Saturday, April 23, 2011

4's company.

Happy Easter All!!!  (well almost, I know it's not quite Sunday yet.. but close enough.)

We've had a busy weekend here.  Thursday a friend asked me if we could watch her boxer.  I said yes, and the next thing I knew Rob had talked me into bringing their dog over to our house.  So it has been a full house all weekend.  She's a very sweet dog though, and Piston is loving the company just as I figured he would, so it has made things a little bit easier that they aren't constantly at each other's throats... I will admit, Piston is a tad bit hormonal since he still has his manhood and she is a female.  Luckily she is fixed so don't be expecting any Precious/Piston babies.  :D  The nights have been the worst part of all this as two dogs and Rob tend to take up a bunch of the bed and so the grumpiness caught up with me today which was quickly followed by a nap.  Thank goodness.  Other than that Rob had Friday off so we have just spent the weekend the four of us with a soccer game thrown in Thursday night (DC United got creamed... we didn't even stick around till the demolishing was over, as Rob was getting rather upset.  LOL.) poker thrown in Friday night (I got second in the first tournament!!!) and dinner and some drinks thrown in tonight  (if you haven't tried a Texas Roadhouse margarita, you're missing out.  Let's just say it was a fun ride home.)

Now here it is and tomorrow is Sunday, Easter Sunday no less, where has this year gone?  We will be spending the day with Rob's aunt and grandparents.. which will probably consist of some great food and some egg hunts for the little girls.  Will be nice to be around family though, that's for sure.  And in less than a month I will be home with my family.  :D

So, I better get going... Robinhood is on the TV and I'm doing a horrible job of trying to keep up with this movie.  Haha.. plus Piston is locked in his kennel cause he got in trouble and I'm annoyed so I will be letting him out promptly because his crying is making me go nuts.

He knows how to work me oh so well.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

At least we can put a date on it.

A date on what you ask?

Well, several things.

The trip back to Maryland for Lindsay and Brian's wedding, apartment shopping, etc--May 17th through May 24th.
The move back--June 13th.
The day Rob leaves--July 11th.

So in about a month a bunch of things are going to go crazy... to say the least.  After picking out my apartment on my trip, I come home and for the three weeks immediately after I have to pack the house, sell some items, clean the house, hopefully pick my parents up from the airport and then drive back to Kansas.  Once back in Kansas we have to unpack (somethings at least) and re assemble furniture, spend some time in Missouri with Rob's family, spend our time together and then send him off a month later.  And in a year, the whole process starts over.

Welcome to the military folks.

And.. that is pretty much all that is going on here on my end.  I'm exhausted, physically and emotionally right now.  Trying to wrap my head around everything.  Unfortunately all this means that Rob leaves a month earlier.  So one less month we will have together.  But I have to remind myself that it is only a year.  One year.  We've done this before, and technology these days is AMAZING.  Am I right?  I had a friend point out that I am handling all this really well.  I'd like to think so, but man it does hit me sometimes.  This is what you do though when you love someone that has devoted 6 years of his life to the United States military.  And things could be sooo much worse.

Like Afghanistan.

Cringe, lets not talk about that.

Hey--my Dad joined Facebook.  How about them apples?  Now my whole family is on there!  Such a great site that I love to hate most of the time.  Oh, and I got my new DL that does not say I am 21! FINALLY!  Well hope everything is good for you.. we've had thunderstorms off and on today so I kind of blew everything off (which was nothing.. haha.) to be lazy today.

Hell yeah, life is great.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Today has been one of those days.

But rather than bore you all with ANOTHER dang rant (cause I know you are ALL sick of them--my few readers that is).  I think I will list the pros and cons of what I am feeling right now.  About life and all that jazz.

Lets start with the cons though, so we can end on a high note. :D
--Yesterday while chasing Piston around the living room (hey, he had my slipper sock that he straight up jacked from the bedroom while I was sitting right there!) the coffee table and I collided.  Or rather I ran into it.. the corner to be specific.  Hard.  I learned the number one way to get the dog to give back what he had stolen is to fall on the couch and scream in pain.  Immediately he is more concerned about you than the sock he jacked.  What a sweetie.. right?  Anyway... I now have a scratched and fragile knee that I was reminded of fairly often today.. boo.

--This morning I not only awoke with said scratched knee, I also awoke with a kink in my neck.  Turning my head to the left, sucks.  End of story.

