Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My home is in Maryland.

10 days of joy and excitement in Kansas, and I am back to MY home with my boys.  Funny how I can't even recall what I was doing 10 days ago here in Maryland, it seems like SO much time has passed.  I walked through the door and barely recognized Piston.  He is HUGE.  I feel like he grew immensely while I was gone, when in reality I was just gone for 10 days surrounded by dogs a whole lot smaller than he is.  I came home to a picked up house, but still in need of some deep cleaning.  That I've decided can wait... can wait until Rob leaves for the dreaded airborne school here very very soon.  Laundry will of course have to be done, or I will have nothing to wear.  It seems like I took EVERYTHING with me to Kansas, and of course the flight home definitely felt that way with 2 checked suitcases (mine and one borrowed from Mom and Dad) and a pretty good sized duffel bag for my carry on.  It all made it safely from what I can tell.

I have big plans for what I am going to do while Rob is learning.  Including tackling the closet beneath the stairs (I'm going to make it usable once and for all.), rearranging the spare bedroom since Rob moved the desk downstairs it is kind of funkily organized right now, setting up the desk downstairs more, scrubbing every inch of the bathroom (ceiling, floor, wall, etc.), hopefully helping the carpet out maybe just a little bit with a good scrub on spots much needing it, buying curtains (FINALLY.) and of course hanging out with my nearest and dearest here in Maryland.

It's also about time for those New Year's resolutions to REALLY kick into play.  I've also decided I'm going to do 365 days worth of pictures.. one a day for the next year starting January 1st.  Be looking for that on Facebook, I may link up to here every once in awhile.

That's about it... my DVR'd TV shows are calling.  Rob is at work for hopefully only another 30 minutes, but who really knows with the Army, right?  Anyway hope everyone had a safe holiday and if you still have traveling in your plans, travel safe.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Here I am sitting on the couch at my parents house in my new pj's as of last night and it feels like every Christmas for the past 19 years.  Peaceful and full of presents, laughter and more memories.

I don't know where I will be this time next year... but I am savoring every minute of this.  As far as I am concerned, Christmas is what you make it.  It isn't always a joyful holiday for everyone but it is what you make it.

It's snowing in Maryland, in Kansas... not so much.  I miss my boys more than ever and I know it is extra hard for us to be apart on this day especially.  We are reminded how this is just the start of several weeks apart.  We can do this though.

Regardless of where you may be on this day... Merry Christmas!  I hope you make the best of it and enjoy every moment of your holiday traditions with family, friends or whomever you may be spending your day with.

Oh, and safe travels to anyone that is traveling today.
Much love---just as every other day of the year.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Kansas City.

Here I am.

Just a short, quick post.  It's been a few days.  I flew in to town yesterday.  Seen all my nearest and dearest already.  Feel like it may or may not go really fast.  Miss my babe and baby in Maryland.  Won't be long though and I will be back with them.

This place is so strange to come back to after 6 months.  I don't mean it in a bad way... just different.  Like it's evolved since I left.  Leaving me behind.

You know what... I'm okay with that.  My home is in Maryland with my boys and that is all there is to it.  I love Kansas, and I always will, but it will never be home to me again unless Rob and Piston are with me.

Going to enjoy my next 7 days though! C:  Will try and update again closer to Christmas.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


We are still just one dog owners.

This afternoon was our meet and greet with Max (the other boxer we got approved for) and Piston.  Piston of course bounded up to him and just wanted to play.  But Max made it clear he was not okay with that.  The first dog ever to get mean with Piston.  Broke my heart because all P wanted to do was play.  I've never seen a dog mope like Piston did all the way home.  Usually he gets lots of dog interaction but lately everyone takes their dogs out and lets them go potty then immediately takes them back inside since it is so cold.  So he hasn't gotten to play with any lately.  Poor boy.  I think Rob and I are leaning more towards a puppy now.  But not until February when we are both home.

On the bright side, all my Christmas shopping is done.  Left to do before I leave... wrap presents, do a load of darks and a load of whites (laundry), probably going to have to pick the house up again, I have to also buy a Secret Santa present for my friend that I got this year (our group of friends out here decided to do a Secret Santa with all the ladies.. unfortunately I'm not going to the big event, but my person will still have their present!) and of course pack.  Which I will probably put off until Saturday knowing me.

Well it's freezing here, but both my boys are home (Rob got off early to go to the appointment and didn't have to go back after.).  I didn't put any meat down for dinner, so I have to scramble and figure out what the heck we are going to do!  Oh well... such is life.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Okay so.

It's official. We are crazy.  We got approved!!! Next step is seeing if the dog and Piston get a long.  If so, we might possibly have a dog by Thursday.  I can't believe this.  Ha ha, the best and worst time EVER to get a dog. But you know it's never a bad time to rescue a shelter dog. Now is it?

Oh and.

Christmas pictures taken. Check.
Christmas picture printed. Check. (plus another 45.. for a grand total of 90.  45 of which I did not pay for but got free because the walmart computer messed up... what in the world am I going to do with an extra 45 pictures?)
Cards stuffed. Check.
Cards mailed. Check.
Present shopping started. Check.

Getting things done... 5 days left.  Going to be a busy one between this new dog potentially and what is left to do before I leave town.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

It's Sunday.

One week from today I SHOULD be in Kansas.  Weather here is looking like snow being predicted right now for that day.  Keep in mind though this is a week out still.  So I'm praying the weather straightens it's buttocks out. :D

Rob and I put an application in.  For what you ask?  A boxer at the SPCA.  For whatever reason Rob found himself looking yesterday at boxer's in the area.  Surprisingly there were 3.  So the first two we rushed home to see only to find out they had been sent to a boxer rescue in Massachusetts.  The third, Max, was awesome.  He is a white boxer with a black spot over his face.  He is from a breeder and only about 1 and a half years old.  He is a bit underweight and has some skin issues.  But those come from him being a white dog, let alone a boxer dog.  So we put in an application.  Will know more in 2 to 7 days.

I also got my first Christmas cards in the mail!  One from Lindsay and one from Rachel!  Boy am I excited.  Hopefully going to get ours mailed out of here before I leave.  After I beg Rob for a picture with me and him in front of the Christmas tree with Piston!  We will see how that plays out. :D

Well ladies and gents (whoever reads this.) I hope you have a marvelous Sunday!  And that the Chiefs win.  Also the Cowboys too, so that we can keep this whole house happy.  I also hope that I have a decent day getting things accomplished! And that a Christmas picture can be squeezed out of Rob!  Ha ha.  Will let everyone know more developments as they come.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Early New Years resolutions.

Kind of had a come to Jesus morning this morning when I discovered my true weight.  Time to make some changes.  So I've decided I will call it my early New Years resolutions and hopefully even though I am going on vacation in two weeks, I will be able to keep it up and keep it going.

1. As everyone always says, I'd like to lose weight in the New Year.  I'm not going to put a number on it but lets just say to get to where I'd like to be I need to adjust my eating habits and start exercising more often.  I mean right now I am not doing anything work or school wise.  I literally have no reason why I shouldn't be healthier.

2. Instead of going to bed at 2 am and getting up at 12 pm.  I need to start going to bed between 11 and 12 or when Rob does and getting up between like 9 and 10.  If it means I have to go by an alarm for no reason other than getting up decent until my body adjusts again, so be it.

3. I need to start disconnecting from the internet more.  By that I mean, instead of staying up an extra hour to check Facebook, my blog and e-mail, I need to just shut it off, forget about it and get to it the next morning.  If it means I miss some things, such is life.  It only seems to cause drama and who needs that in their life?

4. Also in 2011 I'd like to find a job and go back to school.  Instead of pushing them off I just need to do them.  Get the paperwork in and do my time to get those tasks accomplished.

5. Piston needs more of my time.  In 2011 we are going to MASTER potty training.  Hopefully.  I'm also going to try and take him for walks more often.  When it's not so cold during the day so he gets his energy out and I don't freeze to death.  Also, Piston will lose his manhood and we will get him up to date on all of his vet stuff.

6. Finally.  I'm going to work on making my relationship with Rob stronger.  We love and care for each other but sometimes we rub each other the wrong way and it doesn't make either one of us happy.  Instead of automatically getting frustrated, I'm going to be a bit more cautious of my attitude and how I treat him.  We are both in this for the long haul, so it needs to be enjoyable at least! :D

I'm already off to a good start today.  Now I'm headed to the gym to activate a free 2 week trial at a women's gym.  It's a good start and will put me right up to when I leave.  When I get home I will have to figure out where to go from there.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

"Baby it's cold outside."

