Sunday, January 30, 2011


Well it has been six days since I last wrote in here.  Six days that were busy and lazy all at the same time.  Is that even possible?  Between countless headaches and homework our house has been bustling, yet quiet and calm all at once.

I never updated my blog followers (whoever and how many that may be) on my first day of class at my new school.  It was... ...well, boring.  Ha ha.  What can I say syllabus' and feng shui don't really interest me.  Actually that's a lie, feng shui is semi interesting.  But I will admit it is also kind of crazy.  (I mean who really does that?  [If you don't know much about this topic I am discussing... maybe I will write about it later in life.  Ha ha.. AKA google it!])  Regardless needless to say my classes have gotten off to a pretty slow start.  Unfortunately.  One of my professors (well both actually..) is an actual interior designer with her own business who is just now returning to teaching.  So that makes it a bit harder because she is getting back into the swing of things, while trying to teach us.  Kind of difficult if you ask me.  The other professor is VERY experienced in both teaching and her business.  I'm not quite sure our styles are the same, so this could be an interesting semester.  But hey, my style is not going to be the same as EVERY one of my clients so I guess I should get used to it.  Anyway I am super excited for my classes to get going a bit more.  I've already had one class cancelled (last Wednesday the school didn't open up until 12, so my 10 AM class was cancelled!)... which leads me to my next topic...

SNOW.  Holy piss, I cannot lie.. I don't remember the last time Kansas got the amount of snow we have here.  It snowed hardcore and we ended up with like 8 inches of snow.  Which doesn't even dent what they got last year this time of year here.  But hey, for me it was crazy!  In just a matter of hours the cars were covered and the snow was DEEP.  Now it will take another million days for it to melt away.  But it doesn't bother me.  We had fun taking a walk in the middle of the snow storm with the dog, unburying the cars and of course trying to get the dog to go outside and poop.  Ha ha, he isn't a big fan of pooping when he can't even squat and there is no grass to squat on.  Understandable to say the least.

Well after like a week of a dirty house (hey what can I say, sometimes the motivation just doesn't come to me.) it is FINALLY clean.  At least for now.  Feels good to be going into Monday with what I would call a clean house.  It's not sparkly clean, but hey close enough... that's about how I feel anymore about keeping the house clean.  The laundry on the other hand... OUT. OF. CONTROL.  I don't know when or if I will catch up!

As far as the goals I had set last week... I did go to zumba on Tuesday night with Tracy.  It's amazing that it can be cold outside and snow on the ground, but after an hour of zumba the classroom downstairs has foggy mirrors and sweaty people leaving the room.  Wasn't near as hard as last time I went.  But nevertheless hard to keep moving for an hour straight.  Unfortunately though, since it snowed I didn't get any apps out.  :/  Hey, there is always next week, right?  I WILL get it done.  Just a matter of doing it at this point.

Otherwise we've spent our time dealing with the dog (he has picked up a new habit of walking around the house just straight up crying.. for no reason.), going to poker on base, celebrating the Palacio's little bundle of joy at their baby shower, helping Audrey bring in her big 3rd birthday and going on date nights.  It has been fun!

Now on to just pray we don't get the snow expected for Wednesday.. I HAVE to go to class. :D  Or want to at least.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Less than a month.

And I am the big 2.1.
Whose excited?
I am!

This weekend was exhausting, busy and fun all at once.

Friday was spent with friends.
Saturday was spent cleaning the house with my man. (That closet under the stairs.. TACKLED.)
Today was church and then football... (Steelers/Packers Superbowl, interesting.)

It didn't exactly end on a high note, but that is what the hot shower and relaxing 30 minutes of interior design textbook reading is for... My boys love me, and let me tell you this.  I am SO thankful for that.  Because, I have been a bit of a grouch lately.  I don't know if it is because it is freezing ass, face numbing cold outside, and since Piston is mostly potty trained he refuses to go in the house now, and thus I always have to go out with him while he walks around sniffing the ground chasing a leaf or too for far to long.  Or maybe it's because I'm starting to get back into a sleep schedule that does not include afternoon naps but does include getting up early.  Or maybe it's because I can't open my windows (too cold), park my car in a driveway or have a relaxing Sunday morning without my neighbors music drifting in from next door.  It adds up.  I think I may be ready for a change in scenery...

This week I am going to focus on getting a job... so I can be out of the house more often.  Although I do feel it will be extra hard on Mr. Piston (my pride and joy incase you didn't already know.)... I need it.  It's been far too long and I'd like to have some spending money of my own while I'm at it.  So my goal is to put in several apps... and by several I mean enough to make my hand fall off from writing too much. ;)

Rob starts class on Tuesday night so my other goal is to get myself off of the couch and out of the warmth of my house and into the free zumba class on base.  Need to get my blood pumping.  Plus it happens to fall on the same day that he is gone from way early in the morning to way late at night.

