Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It's official.

Today EVERYTHING is annoying me.

What exactly?
Don't worry... I will tell you.

-The neighbor playing his music stupidly loud.  He lives beneath our townhouse in an apartment.  I can hear his music on the SECOND floor of my house.  It's annoying.  I hate loud bases.

-Piston keeps finding random ass things to play with.  I took him outside to go potty and he came back in and randomly grabbed one of my warm fuzzy socks and started playing keep away with me.  He has also attempted to chew up my rain boots, again.  He managed to sneak one upstairs away from me without me noticing right away.  And he pulled Rob's tennis shoes out of the laundry hamper and proceeded to chew on them too. Brat.

-It's cloudy outside.  Not raining.  Just cloudy.  It's annoying because the temperature outside is actually rather nice.  But who wants to play in gloom?

-It's 4:18 and in like 30 minutes it will be pitch black.  I may have more of a love relationship with winter if it weren't for the fact that it gets dark so damn early!  Hate it so much.

-Rob took my car to work today cause he didn't have time to get gas.  So he left me his car.  No big deal.  Minus the fact that he took HIS keys.  The key set that happens to have the only key for the civic.  Thus, he left me a car I don't have a key too.  I may not have been going anywhere today, but knowing that I can't even if I wanted to.. annoying.

-For lunch today I cooked my favorite mac and cheese that Rob's stepmom Amy gave me the recipe too.  Well I usually don't measure things I just eyeball and today my "eyeball" was off.  Big time.  I put too much milk, butter or cheese in.  I'm not sure which.  So now I am starving but my options are limited to meat, breakfast items and the same lunches I have had recently.

-I watched my dvr'd shows from the weekend today.  I mean come on it's gloomy out, what else do you want me to do?  Well one of them I dvr, I will admit is Skating with the Stars.  It's on its second episode and I'm annoyed with how the judges judge.  Their scores almost never match and I just seem like it's crap.  Not only that but they keep giving my favorite skater crap scores and I think she is doing much better compared to the ones they are scoring her next to.  I think I should become un-addicted to reality tv shows.  [[good luck with that one Amanda.]]

Just to name a few.
I guess today is just one of those days.

My neighbors music is STILL playing.  Rob should be home soon though and maybe just maybe that will help a little bit?  At least I will not feel trapped at home anymore.

Hope you guys are having a much better day.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday funday.

First I'd like to start with a quote.

"When someone bad leaves your life and says 'You'll never find anyone like me again', your response should be, I HOPE NOT!"

-Just remember it in rough times.  Okay, yall?

Second I'd like to inform everyone that we did NOTHING this weekend.  Just like I figured.  =) If you did have a whole bunch to do or were traveling home this weekend.  My thoughts are with you.  Hopefully you either got it all done or made it home safely, or all of the above.

Third.  Today I enjoyed my drive in the car.  You want to know why?  Some great country music I hadn't heard in awhile was playing on my radio.  I had a great jam session.  Then a giant, "oh wow, I miss Kansas, and the country".  Yes it's true country music makes me miss Kansas.

And finally, how bout them Chiefs?!

Hope everyone had a successful weekend.  December comes this week.  Scary, eh?

Friday, November 26, 2010

Just our luck.

Well while I sit here at the kitchen table and listen to my neighbors assortment of music (everything from country to rock blaring right about now.)... I decided I would update my blog (again, I know.) about this morning versus cleaning the house.  Which is probably what I should be doing.

First I have to share a background story.  So last New Year's Eve Rob and I stayed in a hotel out at Ocean City.  We didn't do much ourselves, but I am sure some of the over 21 crowd definitely did.  Well let me tell you that bright and early New Year's Day those fools looked like hell.  How do I know?  The diner in the basement of the hotel was smoking... I'm not sure if it was actually on fire, but it set off all the smoke alarms and we were rudely waken up and evacuated way tooo early New Year's Day.  It was a story to go down in the record books for us.

This holiday.. the morning after we were awaken to the maintenance men knocking on the door at about 8:30 in the morning.  Apparently some of our neighbors smelled gas.  They asked me if I did, and of course my answer was I just woke up I have no idea.  So he came in and walked around, smelled nothing and left.  Right after that all of Anne Arundel County's fire department was on our street.. I'm talking like 9 fire trucks and an ambulance.  So we sat on our bed looking out the upstairs window watching all the action.  I think what actually happened was the guy that lives beneath my neighbors had a gas leak of some kind and they were the only ones that could smell it above him.  Regardless, the gas'o'meter was going haywire when they walked around our neighbor's houses.  Luckily I was able to get back to sleep with my cuddle bug Piston.  Rob however, not so lucky.  He doesn't do well with going back to sleep after being awaken.

My question is... how many more holidays will have a surprise ending the next day?  Are we on to something here?

Okay. I've procrastinated cleaning long enough.  If you are shopping, I hope you aren't trampled.  If you are doing nothing, you're my kind of person!  Ha ha.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope all my friends both new and old, near and far, young and old experience the best Thanksgiving ever!  I hope that they truly give thanks for all things important to them and spend a large amount of time satisfying that need for food that never seems enough, until it's TOO much.  I hope you spend it with people that mean a lot to you, whether it be family, friends or even co-workers.  Give thanks on this day.

In Maryland we have done the stuff your face thing, and we are back at the house winding down for the night.  For me. It's blogging and Facebook.  For Rob.  It's x-box and other nerd things. :)  We spent the day surrounded by Rob's family (his Aunt, Uncle and 2 cousins that are stationed here as well.) and then his boss and a few other co-workers for the Cowboys game at least.  (Disappointing, isn't it?)  All in all a success, but definitely will not be complete until I spend the evening cuddling with my boys and treasuring the small things...


Piston... and his ways that make me smile, even through his troublesome puppy moments.  Food... the abundance and greatness that surrounded us all day.  Family... while miles and miles apart, never far at heart.  Friends... a simple text message may be all we exchange today but by no means are those simple words not sent without love from wherever we may be.  The Army... however annoying it may truly be to have the military run your life, I am forever thankful for the steady income and the opportunity Rob has been given.  For all those unaware he is headed to Airborne School next month.  This an exciting time for us, and the news I had to wait to share!  It means bigger and better things for him!  Airplanes... that will eventually take me home to see "Where I come from".  (even if the TSA is taking over a bit too aggressively.)  My freedom... especially on days like today.  My education... and what is left to get of my education.  That will make me a smarter and better person.  The opportunity I have to live in another state and experience things unknown to me.  And finally, for Rob.  Someone I am forever grateful for.  Someone I can honestly say I would not be who I am today without.  He is a truly special person to me and the love we share is unbreakable.  For that, I am thankful.

I hope yours was safe and filled with fond memories.
I'm headed back to KS in 24 days. :)

Monday, November 22, 2010


While watching the AMA [American Music Awards] 2010 I realized something that really rather annoys me.

Taylor Swift's performance was the EXACT same as the performance she did on the CMA awards less than a week ago.  Really?  I mean you can't come up with anything different?

Now I will introduce any of my readers who have not already heard my Taylor Swift rant to my Taylor Swift rant...

Reasons why Taylor Swift is overrated-

  • She can't sing live. At all.
  • Her hair is actually rather unfortunate.  No girl wants hair like that.  I promise.
  • All her songs are the same.  She writes about guys that she never really actually dated, but maybe had an encounter with?
  • You can listen to like 5 songs and they all sound the same musically.  Take your pick. Any 5.
  • She won all the awards you can win within her first year of being up for them.  Now what do you have to look forward to?
  • And the biggest annoyance... SHE IS NOT A COUNTRY SINGER.  If you are a true country artist, you stay on country radio, not switch to pop, and countless other stations.  [Kind of like Lady A.]  So can you just like decide already?
Rob calls it jealousy.  Derek thinks I'm crazy.  But I can't stand her, at all!

P.S. Last post... the thing I can't tell you all has to do with Rob and the Army.  Not anything else! ;)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

And as quickly as it came...

Its over.

Tomorrow Rob gets up at 5:18 am to head back to work.  And Lindsay and Brian's flight leaves BWI tomorrow to head back to KC.  It's not fair, cause it seems like they just got here...

We have definitely enjoyed our time together.  We visited DC, Baltimore, Annapolis [state capital, for those that are wondering.].  We showed them water, and all our favorite spots.  We even got rear ended leaving DC on day one!  [no worries, minimal damage that her insurance should pick up.  My poor car and it's booboo's should be repaired by simply replacing the back bumper.  For those of you that saw it when it got rear ended in KC, it looks almost exactly the same.  This time however, Rob and Brian said they were feeling it a bit from the impact.  Not much heard since then about it though.]  So I guess now they know that they should be SUPER thankful for the KC drivers... and their sanity.  We introduced them to Piston, who loves them.. a little bit too much.  An appointment is in my poor babies near future to get certain parts removed so that maybe just maybe he will calm down and act a tad bit more normal. Wishful thinking?  All in all I feel it has been a successful weekend, for both the end of Rob's leave and for Lindsay and Brian to get a break.  [be looking for pictures in the near future on FB.]

Coming up for us you ask?  Rob works M/T/W, then has another four day weekend off.  Like I said before we will be spending Thursday with Rob's family and possibly some co-workers too.  Today I feel like it just dawned on me though that I will not be spending Thanksgiving in Western Kansas with my family.  As much as it drove me nuts to spend all of break out of town, I'm going to miss the comfort of MY family.  The amazing meals, afternoon naps and cheap entertainment.  That is WHO I am... I can't wait until the day that I get to spend it with all of them again.  Anyway, after that it's back to work for Rob.  I leave Dec 19th for KC.  And there could be more excitement for us in the New Year [besides me getting a job of course.]  But I can't share that with you guys quite yet.  Hopefully soon. =)

If I don't manage to get back on anytime soon... Happy turkey day.  Spend it wisely and enjoy your time with friends and family.