No joke. Windchill here of like 23 degrees.  That's crazy stupid.

Just thought I'd let anyone concerned know that I had no problems getting my rental yesterday.  I am the proud temporary driver of a Chevy HHR.  Ha ha.  It's a PT Cruiser essentially.  Actually fairly nice on the inside and really makes me wish that I had an automatic.  Not that I don't like my stick and stuff.  Should be getting my car back tomorrow but haven't heard from the auto body shop yet, so I have no idea what time.

So funny story... we are attempting a different way of potty training Piston while we live in this house.  Potty pads.  We bought them.  Waited till we were home to lay one down.  Used the spray to attract him... but unfortunately he did exactly as I thought he would.  Chewed it up.  No, not just chewed it up, SHREDDED it.  Crazy dang dog!!!  So I am going to have to try it again and see if I can keep a better eye on him and maybe we can get this process started and make it successful.  Especially since he has decided he doesn't mind going outside in the cold but he doesn't want to pee when it's cold outside.  I swear this boy is like having a child.

Other than that... 11 days since it is after midnight here in Maryland.
Hope everyone is finding themselves at a good point in the week since it is now hump day!

Monday, December 6, 2010

It's been a few days.

We had a fairly eventful weekend.  And by that I of course mean busy.

It was spent volunteering at the post thrift store followed by volunteering for a children's holiday party.  Spending quality time with some good new friends chitchatting and playing card games into the wee hours of Sunday morning.  Driving to the Christmas tree farm.  Finding the perfect tree!  Decorating it and watching football.  So much accomplished it seems.  Especially after I just finished cleaning!  Our house had also managed to become pretty cluttered after a non-stop weekend... so it took me about an hour and a half just to pick everything up!  Glad the picking up is done.

Now I'm about to hop in the shower and then take my car to the auto body shop.  It's going to be there for three days.  It's getting it's booboo fixed from that lady rear ending us when Lindsay and Brian were here.  If all goes as planned I should have a rental by the end of it all as well.  I hope at least.  Being 20 it makes it hard to get cars but the lady said I will just need to fill out extra paperwork.

Oh and Rob had a good weekend... he played in a couple of poker tournaments.  The ones were you pay 20 (for Fridays case.) or 40 (for Saturdays case.) to get in and then you play against 6 or 30 some players for cash.  First night he had like $45 at the end of the night so he made a little and Saturday he came home with $200 plus!  So he was extremely excited about that.

Of course the Chiefs won AND the Cowboys.  :D  Good good weekend.

13 days till I am in KC again.  SO much to do still, but some things are getting marked off so it is making it a little bit less intimidating.

Alright, better run.  Happy Monday all!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Two things.

1. I got Christmas cards started.  Out of my list of 36 family and friends, 10 are done.  WOOOO, go me!

2. I hate the cold.  They are talking of snow.  RAWR.  But I guess it's better than being too hot and not being able to take off another layer, right?  I will keep reminding myself that.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

December already?


I leave for Kansas in 17 days.  I have no gifts for anyone back home.  I have a Christmas dinner for Rob's company that is formal attire between now and then.  I'm praying it doesn't snow.  I feel like there are a MILLION things to get done before I can head home.  Then when I am home there will be approximately NO relaxation.  Looks like trips will be made to see both grandparents I believe, and I am also planning on driving down to see Rob's dad and step-mom and all the kiddos there.  So it will probably be a busy week and fly by in no time.  Only to come home and have 3 days with Rob where he turns right around and leaves for another 3 weeks.  Joyous.  Let me tell you.

Anyway enough of that woe-is-me tale.  Today has actually been fairly successful.  Got up early.. ran my errands.  Then took a mini road trip about 40 minutes away (I'm calling it a road trip only because I had to go in the Baltimore tunnel... which to me, a Kansas girl, that doesn't happen very often.)  to try and sell some purses to Platos.  (They tried to rip me off... rude dudes.  Does this make any sense... they look over my bags, pull out all but two and then tell me they can give me $25.  I was like really?  INCLUDING that Coach and Vera Bradley purse with matching wallet.  I was like I will keep those.  Somehow someway I will get decent money for those... I ended up walking out with $16.  How does that happen?  The two designer purses were worth $9?  I'm not buying it.)  After that I decided, hey what a GREAT day to re-organize my closet.  That task is still not complete because I took a catnap in bed with the boys and then watched Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  I'm awesome, right?  Rob is still passed out... probably for the rest of the night so the house is awfully quiet.  Minus Piston who just snuck off with a sneaker sitting in a to-get-rid-of pile.  Buttface.  Hold on one moment while I go wrestle it from him, because I am sure he is going to want to play keep away.---Back, but now I have a new issue.. the hall light is out!  Crap, now I can't see anything when I try and go down to the dark downstairs to get that shoe away from Piston.  Lovely.  He just took off with something else.  Dogs I'm telling you...

So. When I went through my closet I discovered all my graduation cards people sent me in May.  I re-read each and every one of them.  I'm nervous that this holiday season I will still be included in all of my parents Christmas cards versus our own.  Hopefully that is not the case but only time will tell.  Most of you know how much I love mail that is personal and heartfelt.  Well, tomorrow starts my Christmas card process!  I've already got my list made and tomorrow I start addressing.  I was hoping to get personalized ones but Rob is not much of one for pictures.  Maybe after we put our tree up this weekend he will let me get one picture of me, him and Piston and then I can just include a 4x6 in everyone's card.  The cheap way!  I'm excited though... love cards, love mail, love making other people smile.

Okay.. time to chase P boy down again and then finish cleaning up this room so his attempts at stealing stuff end nowhere.  Happy Friday, well almost.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Well shucks.

There was something I was going to blog about and now I can't for the life of me remember what.  Love it. Or hate it.

Things going on---I started a new book last night and read for about two straight hours.  I think this book will be done by the end of the week.  Piston is still managing to find anything and everything to chew up.  Balls removal is looking greater and greater.  I really can't stand whining.  Just so you know.  If in the past I have ever whined to you, I am sorry.  Please slap me next time. Ugh.  Rob and I signed up to get a free Christmas tree from the USO.  So we will have a beauty in our house as of Sunday.  Have I mentioned I have not even started Christmas shopping?  Ha ha.  I haven't.  Oh, another thing I can't stand.  Catty bitchy ladies.  RAWR back to you!  Apparently this morning we had some "monster" storm come through.  I was sleeping.  Heard nothing but wind.  Must not have been too "monster".  But it did blow a bunch of tree branches down.

Really whatever I had thought about blogging about was much much better and more entertaining than this.  Sorry all!

Hope your hump day was maybe a bit more eventful?
Off to read my book.
Just took a nice long shower.
Now I'm done blogging.
Relaxation time here I come.

As always, love and hugs from the big MD.

Two seconds later, I of course remembered...

Today I did something GREAT.  I cleaned out my FB friends.  Got rid of some drama, people I'm friends with but rarely talk/ed to and people whose posts annoyed the beejesus out of me.  It made me feel marvelous!  Sometimes cleaning out people that are probably only friends with you to creep on you is a great idea.  I may have only deleted like 20 contacts, but I feel better.  Now only the important people, family friends and family are on there.  Kind of a relief to know that.

If you haven't done it lately, I'd highly suggest it!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It's official.

Today EVERYTHING is annoying me.

What exactly?
Don't worry... I will tell you.

-The neighbor playing his music stupidly loud.  He lives beneath our townhouse in an apartment.  I can hear his music on the SECOND floor of my house.  It's annoying.  I hate loud bases.

-Piston keeps finding random ass things to play with.  I took him outside to go potty and he came back in and randomly grabbed one of my warm fuzzy socks and started playing keep away with me.  He has also attempted to chew up my rain boots, again.  He managed to sneak one upstairs away from me without me noticing right away.  And he pulled Rob's tennis shoes out of the laundry hamper and proceeded to chew on them too. Brat.

-It's cloudy outside.  Not raining.  Just cloudy.  It's annoying because the temperature outside is actually rather nice.  But who wants to play in gloom?

