Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Christmas Survey.

This is how I looked today...

I had time to not only wash my face, brush my teeth, put some make up on, apply deodorant, put my contacts in and get dressed... but to ALSO straighten my hair, perfect this outfit and talk myself into rocking it all day.  Totally out of the norm.

In other news...

Maybe my not-ready-for-Christmas feelings towards Christmas music, shopping, decorating, etc will vanish once I complete this survey...

Found this fun Christmas survey over at The Adventures of M-Squared.

Egg nog or hot chocolate? Oh hot chocolateeeee. [[In my head I just said that as choc-oh-lattè]]  Love it, but hate the burnt mouth I get 99.75% of the time.

Colored lights on tree/house or white? I've always liked white lights.  My family has always done crazy amounts of colored lights.  This year I plan to intertwine the two... majority white lights with a red/white pattern on my balcony railing.  Candy cane anyone?

Do you hang mistletoe? Noooope.  Nobody to kiss under it this year. =/

When do you put your decorations up?
Usually the week/weekend after Thanksgiving.  Normally we are out of town for Thanksgiving [[like this year]], but I plan on getting them all out and up this weekend.

What is your favorite holiday dish?
Green bean casserole!  Rolls!  Ham!

Favorite holiday memory as a child?
Oh geez, so many.  My parents truly made Christmas special for us every year.  From the adventurous trips to find the perfect tree, to opening presents on Christmas Eve after mass and dinner, to the pajamas that are without fail under the tree to wear to bed that night hand picked by my Dad, to Santa presents along the fireplace Christmas morning, and everything in between.

When and how did you learn the truth about Santa?
You'd have to ask my parents that one.  I can't say I recall.  Santa presents always arrived in the same wrapping paper and handwriting that my Mom used though.  ;) My parents still do Santa presents to this day though.

Do you open a gift on Christmas Eve? We open all of our gifts on Christmas Eve.

How do you decorate your Christmas tree? Well last year was the first year I had my own tree.  We decorated with the stuff the USO gave us for free.  Unfortunately our tree came down before Christmas even because the dog was a bit too curious and driving us both insane.  This year I am just going to do a small tree and add some yellow bows to it.  It will be up through February so I am going to try and keep it neutral.

Snow! Love it or Dread it? Love it IF I can have the day off to do nothing but be cozy on my couch with the dog.  Dread it if I have to go out in it.  It definitely doesn't feel right to not have snow though.

Do you remember your favorite gift? I can't say I have a favorite.  Each year my parents generally tried to get us what we wanted/needed.  Example, this year I am asking for a safe box of some kind for our important junk.  I can say one of my favorite "gifts" was my parents making Christmas as special as they could every single year.  And even though the trip up was always dreaded, one of my favorite gifts was them bringing Grandpa home to stay with us for a week every Christmas.

What is your favorite holiday dessert? I can't say I have one.  Mom  usually sets out some Hershey kisses or M&M's and I generally like those more than pie.  I do like cookies though.

What is your favorite holiday tradition?
The pajamas Dad gets us every year.  Generally Mom, Erin and I go to bed matching.  And I know it's something my Dad enjoys doing for us.

Candy Canes! Yuck or Yum?
I have like one a year.  I don't really have an opinion about them.  Not my favorite, but I don't hate them either!

Favorite Christmas movie? I'm not really a movie person, much less a Christmas movie person.

Saddest Christmas Song?
Christmas Shoes.  Gets me every year.

What is your favorite Christmas song?
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

Our 2010 Christmas picture.


Monday, November 28, 2011

I survived.

Thanksgiving weekend with my family. =)

This picture should be in color.. cause that's a sunset.. 
but my camera jacked the colors all kinds of up.

Kidding, but not kidding.  It was a good time, truly.  I love my family to pieces and I was beyond grateful I got to spend this Thanksgiving with them.  But I was reminded why living in my own place is so nice sometimes. =)  Love you Mom, Dad and Erin!

We had a super busy few days.  Lots of shopping (aka Walmart, downtown Colby Kansas and the craft fair in Oberlin Kansas), driving to and from various towns, extended family gatherings and a whole bunch of little things thrown in.  Tons of great food!  [[In fact, that 5 pounds I've lost.. gained about 2 and a half back.. AWESOME!]]  Plus laughter and memories that will live on forever.  Red Solo Cup anyone?  Theme song to our whole trip.

