Sunday, October 31, 2010

My outlet.

And by that I mean... my outlet for a short rant.

I graduated high school in 2008.  I was a "drama queen".  I enjoyed it.  When I graduated, all I wanted to do was move on with my life.  Make new friends and keep the old true ones.  For the most part that is what I did.  I left the drama behind and worked and focused on school.  When I moved out here... I had NO idea what was coming my way in terms of friendships and drama.  I looooooooooooove all the girls I have met out here.  They are all special and unique in their own individual way.  With all of us coming from different parts of the nation, we all bring different qualities to the table.  It's nice... BUT it's also a recipe for drama.  So many girls, often bored with their lives, have nothing better to do than create drama.  Even as adults.  Now after a couple of months I have reached the point where I am ready to take a GIANT step back and re-evaluate the drama in my life.  It is really not necessary, at all.  All it does is cause stress... when something goes down, I want to talk and blab about it.  When no one else is around... Rob gets to hear it.  Let me tell you, he is beyond sick of it.  For me it's just not worth it.  I want to be happy and have fun regardless of who or what is going on with other people.  It's really none of my concern unless they personally share it with me.  From here on out I am going to try my VERY hardest, to not let other people's business become a concern of mine.  Going to start going with the flow and not caring about what should be or could be.  And absolutely NOT passing judgment on people I have not personally had an encounter with.  I am who I am, and dammit, if you don't like it.... KISS MY ASS. :)

On another note, Happy Halloween all!! I purchased candy this afternoon from Target... then 6 o'clock hit and we didn't have our first trick-or-treater until like 6:30 and it was Rob's cousins!  Luckily it did pick up cause some of our neighbors turned on their lights as well.  Our first Halloween is over.  Piston survived, although he was rather worked up there for a bit.  Rob watched his candy leave the house, and kind of had a melt down.  But it was a success!  My first Halloween in my very own house... sighh.

Well, Jess is here in town!  Already we went to a Halloween party, shopped, ate pizza (not once but twice) and hung out in the first two days of her month long stay here.  It's nice to have a family member here from my side.  Hopefully I will get to see the rest of her family or at least some of them while she is here too.  Other than that, this was a big weekend for us.  Now I am just counting down the days till my lovely best fran Lindsay is here!  I am so very excited.  I know it will be a blast to have some more pieces of Kansas here.  And before you know it yall, I will be in Kansas visiting myself!!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Holiday news.

Well... unfortunately... we got the news we have been waiting on today.  Rob's leave got denied by the Army.  (Just another joy of being attached at the hip to the military.)  So I get to come home to Kansas in December by myself.  Not what I was hoping for.  At all.  But sometimes you don't get what you want.  (...or all the time.)  Sucks big time, but we will all survive.  Just means I will be in KS/MO for 8 days versus the planned 14.  On a positive note we DID get the airplane tickets bought so that I can go home.  So OFFICIALLY I will be home December 19th to December 28th.  Hopefully I will get a chance to take a day trip down to Springfield and see Rob's family (cause they were informed we would be there.. and I want to see them!) but at this point some decisions still need to be made.  Now, I am just ready for December to get here.  Get excited folks!

Another upside is that the baby (aka dog) will not be home by himself.  Which makes me happy... even though I have to sacrifice for it.  Just means the boys will have 8 days together to bond and what not... pray for good weather yall.

That is all.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

1:52 in the AM.

And I am sitting in the newly rearranged office/guest bedroom.  I LOVE IT.  For anyone that knew me before I got the daybed (the one that is hopefully, maybe, currently still in the bedroom I lived in for 9 years.) they knew that I spent many nights up late rearranging my bedroom.  Why? No reason.  Just a passion.  It's funny how simply rearranging the furniture and putting objects in a different place brings out so much optimism and a real change.  When I moved to Shawnee from Overland Park in 2001 I started this habit of every couple of weeks (or multiple times a week) rearranging or reorganizing my bedroom.  My furniture was so light and I could move it by myself.  My parents were always shocked at how often I changed it and I may have gotten in trouble a few times for being up so late doing it.  But I THRIVED off of it.  (I get that passion for changing things up from my Grandma Ritter I do believe... every time we used to go to the farmhouse she would have rearranged upstairs or repainted.  It was a habit of hers I remember well.. and miss greatly.)  Then I got the daybed and I kind of stopped doing it so much.  (That daybed is a HEAVY sucker and it only fit on one wall cause of the window, closet door and bedroom door.)  Don't get me wrong I still spent many hours rearranging the closet and the rest of the furniture, but the big bedroom overhauls kind of stopped.  Well when I found out my cousin Jessica (Mom's side... Her niece's daughter, who is my age actually.) was coming to stay with Rob and I next Thursday for a night.  I decided to clean the spare, and rearrange it.  (Something I planned on doing before Lindsay and Brian got here in a few weeks anyway.)  I started at like 9 ish.. and finished at about 1.  While my furniture here is not near as light as the furniture I first started rearranging... I got it all done. By myself.  Ikea furniture is not light though.  Let me tell youuuu. :)  P.S. I think I know the reason I found the energy to do this... On Thursday I started taking green tea again.  These amazing little caffeine pills give me the extra boost to get EVERYTHING done that I am thinking or have been thinking of doing.  Plus it speeds up my metabolism which helps with weight loss.