-It's 4:18 and in like 30 minutes it will be pitch black.  I may have more of a love relationship with winter if it weren't for the fact that it gets dark so damn early!  Hate it so much.

-Rob took my car to work today cause he didn't have time to get gas.  So he left me his car.  No big deal.  Minus the fact that he took HIS keys.  The key set that happens to have the only key for the civic.  Thus, he left me a car I don't have a key too.  I may not have been going anywhere today, but knowing that I can't even if I wanted to.. annoying.

-For lunch today I cooked my favorite mac and cheese that Rob's stepmom Amy gave me the recipe too.  Well I usually don't measure things I just eyeball and today my "eyeball" was off.  Big time.  I put too much milk, butter or cheese in.  I'm not sure which.  So now I am starving but my options are limited to meat, breakfast items and the same lunches I have had recently.

-I watched my dvr'd shows from the weekend today.  I mean come on it's gloomy out, what else do you want me to do?  Well one of them I dvr, I will admit is Skating with the Stars.  It's on its second episode and I'm annoyed with how the judges judge.  Their scores almost never match and I just seem like it's crap.  Not only that but they keep giving my favorite skater crap scores and I think she is doing much better compared to the ones they are scoring her next to.  I think I should become un-addicted to reality tv shows.  [[good luck with that one Amanda.]]

Just to name a few.
I guess today is just one of those days.

My neighbors music is STILL playing.  Rob should be home soon though and maybe just maybe that will help a little bit?  At least I will not feel trapped at home anymore.

Hope you guys are having a much better day.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday funday.

First I'd like to start with a quote.

"When someone bad leaves your life and says 'You'll never find anyone like me again', your response should be, I HOPE NOT!"

-Just remember it in rough times.  Okay, yall?

Second I'd like to inform everyone that we did NOTHING this weekend.  Just like I figured.  =) If you did have a whole bunch to do or were traveling home this weekend.  My thoughts are with you.  Hopefully you either got it all done or made it home safely, or all of the above.

Third.  Today I enjoyed my drive in the car.  You want to know why?  Some great country music I hadn't heard in awhile was playing on my radio.  I had a great jam session.  Then a giant, "oh wow, I miss Kansas, and the country".  Yes it's true country music makes me miss Kansas.

And finally, how bout them Chiefs?!

Hope everyone had a successful weekend.  December comes this week.  Scary, eh?

Friday, November 26, 2010

Just our luck.

Well while I sit here at the kitchen table and listen to my neighbors assortment of music (everything from country to rock blaring right about now.)... I decided I would update my blog (again, I know.) about this morning versus cleaning the house.  Which is probably what I should be doing.

First I have to share a background story.  So last New Year's Eve Rob and I stayed in a hotel out at Ocean City.  We didn't do much ourselves, but I am sure some of the over 21 crowd definitely did.  Well let me tell you that bright and early New Year's Day those fools looked like hell.  How do I know?  The diner in the basement of the hotel was smoking... I'm not sure if it was actually on fire, but it set off all the smoke alarms and we were rudely waken up and evacuated way tooo early New Year's Day.  It was a story to go down in the record books for us.

This holiday.. the morning after we were awaken to the maintenance men knocking on the door at about 8:30 in the morning.  Apparently some of our neighbors smelled gas.  They asked me if I did, and of course my answer was I just woke up I have no idea.  So he came in and walked around, smelled nothing and left.  Right after that all of Anne Arundel County's fire department was on our street.. I'm talking like 9 fire trucks and an ambulance.  So we sat on our bed looking out the upstairs window watching all the action.  I think what actually happened was the guy that lives beneath my neighbors had a gas leak of some kind and they were the only ones that could smell it above him.  Regardless, the gas'o'meter was going haywire when they walked around our neighbor's houses.  Luckily I was able to get back to sleep with my cuddle bug Piston.  Rob however, not so lucky.  He doesn't do well with going back to sleep after being awaken.

My question is... how many more holidays will have a surprise ending the next day?  Are we on to something here?

Okay. I've procrastinated cleaning long enough.  If you are shopping, I hope you aren't trampled.  If you are doing nothing, you're my kind of person!  Ha ha.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope all my friends both new and old, near and far, young and old experience the best Thanksgiving ever!  I hope that they truly give thanks for all things important to them and spend a large amount of time satisfying that need for food that never seems enough, until it's TOO much.  I hope you spend it with people that mean a lot to you, whether it be family, friends or even co-workers.  Give thanks on this day.

In Maryland we have done the stuff your face thing, and we are back at the house winding down for the night.  For me. It's blogging and Facebook.  For Rob.  It's x-box and other nerd things. :)  We spent the day surrounded by Rob's family (his Aunt, Uncle and 2 cousins that are stationed here as well.) and then his boss and a few other co-workers for the Cowboys game at least.  (Disappointing, isn't it?)  All in all a success, but definitely will not be complete until I spend the evening cuddling with my boys and treasuring the small things...


Piston... and his ways that make me smile, even through his troublesome puppy moments.  Food... the abundance and greatness that surrounded us all day.  Family... while miles and miles apart, never far at heart.  Friends... a simple text message may be all we exchange today but by no means are those simple words not sent without love from wherever we may be.  The Army... however annoying it may truly be to have the military run your life, I am forever thankful for the steady income and the opportunity Rob has been given.  For all those unaware he is headed to Airborne School next month.  This an exciting time for us, and the news I had to wait to share!  It means bigger and better things for him!  Airplanes... that will eventually take me home to see "Where I come from".  (even if the TSA is taking over a bit too aggressively.)  My freedom... especially on days like today.  My education... and what is left to get of my education.  That will make me a smarter and better person.  The opportunity I have to live in another state and experience things unknown to me.  And finally, for Rob.  Someone I am forever grateful for.  Someone I can honestly say I would not be who I am today without.  He is a truly special person to me and the love we share is unbreakable.  For that, I am thankful.

I hope yours was safe and filled with fond memories.
I'm headed back to KS in 24 days. :)

Monday, November 22, 2010


While watching the AMA [American Music Awards] 2010 I realized something that really rather annoys me.

Taylor Swift's performance was the EXACT same as the performance she did on the CMA awards less than a week ago.  Really?  I mean you can't come up with anything different?

Now I will introduce any of my readers who have not already heard my Taylor Swift rant to my Taylor Swift rant...

Reasons why Taylor Swift is overrated-

  • She can't sing live. At all.
  • Her hair is actually rather unfortunate.  No girl wants hair like that.  I promise.
  • All her songs are the same.  She writes about guys that she never really actually dated, but maybe had an encounter with?
  • You can listen to like 5 songs and they all sound the same musically.  Take your pick. Any 5.
  • She won all the awards you can win within her first year of being up for them.  Now what do you have to look forward to?
  • And the biggest annoyance... SHE IS NOT A COUNTRY SINGER.  If you are a true country artist, you stay on country radio, not switch to pop, and countless other stations.  [Kind of like Lady A.]  So can you just like decide already?
Rob calls it jealousy.  Derek thinks I'm crazy.  But I can't stand her, at all!

P.S. Last post... the thing I can't tell you all has to do with Rob and the Army.  Not anything else! ;)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

And as quickly as it came...

Its over.

Tomorrow Rob gets up at 5:18 am to head back to work.  And Lindsay and Brian's flight leaves BWI tomorrow to head back to KC.  It's not fair, cause it seems like they just got here...

We have definitely enjoyed our time together.  We visited DC, Baltimore, Annapolis [state capital, for those that are wondering.].  We showed them water, and all our favorite spots.  We even got rear ended leaving DC on day one!  [no worries, minimal damage that her insurance should pick up.  My poor car and it's booboo's should be repaired by simply replacing the back bumper.  For those of you that saw it when it got rear ended in KC, it looks almost exactly the same.  This time however, Rob and Brian said they were feeling it a bit from the impact.  Not much heard since then about it though.]  So I guess now they know that they should be SUPER thankful for the KC drivers... and their sanity.  We introduced them to Piston, who loves them.. a little bit too much.  An appointment is in my poor babies near future to get certain parts removed so that maybe just maybe he will calm down and act a tad bit more normal. Wishful thinking?  All in all I feel it has been a successful weekend, for both the end of Rob's leave and for Lindsay and Brian to get a break.  [be looking for pictures in the near future on FB.]

