking was next and the selection was certainly interesting.  We decided to just get some gourds and a little pumpkin for Grace.  Then we waited in line basically forever to pay and get some cider slushie and popcorn.  The crowds kind of sucked, but it was an overall fun family outing.

We headed to lunch after and then took off for a great adventure at Ikea.  Rob is SO lucky we don't have one closer to us.  We walked out with $100 in random stuff... but it was all needed, obviously.  We stopped at a few more stores before heading home.  We had dinner in that evening as everyone was super tired.

Sunday we went to Mass.  Which ended up being Rob standing in the back trying to keep an antsy Grace calm.  She did good until we got about halfway through... we are working on it.  After Mass we went home for tacos and cleaning of the house.  We had some company over that evening - our family friends and their three kids, Grace's honorary great-grandparents and another one of my best friends, Kara.  It was a great time catching up, eating a lot and enjoying all the great company.

Unfortunately though, all good things come to an end.  We headed out bright and early Monday for a long journey back home to a relatively new place.  Regardless, I am so so glad we were able to get away and see everyone.  I had not seen my sister since last Christmas, aka the last time we were home.  So it was 100% worth it, worth every minute.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2015


I've typed and re-typed a hundred times the thoughts in my mind... and everything sounds like a bunch of whining or a bunch of "we-haven't-finished-unpacking" nonsense.  So I'm going to keep it simple and bullet point my thoughts...

  • While there are still boxes in the house, Rob moved everything remaining to unpack inside from the garage.  So now there are boxes in the guest bedroom, our bedroom and the top of the stairs.  It sort of puts them in your face... which hopefully means I will tackle them sooner.
  • Being pregnant has made it so my motivation to unpack is null and void.
  • Our next visitors are coming in less than a month... aka my have the house finished deadline.
  • We went from a super large master bedroom closet in my little one bedroom apartment in KC while Rob was in Kuwait, to a manageable master bedroom closet in Georgia, to an even smaller master bedroom closet here.  I've still got like two boxes to unpack of closet stuff and I'm not sure where it is all going to go...  definitely first world problems.
  • We got two extra linen closets in both of our upstairs bathrooms, so one of those will probably turn into extra master bedroom storage.  There is no shortage of closets in this house, we just got jipped with our master one.
  • I'm looking at joining some groups out here to get my social game going strong.  A few of these potential opportunities are giving me anxiety because they are out of my "social norm".
    • A Pray and Play group offered by our new church.  I haven't been a part of a prayer group since high school probably.  Sometimes I worry I am not Catholic enough to study His Word every week.  It sounds absolutely ridiculous, but it is so so true when I sit here and think about it.
    • A MOPS group on base.  There next meeting is tomorrow and I am still on the fence about going.  Which I can't figure out why!  For some reason I think I have a stigma around moms groups of any kind because they can be full of super crunchy moms, which I am not.  So will I fit in?
  • Then we have the groups that I am not worried about.
    • The Fort Campbell Spouses' Club, of course.  While I don't plan on joining the board for awhile, if ever, I am excited to get out there and going to socials again.  AND we have decided to get Grace booked into hourly care while I go to these type of gatherings... so once or twice a month (maybe more?) she will be in childcare.  Crazy!
    • The Clarksville Library story time.
    • ACS playtime.
  • I'm excited to be involved in activities that will benefit Grace as well.  She has definitely reached the age where other kids interest her more.  She WANTS to play with others, and I want to give her those opportunities.
  • I'm trying to be the mom that stops at the park more often.  Long day of running errands?  Throw the park in between.  Accompanied mom to a doctors appointment?  Go to the park after.  Even thirty minutes seems to make things better for Grace and I.
  • Grace is still not really a coherent talker.  If you ask her a question she says "ya" to basically everything.  She knows what you are asking her though, she just doesn't verbalize much of a response.  We have been trying to work with her to get her to say words when she wants something, but she would rather grunt or whine to get what she wants.  Most of the time I can figure out what that means, but it is getting old y'all.  Any advice?
  • I can't keep up with the laundry.  At all.  It is a nuisance.
  • When I went to get in-processed in to the OB department at the hospital on post, they could not find ANY of my records from Fort Gordon.  I had a bunch of extra tests done and I even saw a specialist and none of that came with me.  Thankfully they found them under a different name format.. so apparently I have two medical files... but I still don't know whether they will consider this pregnancy high risk due to my blood clot issues or just regular.  (I was considered high risk at Fort Gordon and seen in the OBGYN department as opposed to Family Medicine--here it is the difference between being seen by a midwife and being seen by an OB.)
  • Isn't it crazy how different things can be from place to place?  I'm still adjusting.
  • There is no Warrant Officer Association Auxiliary here yet... which sort of has me bummed out.  But Rob went to the Warrant Officer Association gathering today and had a really positive response to the whole thing.  Which makes me very excited.  Plus they even decided to nominate him for a secretary position because he is new blood.  ;)  I'd vote for him.
Okay-still a whining post.  But everything I wanted to say is there.  Happy middle of the week (in half an hour!)!