--It rained almost all day here.  Or at least enough to make it uncomfortable to run errands in.  Don't you hate that?

--I'm STILL waiting on my new DL to come in the mail.  I feel like I've been waiting forever and I am getting anxious to have one that doesn't have the "not 21 until..." crap in red all across it.

--The other day I was reminded that just because I see people around here fairly often, does not mean they are trustworthy or won't go behind my back and tell everyone everything that I say.  In all fairness, I need to learn to keep my mouth shut and my opinion to myself (and maybe Rob?) about certain things.  But really?  Why do we have to go down this path multiple times a month??  We are all adults here.  Now lets act like them.

--It's almost halfway through the month of April and David's Bridal still doesn't have my dress in for Lindsay's wedding!!  I'm hoping I get that call here ruuuuuul soon.  Cause it's going to have to get altered.  On that note, should have tickets back to Kansas for a week at the end of May  hopefully on Thursday.  Will be nice to have that all finalized.

--Piston is going through some terrible, awful, no good, very bad phase right now and I don't know how to handle him.  He is constantly playing keep away with stuff that is not his but was maybe on the floor.  Or he finds that one small piece of trash on the floor.  Or he eats the fresh mulch that smells like legit poop out front every time we go in or out.  Or like now.. he stands around and cries because obviously the attention is not on him.  I'm frazzled!  Love him to death, but come on.. who can handle a dog in his "terrible twos" (even though in human years he is only 1... it sure feels like something terrible!)

Positives!!  I know it feels like they have been missing from this blog for awhile, but there are some.  :D

--Yesterday in honor of my Mother's birthday I got all my summer clothes out (she loves warm weather!) and re-arranged my closet.  Which of course meant a lot of getting rid of too.  Or rather listing it on the Ft. Meade For Sale page.. I've already made a decent amount of money off the random stuff I posted on there.  It makes me happy to contribute (although rather small still) to our financial stuff!

--The girl that frankly has been annoying the poop out of me in my class, she moved away from me.  You think the headphones are what got through to her?  I feel awful, but for me it's a positive.

--All the dishes that were on the counter (and by all I mean ALL our dishes) finally got loaded into the washer.  Hey!  Sometimes it's the small things! :D

--I'm way ahead of schedule for my final project that is due May 9th.  Luckily we have like a month and a half of in-class time and I've definitely been rocking away at it and it should be done with enough time for me to relax before it's even due.  I'm so proud of myself because this time I set up a schedule for tasks to get done on it and I've been following it.  Anyone that knows me knows I am a lot like my Dad.. as in, we enjoy waiting until the last minute to do things (he's known for painting the day before a party, finishing the basement the day before a party, finishing taxes the night before they are due.. etc.)  It's not always a bad thing but a definite inherited trait!

--A certain crazy neighbor of mine has not parked her car behind anyone in several days now.  Maybe she did hear me yelling through the wall.. oops, I'm sorry if you did, but hey it worked!?

--I've been doing a lot of thinking lately and I've come to a conclusion.  In the past I've been known for "drama"... I was friends with the catty group of girls in high school and I've done my fair share of talking.  I just want to put out there that I do apologize to anyone I have ever hurt with my words or actions over the years.  While I can not apologize to everyone individually, I do realize that some damage has been done and while most were not intentional it still hurts.  I know.  The ones that pain me the most are the ones where I got blamed for things I didn't do  (I can think of 2 girls in particular, that I was best friends with and then got the blame).  It's hard. But it's certainly a positive thing that I recognize I'm not perfect and I've hurt people before.. Or at least I think.

Well between this and the conversation I am having with Derek.. my brain really really hurts.  I think I'm going to go shower and try and relax.  It's been a truly long day...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom!

I don't know if I've said this before... but one of the hardest parts about living 1,105 miles away from my parents (and more than that from my sister, currently.) is not being there for every holiday you've spent so many years celebrating with them.  First it was my Dad's birthday, then it was Thanksgiving, then my birthday and now my Mom's.  Her 50th on top of all that!  You can only do and say so much from so far away, before you just know you are missing out.  I guess it's all part of growing up.  Most everyone goes through this at some point in their life.  Some occasions just hit me way harder than others.

I hope my Mom had a truly amazing birthday.  She deserves it.  I know my Dad and her co-workers put a lot of thought into surprising her.  It's such a big day for her.. one she has secretly dreaded (because of the age number of course!) but none the less, who doesn't secretly love their birthday??