Coming up for us you ask?  Rob works M/T/W, then has another four day weekend off.  Like I said before we will be spending Thursday with Rob's family and possibly some co-workers too.  Today I feel like it just dawned on me though that I will not be spending Thanksgiving in Western Kansas with my family.  As much as it drove me nuts to spend all of break out of town, I'm going to miss the comfort of MY family.  The amazing meals, afternoon naps and cheap entertainment.  That is WHO I am... I can't wait until the day that I get to spend it with all of them again.  Anyway, after that it's back to work for Rob.  I leave Dec 19th for KC.  And there could be more excitement for us in the New Year [besides me getting a job of course.]  But I can't share that with you guys quite yet.  Hopefully soon. =)

If I don't manage to get back on anytime soon... Happy turkey day.  Spend it wisely and enjoy your time with friends and family.

Don't take it for granted.

Monday, November 15, 2010

It's here...

Almost that is.

And what is 'here' exactly? Lindsay and Brian getting here of course!  They will be here in 3 days.  :)  We are excited... minus the fact that Rob tore apart the spare bedroom today of course.  While installing a desktop computer and the attached xbox, all my careful organization and decorating... ruined.  So I get to start over!  No complaining here. Anyway, that is what we are preparing for now.  I realized today that it has been awhile since I last posted.  So I figured I better.  Anyone surprised I didn't post on Veterans Day?  Me too.  I meant to I really did.  I hope you guys thanked someone.

Well now that Rob has all this time off we are slowly getting things done between rounds of xbox and other random things that have come up this week.  I'm content.  I'm enjoying him not having to get up and leave for work.  Piston is as well.  Although today when Rob ran an errand this afternoon I'm pretty sure P thought he was going to work.  Much to his surprise he showed back up mere minutes later.  A happy puppy... I know that much.

Oh and if anyone is wondering... I'm typing this from my new netbook.  It took me long enough to get to the point of typing a blog entry though.  It's a major adjustment from my old brick.  As I am now calling it.  :)

So we are enjoying all the changes of the recent days and beyond ready for Thursday and the weekend to come.  Can anyone believe that next week is Thanksgiving?  Nuts!  Hope everyone has some good dinner plans with family or friends.  Looks like we will be spending ours with Rob's aunt and uncle in their new house!  Looking forward to the feast, that's for sure!

Alright more later... I got a date with the dvr, to try and get caught up!  He he..

Monday, November 8, 2010

Beginning to look a lot like...

FALL! =)

The amazing pumpkin pie candle purchased this weekend has been burning and the heater was finally turned on Saturday.  I've begun thinking about Christmas presents for everyone important and my trip home.  Options are starting to be thought of for how to keep the dog from ruining the Christmas tree this holiday season.  Thanksgiving meals are planned for this month and craft shows are scheduled for all of next weekend.  I do love this time of year, although I dread all the money that usually gets spent during this particular season, I'm enjoying having my own place to consider making new traditions for.  And while I miss my family and friends back in Kansas, I am beyond thrilled that this year I will get to spend the majority of the season with Rob and Piston!

Other than the new found fall feeling... things around here have been going pretty much like normal.  This past weekend we went to the mall (one of many around us within driving distance.  You'd be surprised how many options I have here.)  Apparently the holiday season has hit others HARD as well.  It was crazy how many people were parked outside all around the mall.  But luckily, it wasn't so unbearably crowded on the inside.  So I'm not sure where all those people were.  One of the many life questions that often confuses the hell out of me.  Ha ha.

Oh, more great news!  Rob finally got leave approved.  Third times the charm is all I have to say now! =) This Thursday he is off for Veterans Day and he doesn't have to go back until Monday Nov 22nd.  He works Mon, Tues, Wed that week and then has another four day.  So just about half the month of November off.  I'm very excited, although we will not be doing much of anything extra special during that time... it's still going to be GREAT.

Alright yall, I got some laundry to do and I probably better vacuum (Piston's new treats... pig ears... leave crumbs all over the place, and like Rob, Piston hasn't necessarily learned to clean his crumbs up yet.) and sweep the house yet before Rob gets home.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


If you didn't already know [from FB] I made a decision on what my future career is going to be.  =)  After having a heart to heart with my Dad.  He pointed out the final deciding point.  "You work the rest of your life, so you need to do something you enjoy."  And with that I decided I am going to school for interior design.  It is kind of funny to me because before wanting to be a teacher I flirted with the idea of being a designer.  Then decided that there is no way I could ever make a career out of it.  You know what.. I'm done thinking about what could or may happen with the degree.  I want to have fun going to school, and "hopefully" have fun in my future career.    So tomorrow I am going to look into if the local community college has classes for that.  [Yes, it's unfortunate because if I would have already had this decision made, I would already have this degree... I know.]  So a new journey to travel down.  I'm excited, and EXTREMELY relieved that this decision has finally been made.  No looking back now.

Have I mentioned lately it's cold?  It is.
Have I mentioned lately how much I miss Kansas?  I do.
Have I mentioned lately how crazy life can be?  It is.
Have I mentioned lately how much I miss my family?  I do, so much.
Have I mentioned lately how much I miss my friends?  I do, just as much.

**SIGH** better get off and head to bed.  Tons I want to get done tomorrow!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

My outlet.

And by that I mean... my outlet for a short rant.

I graduated high school in 2008.  I was a "drama queen".  I enjoyed it.  When I graduated, all I wanted to do was move on with my life.  Make new friends and keep the old true ones.  For the most part that is what I did.  I left the drama behind and worked and focused on school.  When I moved out here... I had NO idea what was coming my way in terms of friendships and drama.  I looooooooooooove all the girls I have met out here.  They are all special and unique in their own individual way.  With all of us coming from different parts of the nation, we all bring different qualities to the table.  It's nice... BUT it's also a recipe for drama.  So many girls, often bored with their lives, have nothing better to do than create drama.  Even as adults.  Now after a couple of months I have reached the point where I am ready to take a GIANT step back and re-evaluate the drama in my life.  It is really not necessary, at all.  All it does is cause stress... when something goes down, I want to talk and blab about it.  When no one else is around... Rob gets to hear it.  Let me tell you, he is beyond sick of it.  For me it's just not worth it.  I want to be happy and have fun regardless of who or what is going on with other people.  It's really none of my concern unless they personally share it with me.  From here on out I am going to try my VERY hardest, to not let other people's business become a concern of mine.  Going to start going with the flow and not caring about what should be or could be.  And absolutely NOT passing judgment on people I have not personally had an encounter with.  I am who I am, and dammit, if you don't like it.... KISS MY ASS. :)

On another note, Happy Halloween all!! I purchased candy this afternoon from Target... then 6 o'clock hit and we didn't have our first trick-or-treater until like 6:30 and it was Rob's cousins!  Luckily it did pick up cause some of our neighbors turned on their lights as well.  Our first Halloween is over.  Piston survived, although he was rather worked up there for a bit.  Rob watched his candy leave the house, and kind of had a melt down.  But it was a success!  My first Halloween in my very own house... sighh.

Well, Jess is here in town!  Already we went to a Halloween party, shopped, ate pizza (not once but twice) and hung out in the first two days of her month long stay here.  It's nice to have a family member here from my side.  Hopefully I will get to see the rest of her family or at least some of them while she is here too.  Other than that, this was a big weekend for us.  Now I am just counting down the days till my lovely best fran Lindsay is here!  I am so very excited.  I know it will be a blast to have some more pieces of Kansas here.  And before you know it yall, I will be in Kansas visiting myself!!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Holiday news.

Well... unfortunately... we got the news we have been waiting on today.  Rob's leave got denied by the Army.  (Just another joy of being attached at the hip to the military.)  So I get to come home to Kansas in December by myself.  Not what I was hoping for.  At all.  But sometimes you don't get what you want.  (...or all the time.)  Sucks big time, but we will all survive.  Just means I will be in KS/MO for 8 days versus the planned 14.  On a positive note we DID get the airplane tickets bought so that I can go home.  So OFFICIALLY I will be home December 19th to December 28th.  Hopefully I will get a chance to take a day trip down to Springfield and see Rob's family (cause they were informed we would be there.. and I want to see them!) but at this point some decisions still need to be made.  Now, I am just ready for December to get here.  Get excited folks!

Another upside is that the baby (aka dog) will not be home by himself.  Which makes me happy... even though I have to sacrifice for it.  Just means the boys will have 8 days together to bond and what not... pray for good weather yall.