This year was different though.  In the fact that next year chances are I will not be here to spend the holidays with my family.  Unless by some slim chance Rob gets approved for leave during that time [[judging from the past, a very very slim chance.]] I will be spending the next few years with him, wherever that may be, before we settle outside of the Army.  I guess it's a hard reality of growing up and starting your own family and traditions.  It makes me sad to think about though.  Very sad.  For 21 years I have known nothing but the green bean casserole my family specializes in [[and devours]] and the trip west to see the rest of the family.  Known nothing but spending the day being thankful with my own blood line [[last Thanksgiving was spent with Rob's side of the family, but for Christmas I flew home to visit.]].  And next year it will be a bit of a wake up call to spend the holidays away from family.  I know it is time to start our own traditions... but it still makes me feel unprepared and sad to move on from the "known".


End of heavy stuff. Promise.

Does anyone have some super magical advice for dry skin?  I have the world's driest skin right now and it's driving me insane!  Not to mention my skin is sensitive to break outs when I use "too much" product.  So I am kind of losing this battle with keeping my face hydrated and healthy looking.  Any and all advice would be GREATLY appreciated. =)

The other dilemma I have is... I read all my comments (and love and adore them!) but I am not sure how to respond to them without going back to someone's own blog and leaving some random comment.  Does anyone know how to solve this problem?  There is no respond button on the comments.  Is that my blog or other people's settings?

Otherwise... tomorrow I get to sleep in.  That makes me smile.  I love sleep.  It does great things for me.  But I also have to get up and tackle that dang DMV.  Ughhhhh.. makes me cringe just thinking about it.  So I'm off.. happy week all!


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving all!!

I love this holiday!  A time to be thankful and a time to appreciate all that you have.  All the while enjoying good company and good food.  I am currently doing just that in the middle of nowhere Kansas... I hope you are doing that too (maybe minus the middle of nowhere part).

This year I am thankful for many things.  Including--

My husband.  Even though he is wayyy too far away from me this holiday, he still reminds me everyday that I have a ton of things to be thankful for.  I am thankful that I picked him up from the airport in December of 2008, I am thankful we got married in March of 2010 and I am thankful for the year we got to live together in Maryland.  I am thankful we have decided to take on this crazy journey of life together, by each other's side for the rest of time.  I am thankful to be blessed with a man that is not afraid to put his country before himself and I am thankful for each day that I get to be with him..

My family.  I haven't been the easiest on my family in the past year, but they have stood by me none the less.  I am thankful that they were able to look past certain things and open their arms to both Rob and I.  I am thankful my parents raised my sister and I the way that they did with so much love in one household.  I am thankful to be a Ritter by blood and to know that I always have their support no matter where life takes me.  I am also thankful for my in-laws.  When I married Rob I got a whole other family to call my own.  They've accepted me and welcomed me as one of their own and I couldn't be more appreciative.

My dog.  Where would I be without him?  Piston is keeping me sane (well sometimes when I am talking to him I find myself thinking I am insane.. better than talking to myself I guess.) and laughing with his crazy antics.  He is also keeping me on my toes, but I am so thankful to have his furry warm body while Rob is away from us.  I am thankful to have someone excited to see me when I come home from a long day of work.  And I am most definitely thankful that he knows when I just need some loving.

My friends.  Over the years many people have drifted in and out of my life.  There are a select few that know me better than I know myself.  They've been there for me when I've needed them the most and haven't passed one ounce of judgement.  I am so thankful to have these people in my life.  They don't mind a text message full of crazy rambles or a last minute invitation to go to dinner.  They just accept me as me.

My job and good fortune.  I am thankful to be able to go to work during the week and bring a paycheck home every couple of weeks.  It provides me with many luxuries that not many others can afford during this economy.  I am thankful to be 21.. married.. going to school still.. but enjoying life how I want to.

And you know how the rest of them go... the roof over my head, food, my health, etc.

I hope you all have a fabulous day full of scrumptious meals and tons of laughter with your nearest and dearest.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What would YOU do?

So I had a situation this evening that has left me wondering what everyone else would do...