Needless to say I'm on a good roll.... especially after deep cleaning the kitchen on Thursday.  I'm talking going through the food cabinets and rearranging and throwing out good and bad food.  Next on my agenda.. OUR ROOM. We got to clean the carpets reallll good though first before I see that being something we can do.  But I have that room all figured out as well.  May need Rob's help though this time moving the queen sized bed.  (Our spare room has the exact same Ikea bed frame but it is a full.)

What else has been crack-a -lacking lately?  I visited the White House.  Glad to say I have been there.  But feel like I didn't miss out on much.  Unfortunately... Survived riding the Metro.  (The train into and out of DC. I'm not scared of it, but have had the horror stories on the news and it never sits well with me.)  Played bingo with Rachel (my sister from Georgia.. we really do tell people we are sisters.).  Won a round of bingo.  With like five other people.  Didn't win THAT basket.  Won another basket.  Basket was full of TONS of goodies.  Seemed to have a college theme to it.  Several t-shirts, coffee mugs, school supplies, etc.  Attended an Avon Holiday party.  Shopped at Hobby Lobby... (have you been there lately?  If not.. please go.) and you know how the rest of my day pretty much went down. :D

Ok, I should probably go try and get Rob to move off the couch and upstairs to the bed.  He doesn't like his sleep being interrupted (who does?) so he tends to get a wee-bit grumpy.  Hope you all are enjoying your weekend.  Halloween is next weekend... how exciting.  But scary.  THIS YEAR HAS GONE SOOOO FAST. :(

Monday, October 18, 2010

Ups and downs.

Well rather than update you all on every mundane detail of everything that has happened since last Wednesday I thought I'd put together a PROS and CONS/UPS and DOWNS/YAYS and.. well.. the bad  parts of the past couple of days.

Let's start with the positives.
-Piston and I have mastered walking like normal people around the neighborhood.  IE, he no longer pulls me like we are in a super big rush.  He has a harness that he wears whenever we go outside now that pulls on him when he pulls on me.  Such an awesome thing I tell ya.
-Rob and I have mapped out Christmas gifts for everyone important this year.  Now on to buy them.
-We fixed our cars.  Oh wait, you all didn't hear THAT story.  Wednesday night Rob got home from work in my car and the drivers side window would not go up.  We take apart the door to discover a missing bolt.  Unfortunately the bolt was un-retrievable from the bottom of the door and we ran out of light on Wed.  Thursday it rained so my car sported a giant trash-bag eye patch as I am now calling it until Saturday morning. (Rob got home late on Fri.. so no daylight.) Sat we got up and fixed it and then yesterday he fixed some issues on his car as well.
-The weather has been fairly awesome the past couple of days.  A little wind, and FREEZING at night, but beautiful days.
-Sunday I got to go shopping just a bit.  Something I have greatly missed since moving out here and no longer having my own job.  So it was very appreciated.
-Rob won his fantasy football game this weekend.

the negatives. =/
-Our neighbors are rude. Still. No surprise huh?  The past two nights have consisted of some ridiculously loud music bumping between the hours of like 9 and 10:30.  I miss the nice Midwestern people!
-Chiefs lost.
-Cowboys lost.
-Laptop is missing the F5 key.  It may be nobody's fault but my own.  It has decided that it and the internet do not want to work all that well together.  (Ridiculous I tell ya.) and I may or may not have showed it who is boss leading to a key mysteriously falling off.  POS.
-Piston thinks barking is the answer.
-After being woken up by the jackhammer on Wednesday.. I was woken up by a saw on Friday at 7:30 IN THE MORNING. (You better believe this resulted in a nasty gram phone call to my rental office.  Do they seriously not have standards for when they tell their contractors they can come out and start being rude in the mornings?) and then on SATURDAY Rob and I were woken up again at 7:30 to a cement mixer truck.  (Thus my car getting fixed by like 10AM.)
-Oh, on the note of sleeping... I've developed a habit of being REALLY restless at night, and it's not working too well for me.