That is all.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

1:52 in the AM.

And I am sitting in the newly rearranged office/guest bedroom.  I LOVE IT.  For anyone that knew me before I got the daybed (the one that is hopefully, maybe, currently still in the bedroom I lived in for 9 years.) they knew that I spent many nights up late rearranging my bedroom.  Why? No reason.  Just a passion.  It's funny how simply rearranging the furniture and putting objects in a different place brings out so much optimism and a real change.  When I moved to Shawnee from Overland Park in 2001 I started this habit of every couple of weeks (or multiple times a week) rearranging or reorganizing my bedroom.  My furniture was so light and I could move it by myself.  My parents were always shocked at how often I changed it and I may have gotten in trouble a few times for being up so late doing it.  But I THRIVED off of it.  (I get that passion for changing things up from my Grandma Ritter I do believe... every time we used to go to the farmhouse she would have rearranged upstairs or repainted.  It was a habit of hers I remember well.. and miss greatly.)  Then I got the daybed and I kind of stopped doing it so much.  (That daybed is a HEAVY sucker and it only fit on one wall cause of the window, closet door and bedroom door.)  Don't get me wrong I still spent many hours rearranging the closet and the rest of the furniture, but the big bedroom overhauls kind of stopped.  Well when I found out my cousin Jessica (Mom's side... Her niece's daughter, who is my age actually.) was coming to stay with Rob and I next Thursday for a night.  I decided to clean the spare, and rearrange it.  (Something I planned on doing before Lindsay and Brian got here in a few weeks anyway.)  I started at like 9 ish.. and finished at about 1.  While my furniture here is not near as light as the furniture I first started rearranging... I got it all done. By myself.  Ikea furniture is not light though.  Let me tell youuuu. :)  P.S. I think I know the reason I found the energy to do this... On Thursday I started taking green tea again.  These amazing little caffeine pills give me the extra boost to get EVERYTHING done that I am thinking or have been thinking of doing.  Plus it speeds up my metabolism which helps with weight loss.

Needless to say I'm on a good roll.... especially after deep cleaning the kitchen on Thursday.  I'm talking going through the food cabinets and rearranging and throwing out good and bad food.  Next on my agenda.. OUR ROOM. We got to clean the carpets reallll good though first before I see that being something we can do.  But I have that room all figured out as well.  May need Rob's help though this time moving the queen sized bed.  (Our spare room has the exact same Ikea bed frame but it is a full.)

What else has been crack-a -lacking lately?  I visited the White House.  Glad to say I have been there.  But feel like I didn't miss out on much.  Unfortunately... Survived riding the Metro.  (The train into and out of DC. I'm not scared of it, but have had the horror stories on the news and it never sits well with me.)  Played bingo with Rachel (my sister from Georgia.. we really do tell people we are sisters.).  Won a round of bingo.  With like five other people.  Didn't win THAT basket.  Won another basket.  Basket was full of TONS of goodies.  Seemed to have a college theme to it.  Several t-shirts, coffee mugs, school supplies, etc.  Attended an Avon Holiday party.  Shopped at Hobby Lobby... (have you been there lately?  If not.. please go.) and you know how the rest of my day pretty much went down. :D

Ok, I should probably go try and get Rob to move off the couch and upstairs to the bed.  He doesn't like his sleep being interrupted (who does?) so he tends to get a wee-bit grumpy.  Hope you all are enjoying your weekend.  Halloween is next weekend... how exciting.  But scary.  THIS YEAR HAS GONE SOOOO FAST. :(

Monday, October 18, 2010

Ups and downs.

Well rather than update you all on every mundane detail of everything that has happened since last Wednesday I thought I'd put together a PROS and CONS/UPS and DOWNS/YAYS and.. well.. the bad  parts of the past couple of days.

Let's start with the positives.
-Piston and I have mastered walking like normal people around the neighborhood.  IE, he no longer pulls me like we are in a super big rush.  He has a harness that he wears whenever we go outside now that pulls on him when he pulls on me.  Such an awesome thing I tell ya.
-Rob and I have mapped out Christmas gifts for everyone important this year.  Now on to buy them.
-We fixed our cars.  Oh wait, you all didn't hear THAT story.  Wednesday night Rob got home from work in my car and the drivers side window would not go up.  We take apart the door to discover a missing bolt.  Unfortunately the bolt was un-retrievable from the bottom of the door and we ran out of light on Wed.  Thursday it rained so my car sported a giant trash-bag eye patch as I am now calling it until Saturday morning. (Rob got home late on Fri.. so no daylight.) Sat we got up and fixed it and then yesterday he fixed some issues on his car as well.
-The weather has been fairly awesome the past couple of days.  A little wind, and FREEZING at night, but beautiful days.
-Sunday I got to go shopping just a bit.  Something I have greatly missed since moving out here and no longer having my own job.  So it was very appreciated.
-Rob won his fantasy football game this weekend.

the negatives. =/
-Our neighbors are rude. Still. No surprise huh?  The past two nights have consisted of some ridiculously loud music bumping between the hours of like 9 and 10:30.  I miss the nice Midwestern people!
-Chiefs lost.
-Cowboys lost.
-Laptop is missing the F5 key.  It may be nobody's fault but my own.  It has decided that it and the internet do not want to work all that well together.  (Ridiculous I tell ya.) and I may or may not have showed it who is boss leading to a key mysteriously falling off.  POS.
-Piston thinks barking is the answer.
-After being woken up by the jackhammer on Wednesday.. I was woken up by a saw on Friday at 7:30 IN THE MORNING. (You better believe this resulted in a nasty gram phone call to my rental office.  Do they seriously not have standards for when they tell their contractors they can come out and start being rude in the mornings?) and then on SATURDAY Rob and I were woken up again at 7:30 to a cement mixer truck.  (Thus my car getting fixed by like 10AM.)
-Oh, on the note of sleeping... I've developed a habit of being REALLY restless at night, and it's not working too well for me.

That's depressing more negatives than positives.  Well, in all fairness there really hasn't been anything FUN going on around here recently.  So, I guess maybe that is why?

[One month EXACTLY and Lindsay and Brian are here to visit.]
[Two months and one day until Rob and I are back in the MIDWEST!]

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What a day.

I have a thing to rant about and thing to celebrate!

For starters, I have NEVER had so many things that I hate about the morning.  Like for example, when I get woken up by a jackhammer at like 9 in the morning.  Really?  You have to start doing that so early?  Extremely disappointing.  I am kind of okay with getting up at nine in the morning. But absolutely under no circumstances am I okay with being woken up at nine in the morning to THAT.  Ya dig?

The celebration-these Chilean miners.  I can't imagine what it is like to be them.  Their family.  Or the rescuers.  There are 33 of them.  What if something goes wrong halfway through?  That's all I keep thinking.  19 of them are out though, and THAT is something to celebrate!  It's amazing that they are even at this point considering how long they have been stuck in that mine and the number of days it even was before people at the surface knew they were in there alive.  Nuts to think about all the things that were working against them, but look at where they are now.  I feel pride for them.  That's all I have to say on that topic.

I have unfortunate news to report.  Piston will be losing his manhood soon.  Not only that, but he will not be coming home with us in December.  Unfortunate, ain't it?  I'm sad.  It is going to be a long two weeks without my buddy.  Considering I spend EVERYDAY with him when I am here.

Alright, that is all.
Happy hump day.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

"Waiting all day for Sunday night"

Well this past week/weekend has been pretty good.  Nice and relaxing.  Among other things that went on this week.  The most notable was a gathering with some of the girls from here again.  We had a "pj-party".  It was pretty fun... games and all.  On Friday we tried to go fishing.  But let me tell you all something, this place ain't NOTHING like Kansas. (incase you haven't already noticed.)  There aren't just little fishing holes all over town within driving distance.  But we tried and didn't come up with much unfortunately.  We tried though.  Piston discovered that he likes hiking though.  So that may be something we try to do more often.  (after I get in better shape of course!)  This weekend has been alright.  Probably not as memorable as last weekend, but still good.  I'll take it.  Left to do this month is GET PUMPKINS.  I'm so freaking excited.  I don't know why!  Ha ha, maybe next weekend for us?  We would have went this weekend but both days we wanted to go the weather felt too summer like and I was like we can't go unless it's cool out of course!