This evening I tackled the crazy amounts of laundry that had piled up and needed done ($18 later.. but that's another story).  The apartments I live in have a gym/laundry facility on the other side of the complex.  They are two different rooms with the laundry room nestled in the corner of the gym but open via windows to the whole building.  If that makes any sense.  Anyway, I was picking up the last of my laundry and I could hear this commotion coming from out in the gym area.  It's a small gym (couple treadmills, an elliptical, some bikes and lifting equipment sum it up) and there was only a couple of people in the whole building (me, another guy doing laundry, a 5 or 6 year old, a man and a woman [I believe were with said child]), so it was pretty obvious where it was coming from.  The man was yelling and cursing at the little boy.  I'm not sure what exactly was going on.  The child was crying and the man was telling him he had to stay on the treadmill.  It seemed a little inappropriate for public but I didn't see the man touch the child (thank goodness) so I didn't interfere.

When I went to go load my car.. the other man that had been doing laundry was outside smoking a cigarette.  I was mumbling something when I came outside, a bit upset at what I had just overheard.  We made small talk about how weird/awkward that was and I even went as far as saying, "I debated whether I should call the cops or not".  I decided not to.. but it's kind of left me a bit unsettled.

Like I said the man didn't touch the child (that I saw), he just seemed very verbally abusive.  I'd hate to be the one that didn't call when I should have and helped that child out of an unfortunate situation.  I'm not a parent, and I know that sometimes you just pop.  But that seemed far more inappropriate than it should have been.  And it sickens me to know that the woman let the man pop off like that on such a young child.

The thought I can't quit thinking..

What would you guys have done in the same situation?
How do you handle a situation like that when you are in public and someone "disciplines" their child in a way you don't think appropriate?
I'm sure I shot them some dirty looks but that is about it...

Monday, November 21, 2011

From one wife to another...

This post is an honest view from someone directly affected by the choices made in Washington.  If you have time I suggest you check it out.


So I went MIA.

Yikes, blogging got away from me for just a second.

Things on my mindddddd:

-I love long weekends.  And right before another long weekend too?  I will most definitely, certainly take that boss lady.  Thank goodness for her taking vacation a week early and Thanksgiving falling on a Thursday!  (Not that this weekend has been all that productive, but it was still a long one.. and it ain't over yet.)

-I've decided the most awful situation anyone ever has to endure is going to the DMV.  Actually scratch that.. going to the DMV for something that should take five seconds.  Long story short, I ordered a personalized plate when my Dad officially gifted my car to me.  That was in October.  A few weeks ago I got the letter saying that it was in!  So on Wednesday I drove up the place I ordered it from.. to find out it's not there.  It's at a different one.  Friday I go to the other location.. and it's a 2 HOUR and 45 MINUTE wait.  What?!! To pick up a plate I already ordered?!!!  Needless to say.. not sure when I am going to have close to 3 hours to wait at the DMV to pick that up...

-Saturday's weather was GORGEOUS here in Kansas.  Almost 70 degrees.  We had windows open and music going, and Piston and I were LOVING it.  And then it went to about 30 degrees in under an hour.  Oh Kansas, you love to play mind games with me, huh?

-This week has been kind of stressful gearing up for next week at school.  I am going to be out of town most of next week.. somewhere where internet is not an easily accessible commodity.  Go figure this would be the week that one class has a group project.  How nice.. huh?  I explained to my professor my situation and she told me to go to a library.  Uh lady.. the closest ANYTHING is 30 minutes away, and I'm not kidding.. so then she was like well one year I was in Texas and I was surprised to find internet at a gas station and a coffee shop... oh really?  That'd be nice.. minus the fact there isn't either of those for probably even farther than 30 minutes.  Apparently she doesn't get Kansas. ;)

-I stepped on the scale today and it was five pounds lighter than when I started focusing on weight November 1st.  My biggest change believe it or not is eating more fruits and veggies and cutting out almost all pasta and replacing it with grilled chicken.  Not to mention not drinking soda except on occasion and instead drinking tons of water.  It's amazing how much better I feel already.  I've also cut portion sizes, without even realizing it.  I just naturally eat less and feel full faster and I've been telling myself to stop before I eat that last little bit that I'm not hungry for.  I'm a bit worried about the holidays, but I am going to try walking more.. around the farm, and with family.  In return I am not going to worry about indulging on Thanksgiving.  I just don't want to be someone that beats myself up over eating crummy one or two days.  It's not worth it.  But I am at a much better place right now, and on my way to happiness when it comes to my body again.