That's depressing more negatives than positives.  Well, in all fairness there really hasn't been anything FUN going on around here recently.  So, I guess maybe that is why?

[One month EXACTLY and Lindsay and Brian are here to visit.]
[Two months and one day until Rob and I are back in the MIDWEST!]

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What a day.

I have a thing to rant about and thing to celebrate!

For starters, I have NEVER had so many things that I hate about the morning.  Like for example, when I get woken up by a jackhammer at like 9 in the morning.  Really?  You have to start doing that so early?  Extremely disappointing.  I am kind of okay with getting up at nine in the morning. But absolutely under no circumstances am I okay with being woken up at nine in the morning to THAT.  Ya dig?

The celebration-these Chilean miners.  I can't imagine what it is like to be them.  Their family.  Or the rescuers.  There are 33 of them.  What if something goes wrong halfway through?  That's all I keep thinking.  19 of them are out though, and THAT is something to celebrate!  It's amazing that they are even at this point considering how long they have been stuck in that mine and the number of days it even was before people at the surface knew they were in there alive.  Nuts to think about all the things that were working against them, but look at where they are now.  I feel pride for them.  That's all I have to say on that topic.

I have unfortunate news to report.  Piston will be losing his manhood soon.  Not only that, but he will not be coming home with us in December.  Unfortunate, ain't it?  I'm sad.  It is going to be a long two weeks without my buddy.  Considering I spend EVERYDAY with him when I am here.

Alright, that is all.
Happy hump day.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

"Waiting all day for Sunday night"

Well this past week/weekend has been pretty good.  Nice and relaxing.  Among other things that went on this week.  The most notable was a gathering with some of the girls from here again.  We had a "pj-party".  It was pretty fun... games and all.  On Friday we tried to go fishing.  But let me tell you all something, this place ain't NOTHING like Kansas. (incase you haven't already noticed.)  There aren't just little fishing holes all over town within driving distance.  But we tried and didn't come up with much unfortunately.  We tried though.  Piston discovered that he likes hiking though.  So that may be something we try to do more often.  (after I get in better shape of course!)  This weekend has been alright.  Probably not as memorable as last weekend, but still good.  I'll take it.  Left to do this month is GET PUMPKINS.  I'm so freaking excited.  I don't know why!  Ha ha, maybe next weekend for us?  We would have went this weekend but both days we wanted to go the weather felt too summer like and I was like we can't go unless it's cool out of course!

Still on the job hunt.  I'm really not trying as hard as I could.  Go figure.  Recently I've been considering going to school to become a social worker.  My biggest fear is getting TOO attached to cases.  Bringing their issues home with me and the likes.  So I'm going to have to think on that some more.  Next semester I am just going to take classes online though I think I've decided.  **Sigh**... not ideal.  I miss being in the classroom with tons of people to watch and get to know.  So I am jealous of everyone that is getting to do that right now.  No matter how stressful it is... I'm still jealous.

Other good news... Piston slept until like 10 AM both yesterday and today!  I was so so so excited cause weekends are usually my morning shifts.  So any longer that he sleeps in the better.

So really I had not much to update on.  I miss you all... it doesn't get any easier.  Somedays are especially bad.  But you make the best of your situations, and I am so thankful to be here with Rob and of course little (not so little) Piston Lou!  Just wish I could have brought everyone with me or had Rob move back to the good ole Midwest.  But when it comes to the military, you don't usually get a choice.

Anyway hope everyone is having a good fall and such!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Complain complain.

Since my lovely friend Derek Meier brought to my attention that I have not blogged much lately I thought I would throw a quick update out there to all who read this.