Still on the job hunt.  I'm really not trying as hard as I could.  Go figure.  Recently I've been considering going to school to become a social worker.  My biggest fear is getting TOO attached to cases.  Bringing their issues home with me and the likes.  So I'm going to have to think on that some more.  Next semester I am just going to take classes online though I think I've decided.  **Sigh**... not ideal.  I miss being in the classroom with tons of people to watch and get to know.  So I am jealous of everyone that is getting to do that right now.  No matter how stressful it is... I'm still jealous.

Other good news... Piston slept until like 10 AM both yesterday and today!  I was so so so excited cause weekends are usually my morning shifts.  So any longer that he sleeps in the better.

So really I had not much to update on.  I miss you all... it doesn't get any easier.  Somedays are especially bad.  But you make the best of your situations, and I am so thankful to be here with Rob and of course little (not so little) Piston Lou!  Just wish I could have brought everyone with me or had Rob move back to the good ole Midwest.  But when it comes to the military, you don't usually get a choice.

Anyway hope everyone is having a good fall and such!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Complain complain.

Since my lovely friend Derek Meier brought to my attention that I have not blogged much lately I thought I would throw a quick update out there to all who read this.

Minus Rob "not" being able to smell poop obviously sitting upstairs (long story, no need to ask.) not much has been going on.  We just came off of an incredibly good weekend.  Rob had a four day like I posted and we spent the whole weekend relaxing together for the most part.  Saturday I went to Ikea with Rachel.  (My new friend from Georgia.)  For those of you from the Midwest that don't know what that is... it's an AMAZING store that sells particle-board furniture affordably and organizing/decorating accessories.  It's a wonderful store that fits me perfectly.  Sadly every time I go I wish I had more money.  If you'd like to check Ikea out... there's their website... I'd suggest checking out the Swedish store. :D  Also on Saturday Rob and I went with the Moore's to Six Flags.  First time I have ever been to a Six Flags.  Not much different than Worlds of Fun honestly.  Same sort of roller coasters just named different.  It was Fright Fest so we all had fun.  It was a good time doing something we don't normally get to do.

Football was on Sunday as usual.  How about them Chiefs?!  Only undefeated team left!  Wahoo!!! Okay, so maybe they had a bye week, but who's counting?  Ha ha.  So it was naptime/football/relaxing Sunday and the rest of the time Rob had off we ran errands.  Typical, but always needed it seems.

Today I spent a whopping $10 at Dollar Tree getting some Halloween decorations.  Unfortunately some of them will not be able to put up where I want because of the dog.  I decorated. He investigated.  Rob discovered a piece of the Halloween garland in his mouth. Rob took down the decorations.  ***Sigh*** such is my life apparently.  Piston also destroyed a tennis ball tonight.  First time he has done that.  So that was promptly taken away from his as well.  Silly dog...

Oh and APPARENTLY Fall is officially here.  Like no joke here.  We've been having 60/70 degree days and 40/50 degree nights.  Needless to say it SUCKS when the dog needs to go out and pee early in the morning or late at night.  He's not so sure about this cold weather so him going out and peeing right away when he needs to no longer exists.  He has to sit out there and sniff the cool weather and ground before doing his business.  Truly was fun with the rain we had yesterday.  I love him though... this cool weather and the Winter that will be coming is all going to be new to his little puppy body.  Should be an adventure.

So Derek, I managed to pump out a full post.  You're right.  I was slacking. :D

That is all my dears.

Friday, October 1, 2010

4 day!

Well it was a good day in our house.  It's actually been a fairly good week.  Minus the on-and-off rain for the past like three days.  It's all good though.  We needed it and it was fairly relaxing.  Okay okay... I admit.  It made me want to sleep in extra bad.  But who doesn't feel that way when it rains?

I spent part of Wednesday night hanging out with some girlies from around here.  Rob went to flag-football.  It was supposed to rain, otherwise I would have been there too.  Needless to say I am getting to know some people around here and while they are not my Kansas friends, they are awesome people and I'm glad I'm getting to know them.  Yesterday was my wonderful Daddy's birthday.  In other years you would find me going out to dinner with the fam and finding something to surprise my Dad with that day.  This year I had to settle for a phone call.  :/  Going to be the hardest part of living so far away from family and friends.  Not being there for birthdays. But that doesn't mean they aren't on my mind all day.  It was also the Moore's anniversary out here.  And Piston's six month birthday!  My little baby is getting so big, and I miss him being little.

Today has been amazing.  The first of four days Piston and I get with Rob!  This morning he got officially promoted by a General to SGT.  He's only been in for two years, so this is an amazing accomplishment.  Needless to say he is in a good mood for being done with this promotion stuff.  And I am in a good mood, because he is.  Obviously.  The weather was gorgeous when that was all over with so we decided to take Piston to the dog park in Annapolis.  He LOVED it.  And it just reinforced why I want to get him a backyard so bad.  He said hello to all the people there and the other dogs.  There was another 5 month old puppy that he wrestled and played with.  We didn't spend too much time there though because it doesn't take much for Piston to get tired.  Another big accomplishment though... he rode in the backseat ON HIS OWN.  Instead of my lap.  I'm so proud of him. =) Rob had his heart set on going fishing, but that never happened.  So I took a nap on the couch while he played poker, and when I woke up we went out to dinner.  To celebrate.  A nice relaxing day with my boys.

This weekend should be fun as well... I'm going shopping with Rachel tomorrow and then Rob and I are headed to Six Flags.  Somewhere I've never been to.  It's Fright Fest so I am pretty dang excited... even though I am totally not into being scared.  Sunday is obviously football and then Monday is just another day spent together.  I'm having a great time now.  Loving the weather and enjoying the opportunities God has given me. Each and every one of them.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

First Maryland interview.

Well all, as most of you know by now... I had my first interview here today.

Before the interview-I was extremely excited.  I thought this position at this business was going to be a perfect match for me (receptionist-animal hospital).  Work with animals, be a receptionist... life would be good.

Boy oh boy did I think WRONG.

The interview-This business has existed since like 1966.  Nothing against people born in the sixties, but dang this building smelled old.  It was dark and dingy.  Everyone was nice.  But the atmosphere was just so lame.  There are a TON of people on the staff at this place too.  I was surprised by all the people milling around around lunch time.  The interview itself went GREAT.  But several things came up that really made me realize... probably not the job for me.

After-my thoughts-The training process for this position is 6 to 9 months.  The first 3 months you are on a probation period.  You have manuals that you have to take home and study about your position and you get tested every month or so to see if you know your job essentially.  It is an afternoon and evening position.  Part-time.  But at night there is no guarantee of when you will get off since it is a pet hospital.  This place is located in Edgewater, South of Annapolis, which is about 30 minutes away from the house.  The next step in the process is that they call you in for a working interview.  One that you do not get paid for.  There were just several things that made me stop and say what?!

In conclusion, I think I am looking for something a bit more laid back.  This is obviously not the job for me.  So on to bigger and better things! =)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Good news!!!

No, it is not good news about like say knowing when I will be home in December or anything.  BUT the points finally dropped and Rob is on his way to Sergeant.  October 6th is the current day that he will get pinned as a SGT.  This is good news for many reasons.  -All the hard work has FINALLY paid off. -Be a little higher up the totem pole in the military (just a wee little bit.) -Pay raise. And finally... Rob will be in charge of soldiers.  Something that he is definitely cut out to do.

Pretty eventful past week and weekend here in Maryland.  Rob started Color Guard practice.  Some special group that he was picked for.  I kind of gather it is his reward for doing so good on all his promotion boards and stuff.  Regardless, he is training to carry the flags and stuff I do believe.  I also went on my first girls night out.  On Wednesday I met some of the ladies I have met here out for dinner at Chili's.  It was a good time.  I'm glad to know there are people here that I can talk to and relate to.  (Still miss my Kansas girls lots and lots!!)  Let's see what else?  On Friday Rob and I went up to base for Oktoberfest.  You know the German drinking holiday?!  LOL.  There was a concert on Friday night.  Matt Kennon.  (If you don't know who he is or haven't heard his song... The Call... you should probably check it out.)  If the sound would have been a bit better we could have understood what he said.  But the price was free, and I'm all about that.  They don't seem to do free country concerts here unfortunately.  Then on Saturday I went out with some ladies again.  We did one of the most random things I think you can ever do.  We went and took a class.  It was originally supposed to be an exotic moves dance class, but ended up being a pole dancing class.  Dad don't freak out yet.  Let me tell you... I probably made a complete fool of myself, and today I woke up SORE AS HELL.  Good good workout.  I also had Cheesburger in Paradise last night.  Another Kansas relation. =)  I enjoy finding them here in Maryland.  (Did I report that we found a Sonic here finally? Still excited about that!)