Don't take it for granted.

Monday, November 15, 2010

It's here...

Almost that is.

And what is 'here' exactly? Lindsay and Brian getting here of course!  They will be here in 3 days.  :)  We are excited... minus the fact that Rob tore apart the spare bedroom today of course.  While installing a desktop computer and the attached xbox, all my careful organization and decorating... ruined.  So I get to start over!  No complaining here. Anyway, that is what we are preparing for now.  I realized today that it has been awhile since I last posted.  So I figured I better.  Anyone surprised I didn't post on Veterans Day?  Me too.  I meant to I really did.  I hope you guys thanked someone.

Well now that Rob has all this time off we are slowly getting things done between rounds of xbox and other random things that have come up this week.  I'm content.  I'm enjoying him not having to get up and leave for work.  Piston is as well.  Although today when Rob ran an errand this afternoon I'm pretty sure P thought he was going to work.  Much to his surprise he showed back up mere minutes later.  A happy puppy... I know that much.

Oh and if anyone is wondering... I'm typing this from my new netbook.  It took me long enough to get to the point of typing a blog entry though.  It's a major adjustment from my old brick.  As I am now calling it.  :)

So we are enjoying all the changes of the recent days and beyond ready for Thursday and the weekend to come.  Can anyone believe that next week is Thanksgiving?  Nuts!  Hope everyone has some good dinner plans with family or friends.  Looks like we will be spending ours with Rob's aunt and uncle in their new house!  Looking forward to the feast, that's for sure!

Alright more later... I got a date with the dvr, to try and get caught up!  He he..

Monday, November 8, 2010

Beginning to look a lot like...

FALL! =)

The amazing pumpkin pie candle purchased this weekend has been burning and the heater was finally turned on Saturday.  I've begun thinking about Christmas presents for everyone important and my trip home.  Options are starting to be thought of for how to keep the dog from ruining the Christmas tree this holiday season.  Thanksgiving meals are planned for this month and craft shows are scheduled for all of next weekend.  I do love this time of year, although I dread all the money that usually gets spent during this particular season, I'm enjoying having my own place to consider making new traditions for.  And while I miss my family and friends back in Kansas, I am beyond thrilled that this year I will get to spend the majority of the season with Rob and Piston!

Other than the new found fall feeling... things around here have been going pretty much like normal.  This past weekend we went to the mall (one of many around us within driving distance.  You'd be surprised how many options I have here.)  Apparently the holiday season has hit others HARD as well.  It was crazy how many people were parked outside all around the mall.  But luckily, it wasn't so unbearably crowded on the inside.  So I'm not sure where all those people were.  One of the many life questions that often confuses the hell out of me.  Ha ha.

Oh, more great news!  Rob finally got leave approved.  Third times the charm is all I have to say now! =) This Thursday he is off for Veterans Day and he doesn't have to go back until Monday Nov 22nd.  He works Mon, Tues, Wed that week and then has another four day.  So just about half the month of November off.  I'm very excited, although we will not be doing much of anything extra special during that time... it's still going to be GREAT.

Alright yall, I got some laundry to do and I probably better vacuum (Piston's new treats... pig ears... leave crumbs all over the place, and like Rob, Piston hasn't necessarily learned to clean his crumbs up yet.) and sweep the house yet before Rob gets home.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


If you didn't already know [from FB] I made a decision on what my future career is going to be.  =)  After having a heart to heart with my Dad.  He pointed out the final deciding point.  "You work the rest of your life, so you need to do something you enjoy."  And with that I decided I am going to school for interior design.  It is kind of funny to me because before wanting to be a teacher I flirted with the idea of being a designer.  Then decided that there is no way I could ever make a career out of it.  You know what.. I'm done thinking about what could or may happen with the degree.  I want to have fun going to school, and "hopefully" have fun in my future career.    So tomorrow I am going to look into if the local community college has classes for that.  [Yes, it's unfortunate because if I would have already had this decision made, I would already have this degree... I know.]  So a new journey to travel down.  I'm excited, and EXTREMELY relieved that this decision has finally been made.  No looking back now.

Have I mentioned lately it's cold?  It is.
Have I mentioned lately how much I miss Kansas?  I do.
Have I mentioned lately how crazy life can be?  It is.
Have I mentioned lately how much I miss my family?  I do, so much.
Have I mentioned lately how much I miss my friends?  I do, just as much.

**SIGH** better get off and head to bed.  Tons I want to get done tomorrow!