When I'm there in May we will of course make it up, for all the holidays I've missed.  Plus this next year I will get to spend with my family again before going wherever the Army takes us for the last year and a half he will have in.  Until then, Happy birthday again Mom!!!  I love you so much, and miss you much!

Well, tomorrow is hump day.. halfway there folks.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Where is the commonsense?

***Warning--I'm going to be ranting like nobodies business about my stupid, ignorant neighbors, again...***

Tonight, once again, reminds me of why I want my own 4 walls (at least) and driveway!  I decided at 8:30 tonight (Sunday) that I would drive to 7-eleven.  Literally RIGHT down the street to pick up the newspaper and some milk.  As I opened the door to leave I noticed my annoying neighbor had parked her retarded Explorer parallel behind the parking spots, literally behind our two cars.  Knowing that she would probably run out and steal my parking spot (since the closest one was like 7 cars down.. too far for her of course.) while I was gone a mere 5 minutes or less... I got in and of course had to shimmy out of the parking spot since she had the vehicles blocked in.  That was only the start of things.  So I run to the store, and as I come back I see her headlines on, and sure enough she was in the process of backing into my parking spot.  I KNOW she saw me.  She is so lucky she was inside by the time I made it to the walk, because I would have given her a piece of my mind.  Instead I pulled out a notepad and began a letter essentially saying "thanks for taking my parking spot as I ran to the store for 5 minutes.  Also, can you not park behind me, it makes it hard to get out".  I shimmied it into her car handle and ran inside fuming mad.  Rob reminded me that we still have to live next to these crazies for another 3 months (the same crazies that woke me up this morning while they argued, really, really mad.), so I ran outside again.  Grabbed the note and threw it away only to go back inside and rant some more how I am so sick of them and how they only think about themselves and they are selfish and stupid.  (Thus me wanting my own 4 walls, cause it's highly possible they heard... but who cares?  It probably won't change anything with them.)  I just truly don't understand how some people can live in a townhouse scenario of all things (where we ALL suffer from lack of parking spots, privacy, etc.) and be so selfish.  This is the same couple who reserves spots for each other.  Clean their vehicles half in a parking spot with all the doors open blocking other parking spots.  Slam their front door a million times a day rattling everything on our walls.  Steal parking spots when it snows that are cleaned out for hours by neighbors.  And the biggest thing that bothers me... THEY ARENT FRIENDLY.  So why should I be nice to them?

The day we move out, I am writing them a lovely note telling them why they can't keep neighbors (from the beginning they informed us they have had a hard time with "good" neighbors and have had a lot of new ones.) I'm going to spell out everything that they have done that makes them a bad neighbor.  It's not going to be mean, just to the point.  I've had it!  Especially since our leasing office will not do anything for us.  I think tomorrow I will make a trip over there and show them the pictures I took of her car paralleled behind ours.  I've told them about this before, and they just ignore my request to put something out about it.


I'm over it.

So, another weekend over.  This one was good.  I wish the weather would make up it's mind.  Like all the rest of us probably.  We went to a DC United game last night and it was chilly!!! So I'm eager for warm days and cool nights, and the lake, and this class I'm taking to be over, and the move back to KC, and all the fun things we have planned here before we move, and Lindsay and Brian's wedding, and my trip home in May.  All of it and SOOO very much more!

Alright yall, catch ya on the flipside.

Friday, April 8, 2011

As this deadline looms over us...

Rob is asleep on the couch.  Around midnight he will get a call and if they don't hear from every single one of the soldiers in his battalion he will have to go in at some random hour of the night for who knows how long.  On his weekend.  All because the government has decided that their agendas are more important that getting a budget passed and stopping the shut down.  I could sit here and point fingers, just like all the politicians have been doing all day, but I'm not going to.  It's the GOVERNMENTS thing.  Each and every one of them is responsible.  I'm praying something happens in the next 2 and a half hours.  In the meantime let me share some pick me ups that have made today not quite as stressful.

‎"Congressmen who willfully take action during wartime that damages morale and undermine the military are saboteurs and should be arrested, exiled, or hung."
— Abraham Lincoln

"perhaps we ship the dirty politicians overseas and let them stand on the front line.-without pay."  This was posted on Kellie Pickler's twitter just a few minutes ago.  Surprisingly out of all the stars I follow (many county, some celebrities, others just famous people in general) she is the only one that has posted about this shut down today.  That has to tell us something about the famous people who "care-about-their-fans".  Or maybe I'm just being judgmental as I feel it's a much bigger deal than many American's are making it.  Maybe unless you are in the military or a federal employee you just don't realize what this means.  How sad.