-So I have a minor rant... I'm getting annoyed with coupon-ers.  I mean more power to you.  I do it on big items and should probably do it on smaller ones too.  I'm not annoyed with the ones that do it for what they need.  I am annoyed with the ones that do it for stuff they don't need just because they can.  What exactly does it solve having a ton of febreeze bottles sitting around?  Not only that but it clears off a shelf of items that people are going to pay for and use.. I don't know why, it just annoys me.  Or maybe the pictures of a huge stock pile are what really annoys me...  End of soap box.

-I discovered a setting that had a bunch of the blogs I read on anonymous subscriptions.  So if I have been to your blog lately and commented but you didn't see me following until now, I APOLOGIZE!  I promise I've been reading all along!

Well it's one in the AM and that's all I can think of. =) Off to go read everyone else's fabulous blogs!  Probably won't be around much this week as the aforementioned trip is coming up here real soon!  But regardless, happy Monday to all!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Season change.

So I don't know about you all but I know that my LEAST favorite part of winter is the fact that it gets dark at 5:30.  Five thirty?!! I'm not even off of work yet.  And that's just this month... the days are going to get even shorter before they get longer again!  I'd be perfectly fine with winter if the days were as long as summer days.  I have no problem with the cold (you can always put more layers on!) especially since 9 times out of 10 the days are nice, and the nights are cold.  At least here in Kansas that is. ;)

But the other thing I don't like about winter is that depressed feeling that can sneak up on people when they go to work right after they wake up and come home after dark.  Do that four to five times a week.. and you start to get down.  I'm terrified that this year that will be an issue for me since Rob is gone.  I can't say I've ever battled with depression or anything of the likes, but I can say that I have battled feeling really lonely since Rob deployed.  It's only natural I assume.  I'm not the biggest fan of living by myself.  Granted, I do have the dog.  But when you eat all 3 meals alone during the day, and have no one to talk to BUT the dog... it gets to you.  Reminds you how lonely you truly are.  I don't know how the wives do it that go through multiple deployments AND have to be the strong one for their children.  My hats off to you ladies.

This winter I vow to make plans with my friends and family so that those feelings don't sneak up on me.  I vow to make the most of my lunch break.. opening the window shades, taking Piston for a walk or cracking the window just a tad in the car.  I vow to laugh when I feel like crying and to make the most out of this adventure. I vow to never forget that although I think I have it bad, someone almost always has it worse.

And I am ever so thankful for those that do check in on me everyday.  Especially my parents.

Well.. Monday is over, and cheers to the rest of the week.
I leave you with a picture from this weekend:

P.S. I am happy to inform everyone that Piston has gotten better since this weekend.  He had to go without food for a bit, and then eat some yummy rice and hamburger mixture, but he survived, I survived and more importantly things are pretty much back to normal.


Done.. earring holder, my way.

Well this weekend was spent going to lunch with an old friend, cleaning the closet, getting winter clothing out, doing homework, spending time with my family... AND completing one of the crafts I had been eyeing.  No idea why it took me this long to do it because it was super easy.

In case you missed it, here is my post about this craft.
(My version is not painted though)

Supplies needed for MY version:
-one spool of ribbon
-cheese graters.  I found mine at Walmart for less than $2 a piece
-hot glue

1. Cut the ribbon down to the length of the handle.  As you can tell I picked out ribbon that matches the color scheme in our bedroom, but you can pick out any color or design.  (And ideally if I had the money for it, my sheets would be made out of this silky material in this pattern!)

2. Run hot glue down the length of both edges of the handle and press the ribbon on.  Hold for a few second to let it dry.  Don't worry about the edges being a perfect fit for the length of the handle as you are going to cover it later.

3. Cut long strips of ribbon and tie into bows.  I did four so that I would have one for each size and two for each grater as I was making two of these.  I also folded the ends of the ribbon and cut to make the edges fancy.

4. Glue the bows onto each end of your ribbon strip.  I glued the bows directly to the ribbon instead of the grater itself.  You have to hold these for longer than you did the ribbon on the handle, otherwise they will not hold.

5. Add earrings!  I arranged all mine by color.. but here is just an example of what it looks like.

And I already LOVE having this around.  This morning I wore a pair of earrings I always forget about when they were just all bunched together.

Did you all do anything crafty this weekend?


Saturday, November 12, 2011

Late night musings.

I should really be going to bed but I'm freaking out over Piston.  As usual..

[[warning, going to get a bit into the TMI zone.]]

About a month ago I took him to the vet for this wheezing coughing sound and he was diagnosed with kennel cough.  So we put him on an expensive antibiotic and waited it out.  I noticed that he started having soft poop.  Okay.. no big deal.  Probably a side effect of the antibiotic.  Well here it is a month later and he has been off of it for about 2 weeks now and he still has nothing solid in his poop.  In the last 24 hours it's turned to straight liquid... it doesn't seem to phase him otherwise, but it drives me nuts!  Looks like tomorrow I will be purchasing some canned pumpkin to try and kick this dilemma in the butt..

In other news, I did some retail therapy.  I must admit I'm addicted.. ... to purses.  I've actually done really well considering my husband is not around to supervise.  Have resisted the urge to even look for weeks now.  Today that trend came to an end.  Say hello to my latest find:

The purse... I'm addicted to hardware.  I'm not sure why.

And wallet.. that is pretty darn close to matching.

The funny part about making a new purchase such as this one is that I am always so eager to go and buy something, just so I can go digging through my purse and then pull my card out of my new wallet.  Maybe that's just me...

How bout you guys, what's your addiction?

P.S. If anyone has any advice related to the dog, do share please.


Friday, November 11, 2011

MilSpouse Friday Fill-In

Hosted by Wife of a Sailor.

  1. Freedom is not free.  So many individuals have sacrificed over the years for me to be able to sit here and write this blog.. to feel safe in my apartment.. to have pride in this country.  It's taken for granted far too much these days.
  2. Veterans are amazing individuals who at one point or another sacrificed their time for this country and put their life on the line for this country at one point in time.  Whether it be the little old man proudly sporting the Veteran hat or the 18 year old fresh out of basic.  To me they are all Veterans.
  3. This country is lost in its own glory sometimes.  Many Americans forget the ideals that this country was founded on years ago.  But it is a great nation, where women have rights, opportunity is around every color and a few days a year we celebrate that beauty.
  4. Veteran’s Day means honoring all those that have served, are serving or will serve this great country.
  5. A hero is an everyday person that does un-ordinary things.  Whether it be a service-member, a fireman, a police officer or the average joe that puts his life on the line each and every day.

Happy Veteran's Day everyone! 
 I know today I am missing my husband extra hard, but I swell with pride knowing that he is out there doing his job, keeping this country safe.. and that just this one day a year he is thanked and honored for doing that.  Thank someone today.. whether it be a past or present service-member, they deserve to know the gratitude this country has for them.  I thank each and every one of you who has put your life on the line for this country.  And you wives who stand by them.. you deserve a huge thanks too.

Keep strong and carry on.


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Blog Reader.

So, I was informed that my posts are not/were not showing up in my reader's feeds.  I think I fixed this problem.  But I really don't know.  If you follow me... could you do me a favor and let me know if my posts are showing up in your feed?? Just comment right down there.. Thanks all!


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What if?

Found this over at GI Joe's Wife.

What if I were to get pregnant? Well that would be a Virgin Mary sort of deal considering my husband is thousands and thousands of miles away.

What if I could have any job in the world? Ideally someday I will be a stay at home mom that runs a design business how of my at home office.  That way I'd get to raise my children and somebody else wouldn't have to do it for me, and I'd get to use my degree for something.

What if I had a day all to myself? I have those ALL the time.. unless you count Piston as me not being by myself.  My days tend to consist of running tons of errands with the occasional pampering session thrown in. By occasional I mean few and far between really.

What if I could get married all over again? If I could do it all again huh?  I want the big ceremony and stuff, but I feel the way that we did it was the best for us at the time.  The one thing I would change is having my family and friends there with us when we eloped.  Someday in our future we will have a vow renewal that will be the ceremony I've always wanted, but there won't be that "now what" phase after.

What if I could live anywhere in the US? I love Kansas. But I also love many other parts of this country. I'd be fine living anywhere if my family or Rob's family was there as well.