Minus Rob "not" being able to smell poop obviously sitting upstairs (long story, no need to ask.) not much has been going on.  We just came off of an incredibly good weekend.  Rob had a four day like I posted and we spent the whole weekend relaxing together for the most part.  Saturday I went to Ikea with Rachel.  (My new friend from Georgia.)  For those of you from the Midwest that don't know what that is... it's an AMAZING store that sells particle-board furniture affordably and organizing/decorating accessories.  It's a wonderful store that fits me perfectly.  Sadly every time I go I wish I had more money.  If you'd like to check Ikea out... there's their website... I'd suggest checking out the Swedish store. :D  Also on Saturday Rob and I went with the Moore's to Six Flags.  First time I have ever been to a Six Flags.  Not much different than Worlds of Fun honestly.  Same sort of roller coasters just named different.  It was Fright Fest so we all had fun.  It was a good time doing something we don't normally get to do.

Football was on Sunday as usual.  How about them Chiefs?!  Only undefeated team left!  Wahoo!!! Okay, so maybe they had a bye week, but who's counting?  Ha ha.  So it was naptime/football/relaxing Sunday and the rest of the time Rob had off we ran errands.  Typical, but always needed it seems.

Today I spent a whopping $10 at Dollar Tree getting some Halloween decorations.  Unfortunately some of them will not be able to put up where I want because of the dog.  I decorated. He investigated.  Rob discovered a piece of the Halloween garland in his mouth. Rob took down the decorations.  ***Sigh*** such is my life apparently.  Piston also destroyed a tennis ball tonight.  First time he has done that.  So that was promptly taken away from his as well.  Silly dog...

Oh and APPARENTLY Fall is officially here.  Like no joke here.  We've been having 60/70 degree days and 40/50 degree nights.  Needless to say it SUCKS when the dog needs to go out and pee early in the morning or late at night.  He's not so sure about this cold weather so him going out and peeing right away when he needs to no longer exists.  He has to sit out there and sniff the cool weather and ground before doing his business.  Truly was fun with the rain we had yesterday.  I love him though... this cool weather and the Winter that will be coming is all going to be new to his little puppy body.  Should be an adventure.

So Derek, I managed to pump out a full post.  You're right.  I was slacking. :D

That is all my dears.

Friday, October 1, 2010

4 day!

Well it was a good day in our house.  It's actually been a fairly good week.  Minus the on-and-off rain for the past like three days.  It's all good though.  We needed it and it was fairly relaxing.  Okay okay... I admit.  It made me want to sleep in extra bad.  But who doesn't feel that way when it rains?

I spent part of Wednesday night hanging out with some girlies from around here.  Rob went to flag-football.  It was supposed to rain, otherwise I would have been there too.  Needless to say I am getting to know some people around here and while they are not my Kansas friends, they are awesome people and I'm glad I'm getting to know them.  Yesterday was my wonderful Daddy's birthday.  In other years you would find me going out to dinner with the fam and finding something to surprise my Dad with that day.  This year I had to settle for a phone call.  :/  Going to be the hardest part of living so far away from family and friends.  Not being there for birthdays. But that doesn't mean they aren't on my mind all day.  It was also the Moore's anniversary out here.  And Piston's six month birthday!  My little baby is getting so big, and I miss him being little.

Today has been amazing.  The first of four days Piston and I get with Rob!  This morning he got officially promoted by a General to SGT.  He's only been in for two years, so this is an amazing accomplishment.  Needless to say he is in a good mood for being done with this promotion stuff.  And I am in a good mood, because he is.  Obviously.  The weather was gorgeous when that was all over with so we decided to take Piston to the dog park in Annapolis.  He LOVED it.  And it just reinforced why I want to get him a backyard so bad.  He said hello to all the people there and the other dogs.  There was another 5 month old puppy that he wrestled and played with.  We didn't spend too much time there though because it doesn't take much for Piston to get tired.  Another big accomplishment though... he rode in the backseat ON HIS OWN.  Instead of my lap.  I'm so proud of him. =) Rob had his heart set on going fishing, but that never happened.  So I took a nap on the couch while he played poker, and when I woke up we went out to dinner.  To celebrate.  A nice relaxing day with my boys.

This weekend should be fun as well... I'm going shopping with Rachel tomorrow and then Rob and I are headed to Six Flags.  Somewhere I've never been to.  It's Fright Fest so I am pretty dang excited... even though I am totally not into being scared.  Sunday is obviously football and then Monday is just another day spent together.  I'm having a great time now.  Loving the weather and enjoying the opportunities God has given me. Each and every one of them.