This week Piston turns 6 months old.  My baby is getting so big.  October also begins this week.  Where has the time gone?  You know Lindsay asked me about Christmas presents today... that time of year is right around the corner.  Hope everyone is well.. I'm going to go eat me some mac and cheese and relax my sore non-existent arm muscles!

P.S. 3-0 baby!!! =) All the way this year.  I'm telling you.  Also I should let you all know for anyone that doesn't already know... the Cowboys also won today.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

New week-new start?

The end of the weekend is here... we did nothing but spend money this weekend.  Piston got cleaned and more food (that stuff is outrageously expensive... and here we are looking for another dog? NUTS, I tell ya.) And we got two new tires on Rob's car.  Much needed, but dang---paychecks seem to go a lot faster when you got big expenses. Don't they?

I'm in a good mood--Cowboys lost, again.  Chiefs won, again!  2-0 baby?!  I'll take it!!! This kid I went to high school with is like the biggest Chiefs fan EVER, and it was his birthday today... and they won.  I feel like it is just perfect for him. :)

Now that we have two vehicles back... I can start getting in shape.  I might try the zumba class on base on Tuesday.  It might be laughable, to say the least.  :)  So this week I am going to try many changes on top of that. Going to shoot for being in bed between 10 and 12 every night.  And get up between 9 and 10 every morning.  Going to also start taking the dog on two walks.  One in the morning and one at night.  Maybe it will help with us being frustrated with him having so much energy we don't know what to do with.  Who knows?  Also going to quit snacking after dinner.  Another horrible habit I picked up here... just another one to break huh?  Maybe I will report on my progress... but maybe not.

On that note... I'm headed upstairs to put the bed back together so we can crash out very soon.  (As in, the sheets were washed and now everything has to be made again.)

P.S. Hopefully I will have news sometime soon-ish as to when we will be home over the holidays.  So I can let everyone know for sure.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It's September.. really?

Rob and I got here the first week of June with all my stuff in tow... I just realized that was 3 and a HALF months ago.  I feel like it was just yesterday... but yet I have missed out on so much.  Birthdays, parties, lake, back to school.  All that.  Can I just say it's scary growing up?  All who agree... raise your hands.

Let's see since I last posted... the Cowboys lost, the Chiefs won (incase you didn't already know... part of the sentiment of missing my home town.  Hello, the Chiefs have the GREATEST fans in the world.)  Rob got second in poker on Monday night... the same day that his tire blew out on the Civic on the way home from PT.  It's never ending it would seem.  Two new tires, coming right up.  Luckily no accident or anything... I wasn't in the car, thank goodness, cause I would probably still be shaking now from having a tire blow out and being on the shoulder a second later.  Scary much?  We tried a new sandwich shop that I am pretty sure is East Coast, possibly Maryland specific.  Can I ask... why do sandwich shops insist on not serving french fries?  My favorite food in the world, and I'd love it with a nice sandwich (believe me best sandwich I've probably EVER had--better than subway, goodcents, etc.)  but no.. they insist on having just chips as their sides.  I find it rather lame.  If I ever open my own sandwich shops, look for the fries!  Speaking of food, since I'm watching Food Network, we discovered that there is actually a Sonic near us.  And by near us I mean 30 minutes away, but hey closer than Delaware or worse Kansas!  Which Delaware is where we originally thought the closest one was.  This is very exciting news for us here, believe me!

Well, it's halfway through the week... since we are down a car, I didn't get to go to the job fair in the area today.  Which is unfortunate, but yet I didn't waste a TON of time standing in line just to get in and just fill out some applications.  So still on the job hunt.  I'm bored out of my mind people!  Also as soon as I get a car back I am setting up appointments for some schools in the area, and getting my butt on top of that for Spring 2011.  Looks like we will be here till AT LEAST then... probably more like August.  Regardless, I will have at least another semester here.  So going to takes some classes towards my newly wanted business degree and then I will only have three semesters left!  Woohoo!!! So easy to say that, but three semesters could take a whole lot longer.  Ha ha.

I woke up not feeling too hot this morning, dang season change and allergies!  I better head to bed, or at least pretend like I'm heading to bed.  Hope everyone is A-OK.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

A quick update this Sat.

Well this week has been fairly uneventful, minus Rob's flag football team getting their first win.  Pretty impressive, and it wasn't a close match either.  The other team was just plain nuts! Ha ha, so they walked away with the win, finally.

I woke up this AM to a clean downstairs.  My boys (aka Rob--Piston was a nuisance I hear.) cleaned it while I snoozed away.  I guess it was after Piston made a yucky mess on the carpet... silly dog.  And on that note I have exciting news.  Rob and I have started looking for another boxer.  Yes, we know it will be TWICE as much work.  But they can entertain each other, we hope.  We want to get him a play buddy while he is still young and non-territorial (minus the couch he is extremely territorial of, ha ha).  We went to a couple of shelters today, and while there were TONS of adorable dogs I would taken home in a heartbeat, we didn't find a winner.  So the hunt is still on.  For the record, these are our children.. and we do not plan on having any actual children till Rob is out of the Army AT LEAST, which is four years at the earliest.  Anyway, so it's been a fairly good day.  It was awfully nice of Rob to clean up the house for me. Not going to lie. (:  Even though I'm pretty sure I heard him grumbling the whole time he did it..

Tomorrow is Dallas' opening game.  It is against the Washington Redskins, so it's hard on Rob not being able to go.  But tickets were pretty costly.  Oh well, that's what the TV is for obviously!

I want to let my parents know I am thinking about them today as they deal with everything going on with their parents and stuff back home.  The revolving life circle has come back around.  Instead of children it is now parents they are taking care of.  I promise it will come back to you guys too... it's in Erin and I's future.

Derek wants everyone to know that KU won today... for anyone that cares.  If their even is anyone. :D

And the final note.  o9. [] []. 2oo1--- forever in our hearts right?  I still remember that day in sixth grade.  One of my friends left school early, as she had family that lived in Manhattan.  But at 11 years old, I didn't really understand what had just happened, and what it meant would happen to our country as we all knew it.  Countless people devoted their life to saving others, and countless people still fight today in response to what happened that day.  America changed, and regardless of what ACTUALLY happened, or did not happen, Americans died that day.  Innocent civilians, pilots, firefighters.. people in the wrong place at the wrong time.  And that is what we celebrate on this day in September.  The lives that were lost that day and the days that have followed with our military men and women.  Yesterday I had the opportunity to go to a remembrance run at Ft. Meade with all the servicemen and women stationed there.  It was quite a sight watching the fire truck makes it way down the road with all these soldiers, marines, sailors and airmen behind it.  Struck home with me this year... we will see a deployment before Rob is out of the military.  I can only hope that Afghanistan is not the location of said deployment... regardless it's these people that keep me supporting this war.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

To all my KU fans back home...

This ones for you...

"The KU football team practice was delayed for two hours Tuesday after a player reported finding a white substance on the field. Practice was suspended while federal agents were called in. After a complete analysis, experts determined that the white substance, unknown to the players, was the goal line. Practice resumed after agents decided the JAYHAWKS were unlikely to encounter the substance again."

Cough, cough--Derek Meier, Kara Johannes. (:

Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor day weekend=success.

Minus the fact that football has been on my TV one way or another all weekend, it has been a good one.  If it's not MADDEN, it's preseason.  Not preseason, it's college football.  Not college football, fantasy football drafts. I guess that means Fall is around the corner?  And I officially live with a man more obsessed with football than I knew possible.

I had hoped we would get to take Piston to the dog park this weekend, but we never got around to it.  He did discover the back deck though.  I think he is in love with it.  Every time one of us would step out back he is right there with us.  He's going to love Fall.  It makes me wish more than anything that I could take him camping back home.  I mean that's what everyone else was doing this weekend... visiting the lake on a day trip, to camp or just to boat.