What if I were to have more children? More? Maybe I should have one first? We are contemplating getting another fur baby.  It will be exciting, and make it so my house is constantly bustling without human children.  Piston would love every minute of it though considering we plan to get him a sister when we get him a backyard as well.

What if I could have any talent in the world? I'd be one of those people that works out everyday.  Doesn't have to talk themselves into it, just does it.  If only...

What if you met me in real life? You'd think I'm awesome.  I'm super easy to talk to (or at least I think) and I'm not judgmental at all.  In fact I've been known to talk and talk and talk.. especially when I am tired.. You'll learn that if I consider you a friend, I will go out of my way to do things for you.  And you'll learn that I love to love things, people, life.

What if I went back to school? Already doing it.  =) So proud of myself.  I took a semester off, changed degrees 3 times but I am still getting it done.

What if money weren't an object?  I'd pay off my student loans.. now and future.  I'd set up college plans for my someday children.  I'd drive a newer car.  I'd own a house.  I'd be a regular donor to charity..

What if I could meet one celebrity? It might be fun for like a few minutes.  But then I would realize just how weird their life is compared to mine.  I'd like to meet J.R. Martinez though.. he is such a huge inspiration.

What if I could only shop at one store for the rest of my life? Target.  I think I could manage only shopping there.

What if I could choose an animal/pet? I think Rob and I already have.. his name is Piston.  He has crazy energy.  Yes, he is named after a car part.  We also have a beta fish named Rodney.. Rod for short.  So we have Rod and Piston.. if you know anything about cars.. you'll get that.

What if I could go on a trip right now? I'd go to the Bahamas.  With Rob. It's my dream vacation to stay at the Atlantis and live as though money is truly not an issue.

What if I had to choose between a house cleaner and professional chef? I'd have to go with chef.  Then he could teach me how to cook, better.  Once I learn.. wallah, I fire the chef and get a house cleaner.  Then I sit back all day everyday and do nothing.

What if I had the option to get plastic surgery? I don't know.  I'd think long and hard about that one...


Monday, November 7, 2011

In my mind.

I've got my eye on these crafts right now.

I've got all the supplies bought for this one.. but instead of painting it and putting feet on it, I am going to wrap some ribbon around the handle part and tie it with a bow.  I purchased some ribbon that matches our bedroom and now I just need to put it together.

How cute is this?  Reminds me of a wreath.  Probably going to crank this out for my holiday cards.  (Or two or three.. IF I get that many.)

What are you guys in love with right now?


Being an adult is overrated.

Or so the whipped cream commercial says.  The same commercial that directly reflected my family at Thanksgiving every year of my life thus far.  The "adult table" and the "children's table" was the norm.  Wait, what? It's Thanksgiving time already??? I'm not sure I am ready for the holidays this year.  But it keeps catching me off guard just how quickly it's come around this year.  I guess that's one way to keep me out of the stores though... put up Christmas before Thanksgiving even pasts.

How gorgeous is this table?

I'm lucky though.  I don't have to worry about planning Thanksgiving dinner or anything.  That's what the adults are for. :)

We did decorate for Thanksgiving around here though.. we decorated, but didn't clean up.  It's like half decorated, half messy.  It's lived in

Other than the holidays creeping up on us...

-grades came back.  4.0 for my first session at DeVry.  Now to keep it up.

-it has finally rained here.  A steady rain since this afternoon.. including thunderstorms.  Kind of strange for November, but we will take it!

-4.7 magnitude aftershocks in Oklahoma?! What exactly is going on?? I can't say I'm one that has felt it though.. my dad thinks that is because I am always sitting on the couch when it happens.  I guess I'm just not an experienced earthquake person.

Well I woke up this morning with some mad drainage in my throat.  Progressively feeling worse as the day goes on.  =/ No good my friends.. I pray it doesn't develop into something worse.  Boss lady needs me at work tomorrow!  So evening plan? News. Shower. Warm bed.


So proud.

Well it's been awhile y'all.  But I FINALLY got my blog looking how I want it to.  Along with the new look it also got a new name and a new focus towards helping military spouses, showing off my creative style and in general keeping things real in the blog-osphere.  So it will be a little less personal, but you will still get a look into my life.  As Amanda... the Kansan, military wife, mother of a fur baby.. the woman.. in general.

If you visit and notice something not working or looking funny on your end, PLEASE let me know!