Okay, now that I have sat in front of the window (where the computer is now located) for far too long.. the drafty cold crap coming in has made me crave a super hot shower and a duvet comforter with two warm bodies already tucked in or on it.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

If you...

Visit my blog right now you will find a bright and sunny background.

Nothing like it is right now outside. :)

Maybe I am just a bit ready for warm weather!


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Baby it's cold outside.

Last night we got a storm.  An ice storm to be specific.  It's absolutely gorgeous.  BUT kind of maybe a bit dangerous?  Ha ha.  I feel like I'm in Kansas again...

I feel like I had wayyy more to update on.  But to be completely honest, I don't.  Tomorrow class starts at 10 in the am.  I'm excited... tonight we have to go get books and do last minute stuff on campus, again.  It's going to be a pretty busy semester for us here I do believe.

Oh, and just so EVERYONE knows... Piston now walks into his kennel by himself.  I mean you have to be behind him blocking him but he will walk downstairs, into the kitchen and everything.  You don't even have to touch him.  It's amazing.

Can I just say... I am so glad I am where I am.  The past is something I don't even like to think of.  I made my fair share of bad choices, but they all led me to where I am today, and for that how can you ask for anything more?  I'm content. To say the least.

Friday, January 14, 2011

College student, again!

I am home, safely.  I am enrolled in 2 college classes, finally. And I am currently loving my life!

Yesterday Rob and I got up to the local comm college to get the stuff done we needed to get done to go to school this semester.  I am so excited.  I feel like a little kid again.  I will be taking two courses.  One on Monday and Wednesday.  The other on just Wednesday.  One is 8 weeks, intro to interior design.  The other one goes until May, materials and methods for interior design.  They start next Wed the 19th and I am so dang excited! :)

Basically that is all I have to update on today.. but I wanted everyone to share in my excitement.  Now I am going to go pick up the house. Because I can, and want to!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Who you'd be today.

Just a quick update from the great state of Kansas.

The weekend was spent in western KS buring my Grandpa.  It's never easy.  The funeral was beautifulAll of my aunts and uncles were able to make it.  Several of us grandkids as well.  The part that struck me the most was out at the cemetary though.  It's unbelievable hard to have those final words said, but when the haunting sound of guns saying 'goodbye' happens... it's even harder.  I'd never been to a military funeral up until that point.  But my Grandpa served for 3 years during World War II and was honorably discharged at the end.  They managed to get some VFW members together from a local town and they lined up behind the coffin a few feet back.  After the final words were said, the guns blasted and taps played.  We all cried.  Probably will never forget that sound.  Now Grandpa is buried next to Grandma.  Somewhere in Heaven they are together again.  Happy, I hope.

Originally the plan was to stay there until today... however, a "huge" snow storm was set to come in to Kansas Sunday.  So after church we packed the car, truck and camper up and trekked back across the state.  Good thing we did... a couple hours later my cousin posted up the first pics from the farm house of snow covering the grass.  All day Monday it did the same here at my parents.  Thank goodness I had nothing to do!  And by nothing to do, I really mean NOTHING to do. :)

Mom went back to work today but was gracious enough to leave her car with me as long as I dropped her off at work, and picked her up.  The roads were decent.  The car made it back in one piece.  I had lunch with Lindsay, which was awesome.  I love "catch-up-lunches".  Even though I just saw her in November I feel like there was so much to catch up on!

After a little shopping I headed home... and can I just say something real quick... some CHILDREN are really not very smart.  Once I got back to the neighborhood I witnessed kids driving their vehicles around corners just to spin out.  Really?  Maybe you shouldn't have a drivers license... let alone a CAR if you can't drive it properly.  Okay? Thanks.

Just wanted to update everyone on how things are going here.  Tomorrow I head home (hopefully)... as long as the snow does not hit Baltimore as bad as they are saying it is going to I will be home.  Tonight I'm just going to relax with the family... that I hope I will not be seeing again in the next 2 weeks, AT LEAST.

Hope everyone is safe, snowed in, warm and/or happy. :)

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Rocked my world.  Days like that are never wanted or expected...

Everything started off good.  Rob came home in the afternoon, and I thought the day would be good.  I mean yes, I was frustrated with stupid Maryland drivers.. but hey, I ALWAYS am.  Then the bombshell came.  Luckily I was with my friends... (Rob was at home with the dog.)  I got a text from my cousin.. "I'm assuming your dad has contacted you." So I went outside and called my Mom.  At the time all they knew was my Grandpa had been moved from the nursing home side to the hospital side and the nurses and doctors knew he was shutting down.  Nobody knew if it would be hours, days or weeks.  Then Shelley texted me again.. "He died."  Her Dad had called her.. Looking back now, I am so thankful that my friends were with me because they let me cry on their shoulder and then sit with them before heading home to Rob.  Rob and Piston gave me hugs and kisses, but last night was rough.  I didn't even sleep well last night!  I was up like every 2 hours.

Today, Thursday is hard for me.  Two weeks ago today I was sitting in his nursing home room with him and Dad.  Trying to figure out what if anything could be said.  He looked fragile.  Nothing like the Grandpa I always remembered growing up.  But I figured I would possibly get to see him again before he passed away.  Both my Grandpas have not been doing too hot as of late and honestly I wasn't sure which one would go first.  The call yesterday though, COMPLETELY caught me off guard.

Now here I am.. trying to get all my laundry done so I can pack up again and head back to Kansas... a week and three days after I got home from there.  The majority of my time will be spent in Western Kansas with the rest of my family.  We need each other right now, but the reunion for this purpose is always the hardest.

I feel like God knew what he was doing... HE brought me home from vacation, then Rob home from airborne school.  Something that shouldn't have been happening for several more weeks.  Only then did HE let my Grandpa go to heaven for his reunion with Grandma.  Now I don't have to worry about Piston, getting to the airport.. anything.  It's rough though.  This month is not anything like I wanted.  But usually it never is..

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I'm down.

As in my mood.  Maybe because it's late at night (12:10) and I should be sleeping... I'm just ready for tomorrow.  Rob will be coming home... a little bit earlier than originally planned.  But some things don't happen how you wish/want.  What this means is... we will be in Maryland until 2012.  At the earliest.  Hopefully when our lease is up later this year we can move to a different location.  But after that we will not know much of anything until halfway through 2012 as far as his next duty station.  And you know what, I'm okay with that.  After my trip home this place feels more comfortable to me.  Maybe it's just because this is where Rob and Piston are.  I don't really know...

Speaking of Piston.  Kennel training is going better than expected!  He spent his first round home alone today in it.  2 hours while I escaped off to give a friend some flowers after her surgery.  I heard him bark as I slipped out the front door, but when I cam home he was laying down against the edge of the kennel and didn't even get up to greet me when I came in!  Lazy.  So this will all work out, I'm sure.

Next on the agenda of 2011 accomplishments... go down to the community college.  Rob and I are determined to take AT LEAST 1 course this semester each.  I would shoot for a higher amount... but if I don't get financial aide approved, I can't guarantee that there will be enough money for both of us to go to school, let alone one of us go to school part/full time.  Summer/Fall semesters should be no problem cause I can submit my most recent tax paperwork that should be done by April and it will prove easily that I am an independent.  Ya know?  It's a lot harder to switch schools then I really thought it would be.

After I know when my class is and what not I can look for that part time job to pull in some extra money to pay my parents back the couple hundred I owe them and then save for us to be able to move somewhere else here in Maryland.  I'm eager to get back in to the whole school/work business.  I've missed it.  So many people have told me that if I didn't go to school continuously that I would never finish... I'm going to prove each and every one of them wrong.  But I will admit it makes it a little bit more difficult when you are switching schools and continuing on.  Not going to lie.

Well I guess I got that all off my chest.  The house is cleaned.  I'm currently waiting on the comforter to finish drying but I think I will go make the rest of the bed so that Piston and I can head that way really soon.  He is getting restless... spoiled boy.

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Don't mean a thing when you have the type of love we do.. (and technology.) :D

It's just Piston and I for awhile.  Which is unfortunate.. cause it means I have to kennel train him by myself.  A 9 month old puppy does not enjoy being trained all that much.  Especially to have his own home within his house.  He isn't enjoying the not having his freedom stuff.  After bribing him with a million treats, I finally wrestled him in there for his first training period of 30 minutes.  He cried.  Then panted.  But sat down and checked things out.  I'm not sure how he will handle it when he can't see me.  He could see me today since I was on the computer in the living room... within his sight.  But he can't be without it anymore... after chewing up EVERY pillow in the house we locked him out of the bedroom.  Which resulted in destroyed window shades cause he couldn't see out the window downstairs.  In fact he also managed to get in through the closed door one day by apparently messing up the door handle.  We found the shade in the bedroom destroyed cause he couldn't see out.  So 3 window shades later, and a brand new kennel... we start our next adventure.

So anyone that reads this... please keep my Grandpa Johnson in your prayers.  Both my Grandpas have been on a downhill slide for the better part of the year now.  Last night Gpa J broke his hip... my family is currently with him.  Gpa R broke his hip earlier this year.  It seems to be a trend or something.  Unfortunately.  Anyway, keep them in their prayers that God is not too tough on them and makes it easy for everyone.  As bad as that sounds.