I also managed to deep clean the two bedrooms and bathroom upstairs.  Spent a good like four hours doing that.  I love clean... but I rarely have energy/motivation to clean during the day.  Usually it happens at night right before I go to bed.  So this week my goal is to tackle the living room and kitchen downstairs.  Should be fairly easy. (:

The next phase in my "getting-back-to-the-Amanda-I-was-before-I-moved-from-Kansas-to-Maryland" has begun.  Sugar in the form of desserts are now off my snacking and or eating list.  Which I just realized that I messed that up yesterday.  Oh well, in our house there will not be any sweets anymore.  It'll suck cause I will not get chocolate... RAWR.  But I went to try on my formal dress the other day to wear to the holiday party in December and there were a couple inches that would not zip up... so I have several months to lose several pounds.  So we have x-ed out caffeinated beverages and now sugar.  What'll be next?

Also I'd like to thank Krista and Bob for hosting the draft party yesterday.  I had fun as always spending the day with a group of football obsessed boys and the girls of course.  Spent hours just chatting about life, past, present and future on a crisp Sunday afternoon outside.  Who could ask for anything more?  Especially that awesome dip Brittany brought! (:

I hope everyone had a nice safe weekend, and maybe you got to watch some football too?  I'm pretty sure KU got their butts beat... makes me laugh.  Don't know about the other Midwest teams I usually hear about... but it's all good in the end, right?

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Personal maid... where are you?

It's smoking hot here in Maryland again.  I'm waiting for hurricane Earl to get his happy butt here so the cool temps can set in for awhile. (:  For anyone concerned... Rob and I live off of the Chesapeake Bay.  Pretty far towards the top as well.  Maryland is under a hurricane watch along the coasts and stuff.  To get to the coast we are at least 2 and a half hours away.  We are expecting cooler temps, possibly some wind and maybe some rain.  But last I looked we weren't even expected to get rain.  There will be some high tides along the bay... but that shouldn't affect us either.  And they expect all of the hurricane stuff to be over by tomorrow evening.  Short lived huh?  But for a Kansas girl, it's so so so so weird to hear about hurricane watches/warnings compared to tornado watches/warnings.  Very different and a tad bit exciting.

Well our busy night the other night with poker ended up being pretty dang exciting for me!  Out of 18 people I got fifth.  Unfortunately for me the top 4 people placed and got a prize.  So it was a hard out to get fifth, but someone had to.  And for my first tournament of the best of the best of the regulars, I'll take 5th. (:  Maybe when I come home and visit we can have a poker night... better start prepping.  Cause I'm a beast!

Today marked the day Rob has been anxiously waiting for.  Promotion board.  For anyone not aware of how the Army works, he has to go before a board of soldiers who essentially decide whether or not he should get promoted with the next wave of promotions.  The highest you can get on points from that is 150.  Guess what he got... 150!!! I am beyond proud for him.  So right now he is currently a Specialist Promotable (SPC(P)).  Come October he should be getting promoted to SGT.  Lemme tell you all, this has been a LONG time coming.  So I am extra glad that he got it and that it is almost over.  Lots of pressure on him to always be on his toes and that turns into stress a lot of time that comes home with him.  More money and a happy man... that's in my future!

Other than that... still looking for a job (I do have a friend that is helping me right now, maybe it will result with something promising but who knows?)... still got to update yall on school...

So much to do. So little time.

Monday, August 30, 2010

My five month old baby.

Well today is the baby (aka dog's) five month birthday!  Apparently he woke up knowing this this morning because he has been a hugeeeeee pain in the ass thus far.  Jumping on me and barking at me this morning while I was still in bed.  Then barking at me once I got up for no apparent reason.  Rob and I have decided he has an incredible personality.  For those that have met him thus far, they know this.  For those that haven't, I really hope you get a chance... he will make you smile with his craziness.  (Once you get past him jumping on you and being super ecstatic that there is someone visiting him in his house of course)

So this weekend was super good.  Pretty dang relaxing if I do say so myself.  We got to spend some time with Rob's family.  His grandmother is an excellent cook.  I have a new favorite food.  Essentially a Puerto Rican hot pocket.  It's called a tostallio, which I am positive I am spelling wrong.  (Nobody said I was a huge smarty-pants when it comes to Puerto Rican food... okay?!) They were to die for.  It's probably strange for some people to read this as usually I am a stick strictly to American food type of girl.  But since I've moved here we've done a lot of seafood (which I'll admit.. some of it is great.  Others, not so much.) and I've been trying to get out of my bubble a little bit more.  Someone told me that every 7 years your taste-buds change, or something like that.  Maybe my 7 years are on the verge of being up?

However all good things must come to an end as I woke up this morning with a headache that spanned from temple to temple across my head.  The cause?  Giving up Pepsi.  When I moved here I latched on to that cause I wasn't a huge fan of the water.  Well now I have accepted the water (although JOCO water will always hold my heart <33.. if you don't think it's the best, you're a fool.) so I am trying to pull back on my need for that.  Plus when I give up soda I drop weight... which that is more than welcome right now!  Anyway, feeling the effects a bit today which is unfortunate.  But better in the end, hopefully!

Alright well Mr. Attitude is letting me know he needs attention... as usual.  Plus I gotta shower--busy night for us here.  Rob's first unit flag football game followed by poker finals. (: I hope everyone is doing good and school is going well for all... I need to update on that situation here soon too.  Next post? Maybe.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back to the norm.

Well we survived.  (: Rob is back home and Piston made it through his freaking out session when Rob's car pulled up.  A mixture of nervous bites and tons and tons of licking.  We were fortunate enough to have Rob stay home with us all day today.  Which was nice but probably going to be a little shock for the puppy when Rob gets up and leaves for work tomorrow.  Oh well, early day? Hopefully!

Today was also another important day.  I sent out my first resumes to different employers in the MD area.  Rob and I discussed and decided it would be easier if I just got a part time job and didn't deal with the government.  So that's what I am doing.  I will keep you all updated on that process!  I'm excited I will be getting back in the working world finally after 3 months off.  A strange and long three months!

That's it.  Lame, I know... I will try and update after this weekend maybe.  Rob's grandparents are visiting at the aunt and uncle's down the street so I feel like we will be pretty busy this weekend!  So when there is something exciting to post about (which I'm sorry if you feel like they have become a bore... I'll try harder) I will post! (: Love and hugs to KANSASSSSS (and other states that my readers call home) <333

Monday, August 23, 2010

2 days down, 2 to go.

Well folks, we are halfway through out first separation since June.  I wouldn't say it's been easy.  The hardest part is watching Piston watch the door and cry.  He may have four legs and be furry, but people he is my little baby.  This is the first time either one of his parents have left him for any amount of time and not come home at night.  I'm sure when I left to go play poker tonight he freaked out thinking I wasn't coming back as well.  My poor baby.  As soon as we get him a backyard we will get him another baby to play with... another dog. For the record.  (:

So I can tell you that there is one thing I have learned to love in Maryland.  Poker.  (of course it really isn't specific to MD)  Every Monday a crowd of people gather at the golf course on base and play a tournament.  Top 10 places get points and for 10 weeks you compete to get to the finals.  Rob made his points early this round, and I made mine tonight!  The last week.  It was so nerve-racking/fun.  Since Rob is at his board, Brittany (one of my MD friends whose husband works with Rob) went with me this week.  And although she got out early, I know we both had a lot of fun. Definitely a successful night out!

Okay so on a more serious note... I'm torn between getting a part time job or spending more time and getting a quality government job.  It'd be nice to have the extra income in this house so I would like to do something. I'm extremely picky on what I want to do at this point though.  There is a chance we will not be here for too much longer, and so I don't want to spend a whole bunch of time trying to get into a government position if I am not going to be in it for very long.  And believe me, since government positions are so wanted, it's definitely a competition to land a government job.  On the flip side though, I don't want to work at a grocery store or fast food restaurant, so it might be a bit harder to land a job elsewhere cause of how picky I am.  I've looked on craigslist and really all I need to do is send an updated resume out and see if I can get a response, I'm just really torn between attempting to get a government job that will make me more wanted if we do move and give me job security, and finding something a bit easier without reporting and essentially being owned by the government.  Decisions, decisions...

So it's kind of late, Pistoni and I are going to cuddle up on the couch like we did last night.  He's already circled and dug his way into comfort.  You know how dogs role.  So apparently I'm going to contort around his big bootay.  The joys of being a loving nurturing parent to a dog that "owns the place", right? (: