Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

A year ago my Timehop was all.. I can't wait for next year and the fact that I will have a little one to take trick or treating.  Which is funny, because I am not sure why I thought a nine month old would go trick or treating.

The day is finally here... and unfortunately it doesn't look quite like I was expecting.

Rob is gone.  He is TDY this first Halloween for round two of Warrant Officer Candidate School.  He made it past the PT test.. but the fun is, of course, just beginning.

Tonight I will put Grace in her Halloween costume.  Load her into her car seat and take her to three of our closest friend's houses.  My cousin is coming down from South Carolina to spend the evening with us.  And we may or may not hand out candy.

While my love isn't here, I am beyond proud about what he is doing.  If he can't be with us on this day, I want him to be there experiencing success in all of his endeavors.

Happy Halloween friends!

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Nine Months.

Welllllll we've hit nine months.  And I've looked forward to the date your first birthday falls on.  Is this real life?

Your quirks this month...

.You are still wearing size 3 diapers.

.You are mainly wearing 6 to 9 month clothing.  Some 6 month onesies are still in the rotation.  But there are also 12 month pants and sleepers in the drawers.  Basically, you are officially all over the place.

.You weighed in at your 9 month appointment at 17 pounds, 2 ounces.  You've slipped down to the 24th percentile.  Not much of a weight gain this month.

.You eat though.  You love eating!  As long as momma is funneling, Grace is eating.

.You are 28 and a half inches tall.  Which is the 86th percentile for height.

.You had your first visit to the ER.  That was fun.. not.

.You started "army crawling" like a champ.  Nothing stops you now.

.You attended your first Oktoberfest on post.  It was chilly, so you mostly stayed bundled up in the stroller, but you strolled along, all content like.

.You got your first invite directly addressed to you for a friends birthday.  At a firestation, no less.

.You started clicking your tongue this month and LOVE when people click back at you.  You will go back and forth for minutes at a time before getting bored with it.

.You sat in a highchair at a restaurant for the first time.  Mom knows you could have done this for months now, but it is so much easier to entertain you at a restaurant in your carseat then when you have access to the table.  None the less, you enjoyed it!

.You discovered the backyard.  Now whenever someone opens the door to let brother out you hightail it to the door to sit there and watch him go about his business.  The door is open?  You don't take the threshold as a stopping point...

.You went to your first pumpkin patch.  You loved the hayride but was pretty unimpressed with the rest of it.  Just like your dad you are.

.You LOVE your dad.  You start wiggling and smiling the minute he walks into the room.

.You also love momma... and cry when I walk away from you.  Dad will never admit it... but you need me too. ;)

.You still nurse fairly often.  Mainly in the morning and evening.  Mom rarely plans to nurse you in public and since you are eating more of solids, you can be distracted when you want to nurse with other foods.

.You still make nights a wee bit rough... but it is a routine.  Pretty much expected as to when you will wake up.

You are the happiest baby I know.  You only cry when you want something and you are beyond easy going.  We are so so lucky.  I LOVE this age.. as I am sure I will say for months to come.  Keep being you sweet baby doll.

Any interest in a holiday card exchange again this year?!

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Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday nighhhhht.

I swear to you all I had great intentions to get on here and do some posts more than once a week lately.  But we are working up to Rob leaving for WOCS round 2, so our routine is a bit jacked up right now.  Sorry, I'm not sorry.

But I'm sitting here on a Friday night, with my bebe snoozing next to me... the dog at the foot of the bed... my husband playing video games in the living room... and the KANSAS CITY ROYALS winning game 3 of the World Series.  So here are some random thoughts for you.

I'm not really a baseball fan.  I played softball for years growing up.  But I like baseball for one or two innings, before I am over it.  Watching it on TV?  Never. There are few sports I can stand to watch on TV and baseball is NOT one of them.  But you take a Kansas City team, and you throw them in the World Series, and I haven't missed a game in the postseason.  I so so wish I was back home to celebrate this team doing THIS for the first time since 1985.

I ordered new sheets for our bedroom.. another step closer to making our bedroom actually feel complete.  This is going to be the first project I tackle once my husband is TDY.  Why?  He isn't there to nitpick my decorating.  He never complains about the finished product, but hates the process something fierce.  But I am so so ready.

Grace's Halloween costume is one collar away from being done.  Which means nothing, unless you know what she is being.  Patience friends... reveal before too long!  I am beyond excited!  We were supposed to go to a trunk-or-treat event on Thursday.  But decided to just dress Grace up in her Halloween costume and go get pumpkins this weekend to help Rob celebrate Halloween with her.  Unfortunately he will miss her first actual Halloween... so some pre-celebrating is in order.

This gem though...