This next thing that I am going to post I found on a blog that I anonymously follow.  It's a blog of an Army wife that I will probably never meet.  But today I came across her blog and this really made me.. well.. cry.  I hope it makes you smile, and feel some pride for your country even though our government is taking a lot of that pride away tonight.  We live in America.. the home of the free, because of the brave.

"Over 1 million "angry Americans" take a stand on Facebook saying that this is absolutely unacceptable. Here are some fabulous stories of grateful Americans standing proud behind our troops. Please PLEASE feel free to add your own thank you stories in the comments sections. Our troops and families need all the positive encouragement that we can get. There is enough negativity going around so lets lift each other's spirits a bit. 

I've actually been surprised by the amount of people who come up to Nate--and to me--and say thank you. Being out here where seeing a person in uniform is so rare, I didn't expect much--not that I ever do. I'm still waiting on the day that we encounter a person who is ungrateful. I know it'll happen. .
   A few years ago, my husband and I were planning a vacation. We wanted to rent a beach house on a cliff in Northern California, but it was WAY out of our price range. I contacted the owner and asked if he would rent the house for a weekend instead of a whole week. I explained that we only had a limited window to travel because my husband is a Marine and had to report to his new duty station soon. The wonderful home owner gave us his beach house FOR FREE for the week! We both cried when he offered it to us. Years later, we still stay in contact with this generous man. We will never forget his kindness.

My fiancĂ© is in Afghanistan and my co-workers reached out to me and are buying things to send him in my care packages... I couldn't believe their thoughtfulness and generosity! They really showed me they cared and it was a true "thank you." I can't wait to put the package together and ship it out! 

I have two great "thank you" stories. I used to be on active duty and both of these happened in an airport. On my way home from Iraq for my 18-day R&R, I was walking through the airport (in uniform of course) trying to get to my connection. I was walking down the terminal when I felt someone tugging on the cuff of my ACU top. I looked down and it was a little girl, no older than four. She was looked at me and said, "Thank you for what you do." I almost lost it. So sweet.

The second was when I was going BACK to Iraq after my R&R was over. I was in Atlanta and they have this big holding area for all the Soldiers heading back into theater. They got us all together and then lead us to our gate. As the big group of us was walking through the terminal, EVERYONE got on their feet and started clapping. It was such a great feeling and gave me good vibes to go back to Iraq and finish out my deployment. 

As a wife of a wounded soldier I am in awe of the support that we have gotten! It sucks that our men and women don't get much when they are healthy and fighting to keep us all safe. However, I am grateful and will be forever thankful that there are organizations to help us when the government fails. Wow! I turned the corner. Anyway....we (my husband and I) didn't do it for the "thanks" we did it because that's what we were called to do. 

P mentioned something in his most recent email update to his family. He talked about how when he "played Army" on the weekends in college (aka in the National Guard), he'd get a random person who'd walk up to him about once a year and say thank you. 

He said, "And it always took me by surprise when someone actually took the time to walk up and thank me. I'm one who doesn't need to be thanked at the end of the day, because I can say that I'm truly doing something I enjoy and don't really consider it work. And I also know that those little "pick me ups" if you will although not needed or called for can change your day and later on down the road like now when you sit miles away from everyone you know and only see what is slapped in the news reminds you why you do what you do, and helps you get out of bed some days when you wake up and your like why do i do this."

My favorite thank you story was when he returned from the last deployment before this one and we spent a night in a really nice hotel in Portland. The porter who helped us take our bags up to the room was young but talkative and figured out that hubs was a soldier returning home. He thanked him and dropped our bags off and left. About 10 minutes later, there was a knock at the door and when we opened it there was a bottle of champagne and a basket of munchies with a simple note on hotel letterhead that said "Thank you for all you've done for us." I got a little teary eyed, but hubs just said "free booze!" Haha :) 

Four times when I've gone to the post office to mail a package, I've gotten up to the window only to hear "the person ahead of you paid to mail your package, you don't owe us anything." By the time I heard this, the person who was ahead of me was long gone, and there was no way to thank them. I stood there in shock each time, and twice started crying. It really is the little things that matter. We've never gotten to thank those who who have done these little things for us, but we appreciate them more than they will ever realize. 

I've actually had a lot of comments on my blog from people stopping in from linky parties who find out I'm an Army wife. When they say thank you I cry. I'm even worse if someone says it to my face. I am just so full of pride in what my husband does that it brings me to tears. I love this post. 

my favorite thank you was in an airport bar (classsyyyyyy) and 2 ladies sitting next to me noticed my wedding rings and mentioned i look too young to be married and drinking.. and i was like oh im 21, and they were like oh but your married! and asked if we were both in school and i said no my husbands in the army hes in iraq right now, those women were like OMG, youre so young and here we are complaining about being away from our husbands for a few days etc. we don't think you wives get enough appreciation for all you do, thank you. 

My husband and I had just gotten to our new duty station. After a very long day of house hunting, a trip to the hospital, and DH trying to get his footing at work, we went out to dinner. This older man and his son both came up and thanked my husband for his service. The next thing I new, they turned to me and thanked me for all I do as a military wife. It was the first time I had been thanked for supporting my husband.

Just yesterday I went up to a soldier at a car wash and thanked him for his service and shook his head. He was caught off guard and embarassed a bit,but i needed to tell him. He needs to know that myself and my family do appreciate his service.

My favorite thank you moment was last week when Robbie got home from his deployment. As the they all started down the escalator in the airport the entire place was on it's feet clapping and cheering. My heart was fluttering and my eyes filled with tears. I was just so very proud! 

My greatest Thank you moment was when my husband was flying to training and the flight attendant asked him to wait in the back of the line and she said that she will make it up to him...Well when he got to her she said wait here...then came back 5 minutes later and gave him first class seating...The whole works food and all...He was greatful cause he is a taller guy a 6'4 so he is usually crammed on a plane but not in first class...He said he slept like a baby too...Those type of things make me so happy to hear...They work hard and deserve things that are little to the person that is giving but so big to our soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines...I HEART GOOD OLE AMERICANS;) 

I think the best thank you was when my DH was deployed and a neighbor mowed our lawn for me. My son just would not nap that day. I wasn't feeling too hot either, but it needed done badly. I ended up having to lay down with our son to get him to nap, and when we got up, the lawn had been mowed. I wish I knew who did it. I'm still so thankful for that kind gesture.

I know we don't do this for the praise but its nice sometimes to be reminded of the simple fact that what you do matters.  There are so many more stories like this  out there, I don't even have time to copy and paste them all.  But in case anyone hasn't told you lately....

Thank you."

Anyway, if the government shuts down, please think about us.  Even if it doesn't, please think about us.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


You better get your shit together.  Now.

One downside to relying on the military for almost everything is when the parties don't agree... your lifeline is put on temporary hold.  (Or threatened at least.)  I kind of feel like we are sitting on pins and needles waiting for Friday to come.  Hoping, praying that something happens so that military pay does not get cut off.  If it does it will more than likely only be temporary, but it's hard.  Especially when two people and a dog are being supported off that paycheck that would go missing.

But as Rob has pointed out, we have to live our life like that check will be in the account on the 15th.  We can't sit around thinking that it isn't going to be there and cancel our plans for the Orioles baseball game (on Friday) and DC United soccer game (on Saturday).  One plus to the military is we do get discounted tickets for sporting events and we are taking advantage of that while we have so much time to spend together now.  But this month and next are for sure filling up with tons of busy activities.  Next week the tickets will be bought for my trip home next month.  Apartment shopping, Lindsay and Brian's wedding activities and spending quality time with my family.  Then before I know it, time to move home!  Oh and just incase you were wondering, no tickets will be purchased for a trip home on a Southwest airplane.  ;D

I love the feeling we had in this house the other day.  Every single window was open as far as it would go.  The house warmed up to 84 degrees with a cool wind every once in awhile.  Of course we eventually had to turn the A/C on for a bit at least to cool the house off enough for a comfortable night's sleep.  First A/C turn on of the season.  Impressive.  Wish spring would come a bit more regularly.  Late last night and most of today it was rainy and now we are back to cool temps and tons and tons of wind.

Alright yall, Rob is grumping it up because I'd like to stay awake and he'd like to go to bed.  It happens.  Ha ha, better head offline to read or something next to him in bed at least to make him happy.  LOL.  Hope April is treating you guys well as it is us at this point.