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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Vacation rocked-Missouri edition.

Better late than never, right?

A couple of weeks ago we decided to just go home for a week and see family.  A week after we had moved in mind you.  So we threw a few things in suitcases, loaded up the car and pulled out.  (Of course one of those few things was not Grace's stroller - which was just lovely.)

Our first stop was to see Rob's family just outside Springfield, Missouri.  We are now SIX HOURS from them.  Which is glorious.  The weekend we were in town there was a massive car show going on that ended every evening with beautiful old cars cruising up and down one of the main roads in town.  So the first two days we spent on the side of a road, eating good food and hanging out with family.  I was surprised to find that Grace was totally in to the cars and would point, oooh and ahh like she'd been around them her whole life.

Rob's dad owns and rebuilt this Chevelle.
Sitting in the truck bed with her cousin.

Sprinkled in between there was soccer games for Rob's brother and cousin.  Which was an entertaining endeavor as Rob's brother was actually playing some family during the second game and it was like a family war out there on the side of the field.  Intense, to say the least.  I'm not sure our kids will ever be able to be involved in organized sports because my husband is totally THAT person on the sidelines.

Rob and his acts-just-like-him brother.
Blurry image that definitely catches the intensity of the soccer game.

We also made a trip to Lambert's-Home of the Throwed Rolls.  Which is good every time.  If you are ever in the Springfield area, please go.  You will not regret it... just don't sue them for a roll hitting you.

Our trip also included a visit from Rob's sister and her two sons.  It was our first time getting to meet our nephews, which was a blast.  Her oldest is just a few months younger than Grace and it is always so sweet watching Grace interact with others her age.  Though the two of them are different.. Grace is all girl, momma bird and her cousin is all boy, rough and tough.  Regardless it was the first time in years that all seven of the kids were together for the day.  So it was very special.

Rob, his siblings and their kids + one cousin!
Rob and his siblings-as good as you get.
Rob and his siblings-the real deal.

Otherwise we napped, bossed cousins around (I'm looking at you Grace!), played/watched football, talked about cars a lot, sat on horses and had an amazing time.

I come from a family of 4 people... and I still remember thinking just how chaotic it seemed having so many people under one roof the first time I visited Rob's family back in 2009 or something ages ago.  Now many years later we are adding to the group and loving every minute spent with family.  I never knew I needed 6 other siblings (on just one side of Rob's family...) but... I've grown to love them as my own - even if they are basically their brother in another body... (more than one Rob is sometimes a doozy!)!

Coming next - Kansas edition of this vacation rocked post.

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Saturday, October 10, 2015

This fall we WILL...

Finally it is the most WONDERFUL time of the year!  FALL!!!  

Since we are finally somewhere that it actually kind of feels like fall... especially at night... this will be the year we actually go through with a fall bucket list.  So between now and November, our little family will (some of which we have already done!)...

-Pick apples.

-Go to Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead in Kansas City. (Bonus.. it is free Monday through Thursday!)

-Attend the Fort Campbell Fall Festival (October 24th from 10 to 1 for those local!).

-Go to a pumpkin patch.

-Carve/decorate pumpkins.

-Pick out a name for baby #2.

-Visit Nashville, be tourists for an afternoon.

-Finish putting the house together.

-Go to Oktoberfest in Nashville.

-Take some fall photos of the little lady.

-Partake in a bonfire.

-Wear sweaters and boots anytime the temperature is below 68, AMEN.

What is on your fall bucket list?!

Also - I vow to never ever live somewhere where fall doesn't exist.  Unless I am forced to of course.  Which we all know his HIGHLY possible.  How did I ever live without fall for THREE LONG YEARS?!

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Thursday, October 8, 2015


We have news.

Baby GIRL Gregory number two is due in March.

Maybe that explains my blogging hiatus?!  The first trimester is always rough!

Special love to my beautiful friend Heather at Raising a Mini Diva for taking our announcement pictures of Grace.  I love you and I miss you and you rock!

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Monday, October 5, 2015

Real life?

Holy cow y'all - what is real life these days?!?

We went from being in limbo about if we were staying or going, to being in the moving process for a short two weeks, to actually moving, to starting to unpack, to vacation... all in one month.

Life seems so so chaotic.  As we pulled back into the driveway this evening from an amazing week long vacation (more on that later!), I found myself craving routine.  We haven't had one in a month now.  The laundry is piled high.  Some of our belongings are still tucked away in boxes.  Our house is un-decorated.  Life feels unsettled.

I'm not complaining that we've been busy and then had the opportunity for a last minute vacation.  I am DEFINITELY not complaining that we've pretty much had Rob home with us for a month straight... but I crave a very simple routine.  It helps me feel settled.

Is that so wrong?!

Speaking of routine*** our king size memory foam bed has a fresh down comforter and duvet cover on it and my sweet sleeping family.... I'm starting this new routine off with a good nights sleep! ;)

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