Tuesday Grace and I hit up the on post thrift store.  I love that place.  If you live on Gordon, you are missing out.  I always find gems.  This time we walked out with 2 sweaters for Grace, 2 sweaters for me, a shirt for me, a purse for me and an Americana pillow.. I spent $18.  We almost walked out with a winter coat for Grace... it was priced at only $3 and practically new.. but size 18-24 months.  At the rate Grace is growing, I'm not sure when or what season she will get into that size!  But the purse I got.. my friends, I am in love with it.  But I've ran into a mom problem.  I carry a diaper bag.  I don't particularly want to carry 2 bags.. so what does a girl do?!

This post from Samantha is basically how I feel, a lot of times.  Read it.

I hope everyone has great FALL like plans with your friends and family this weekend.  Georgia is shaping up to have a beautiful weekend weather wise.  Can't promise when another post will get on here... life y'all.  It happens.

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Monday, October 20, 2014

I must confess.

I still believe.

Admit it.
You are singing daggum Brittany Spears too.

Happy Monday friends!

Let's do a confess 'sesh right now.

I confess that this weekend I finished watching Gossip Girl on Netflix and I feel very empty.  It is absolutely NOT normal to be this wrapped up in a show.  But I am, and I don't know if there is rehab for this or what.  So I plan on starting One Tree Hill next.  I've seen the first season or two... but it's time to finish it.  Hopefully I don't start wishing I was a New York socialite madly in love with Chuck Bass after watching this show.  Yes, it is that bad.

I confess that after babysitting for some friends, I am in no rush to have any more children yet.  They have 3.. so plus ours it was 4 between Rob and I.  We only watched them for 2 hours so our friends could celebrate an anniversary.. and I broke a sweat.  But it was fun!  I am so glad we were able to help them get their first break in eight months.

Found about 30 random gems on my phone courtesy of Ash, who just turned 3.

I confess that hibachi is my favorite splurge right now.  Great friends, a relaxed husband, happy baby, good food.  That is a recipe for success.

I confess I didn't cook at all yesterday! My husband cooked lunch and he ordered dinner.  Nope, I'm not sick.  So I even got to enjoy it!  Of course that means.. back to the grind today though.  A win none the less.

Rob even fed the baby Friday after hibachi.. she was a MESS.  Haha.

I confess the jungle has returned.  Rob has a 48 hour time frame to tame it, or the redhead in me will come out.

I confess I got all the supplies for Grace's Halloween costume and a deadline of Thursday to get it completed.  Not 100%, but fairly certain I bit off more than I can chew.

So say a prayer that I meet my deadline, and I hope this week is a good one for you, you and you!

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Bribes get me this.

If you follow our adventures on Instagram... you know that this last weekend we took fall family pictures.

It was a process y'all.

First.. my husband HATES pictures.  So you have to bribe him.  In order for him to cooperate with this 30 minute photo session.. he got turtle beech headphones for his xbox (NOT cheap.. ).  SOMEONE got the short end of the stick here...

Second... even when you bribe said husband... he will still whine like you are making him go shopping, or get a manicure, or do something when football is on.  It was torture.

And THEN it was freaking 90 degrees for our FALL pictures.  So those cute outfits I had been working out in my head for like three weeks.. no good my friends.  Awesome possum Georgia.

But our photographer freaking rocks.  And she got several good ones that I just LOVE.

So with that... our fall pictures...
 Basket is a family heirloom.. that was perfectly captured in these photos.
Not sure what the heck is going on with my hair.. and the shirt/sweater combo wasn't laying flat..

What do y'all think?! I am super excited because I am pretty sure I am going to ask Ashleigh to take Grace's first birthday pictures... ..... wait. Did I just type that?! Not possible I am already thinking about that!!!

All picture were taken by A.Looper Photography.

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Friday, October 10, 2014

Eight Months.

This month definitely marked the real start of independence.  So much learning and exploring, always putting mama in awe.  But with the disappearing baby feeling, you are getting bigger and that just isn't fair, at all.

Your quirks this month...

.You still wear size 3 diapers.

.You wore 6 month clothing most of the month... but I've gradually started introducing 6 to 9 month clothing.

.You are LONG.  You easily wear 9 month sleepers, which you basically outgrew this month.

.You started rolling, everywhere.  All of the time.

.You view our attempts at corralling you as a challenge worthy of your attention.

.You started feeding yourself.  Little cereal is your favorite, and you talk your way through dinner like it is the best thing you've ever tasted.

.You aren't a fan of being rocked to sleep anymore.  You fight it hardcore.  So typically I nurse you to sleep as that seems to be the only way to get you to go down (easily, at least).

.You have zero stranger danger.  Which is okay right now because I'm always with you.. but someday I hope you develop just a basic level of stranger danger.  Haha.

.You are easily distracted.  So if you get fussy in the car, while out running errands, at an event... I just give you something different from the diaper bag, and it appeases you for awhile.

.You light up when you see daddy.  He is your favorite, of course.  Pretty sure I guessed that while you were still growing on the inside.

.Your sleep schedule at night still isn't the best... you go down between 9 and 11, wake up around 2, sleep until 6, and then go down again until 9.  Nursing each time you awake.

.You still love nursing.  But only nurse 2 to 3 times during the day.  Primarily at nap time, and bedtime.

.You love cruising around in your stroller.  Especially when it gets you out of the car seat.

.You still smile and laugh all.the.time.

You make me so proud.  You are just the sweetest little thing, and each day spent with you is a complete and utter joy.  Thank you sweet girl for being my greatest gift ever.

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Sunday, October 5, 2014

One of them fall weekends.

I'd like to first take a moment and welcome fall to Georgia.  I know you are only temporarily staying (read high 80s return Wednesday).. but I am okay with that.  Grace has a bunch of 9 month outfits that are meant for summer.  That girl.. she's growing height wise, but not width and her wardrobe is behind.  You are so so considerate fall.  ;)

We had one of those ideal fall weekends.

Friday was a whole lot of nothing.

It gets better.. don't worry.

Saturday started bright and (too) early.  Grace and I did the Color Run here in Augusta.  It was tons of fun doing it with Rachel and her family.  Little missy enjoyed cruising in her stroller and was a good sport during the whole event.  To think last year I did this.. and was pregnant with this little girl!

Last year, 2013.

After a shower for me, nap for both and bath for the baby --- we were back up and headed to Oktoberfest on post with Rob, Abby and Nick.  It. Was. Chilly.  One of those fall nights where the sun goes down and the mixture of wind and temps make your fingers cold.  A certain someone in our group (I will not call him out.. wasn't my husband though..) wore a t-shirt and shorts.. so he was literally shivering... after the guys waited in line for close to an hour and a half for some schnitzels, we listened to some authentic German music and called it early because of the cold.

All of the pictures from Oktoberfest itself are goofy.. so no shares.

Today we slept late and woke up to football (of course!) pregame shows.  After a crazy Cowboys game (my husband's team..& they won for the record), we loaded up and headed to the local fire department for a birthday party!  Grace got her first addressed-to-her-birthday-invitation, so we were off to celebrate Asher's 3rd birthday!

Not sure Grace was as excited as I was to go as anything that can't go in her mouth still doesn't really interest her.  But we (read - I) had fun!  They showed us the firetrucks and let the kiddos sit in the truck and play with the sirens.  Such a great idea for a little boy's birthday!

c/o A.Looper Photography (who is doing fall pictures for us next weekend !!!!!!!)

We are wrapping up our evening flipping back and forth between football and baseball.  While my beloved Chiefs didn't pull it off today.. the Royals sure did.  I am not a baseball fan really... but I am a Kansas City fan.  So I am beyond excited to see this team doing what it is doing for the first time since 1985... AND I so so wish I was in KC to celebrate what this last week in sports has been like for the city!

To sum it up... it was the perfect, just busy enough, sweater, jeans and boots wearing weekend.

How was yours?!

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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

That will do.

I'm loving the leisurely pace life has all of a sudden taken on. Some days are spent doing a whole lot of nothing... other days? We are busy running from thing to thing.

And I'm seriously just fine with that.

I'm also loving our make shift baby gate I came up with.. little miss has knocked over the dog bowls, gotten super close to eating dog food (what kid with a dog hasn't?) and is constantly making a break for the off limits area in our house. Kind of makes me hate our open floor plan because a 6 foot doorway does not get closed off with a cheap baby gate. Thank heavens for our 6 foot folding table. That sucker works.. for now at least.

Constantly up in her brother's business... oh and "baby gate" in the back!

While on the topic of a mobile baby.. I'm not sure I'm ready. Girl is already crazy independent.. throw in mobility and before I know it.. I'm just a boob.

Which is why I have baby fever. She's not a needy baby anymore. If I didn't have to be pregnant for 9 months again, I'd probably actively entertain the idea of bringing another person into this world.

Thank goodness pregnancy sucks.

Oh and in case Grace wanted to confirm that we are not yet ready for another child... we made our first visit to the ER yesterday.  Monday evening our girl pulled a TV tray down on her head.  She cried for like 30 seconds and then was fine.. had a little bump.  But puked a few times before bed.  Of course I was up most of the night creeping.  Yesterday she woke up just fine, but then puked again... so I decided better be safe than sorry, so we made our first visit.  The doctor said we made the right call, but that she was checking out okay.  Just to watch for further symptoms... otherwise, she's healthy and causing major stress in this momma's life.

Speaking of major stress... anyone see that Royals game last night?!  I'm a Kansas City girl through and through.  So the last 48 hours have been a-maz-ing!  If you follow me on Twitter you have probably seen about a dozen or more tweets (a week) about my precious Chiefs.. but last night it was great to see another KC team do our city right.  This October is going to be a BLUE one!!

And THIS happened... Louder than a jet plane.

I'm so ready for this month.. Bring. It. On.

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